Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X
  • Car model: Tesla
  • Producing country: USA
  • Year of issue: 2015
  • Body Type: SUV

The Tesla Model X is a fully electric crossover. It was introduced in early 2012. It is no secret that these days crossovers are in great demand, so the famous company Tesla Motors could not help but pay tribute to fashion and began to create its own electric crossover. Its production began in September 2015. The whole model range is Tesla.

Car presentation

The body design looks futuristic, especially the rear doors, which are raised when opened, making the car look like a bird. The front of the car looks very aggressive. At first it may seem that it is not a crossover, but a sports car. It is necessary to notice the big windshield which carries the name “Big Sky”. Moreover, such glass is installed even on a standard car. As for the rear headlights, they are still LED.

Tesla Model X front view

Tesla Model X side view

Different from the already famous Tesla Model X crossover 2015 will be a hanging coefficient of aerodynamic drag, however, the current consumption will increase by 10%. Very interesting that the rear doors will be equipped with special sensors designed to protect them from impacts on the surrounding objects when opening. And instead of rearview mirrors are planned to install cameras.


The machine is built on the platform Tesla Model C. To be more precise, 60% of details in it are the same as in the sedan. The photo shows that the grille is missing. Instead, there is a plastic panel hiding the radar and other sensors. The X 2015 prototype uses an LED row of headlamps, although classic halogen lamps can also be used as standard.

External style and uniqueness of Tesla Motors Model X do not occupy, however, from what side not to look, in its image well it is very difficult to read accessory to a class of crossovers. Despite the fact that the Tesla Model X crossover has a massive body, it shows the right proportions of aerodynamics with a frowned “face”, a fast silhouette and a solid stern.

Tesla Model X side view

By default, the American car comes with an air suspension, which in the highest position gives it a height of ground clearance of 230 millimeters. The first thing you notice at once is a massive windshield, which is called “Big Sky”. It is especially pleasant that it is present and on the most base complete set. Based on the words of the head of the company Ilona Mask, during the design of the Model X, the design and design staff was tasked to combine the functionality and practicality of a minivan, crossover style and technical component of a sports car.

After a glance at the car, you understand that the task was coped with. Thanks to its unusual shape and operation, the Tesla Model X feels confident in tight parking areas, allowing easy access to the second or third row of seats without fear of damaging nearby vehicles. The front of the car loses the grille of the false radiator, and there is no room for a number plate, which looks rather unusual. If you touch on the aerodynamic drag coefficient, you can confidently say that it is represented here by the best in its class – only 0.24.

Tesla Model X photo auto

The profile part of the “American” is characterized by a rapid and dynamic style. Partly, this is achieved with the help of blown wheel arches, stylish alloy wheels and original handles, which were hidden in the body of the electric crossover.

Especially it is necessary to allocate presence of really huge panoramic windshield which provides excellent visibility and fills an internal part with light. The aft part of the Tesla Model X 2016 received original parking lights, a small spoiler and a powerful rear bumper. It is clear that due to the fact that the car has no internal combustion engine, there are no exhaust pipes.


As for the interior, it is very large in Tesla Model X 2015, even so that it was possible to place three rows of seats for seven seats. It is not as comfortable to sit on the third row as it is on the second one. This is due to the fact that there is not enough space between the second and third row of seats. Despite this, the salon is very spacious and light.

The dashboard is almost covered with different control buttons, which indicates the presence of a mass of electronic services. There is also a multimedia installation that combines a navigation system, a multimedia playback center and allows you to view images from cameras on a huge 17-inch screen with support for touch input.

Tesla Model X interior


It is not for nothing that the Mask boasted the widest opening for passengers to pass through – it is quite free to go to any row of seats. The doors are fully automated. They are controlled from the driver’s seat. With a car and a pair of luggage compartments – this is a trademark of Tesla. Up to 3 sports bags can be loaded in the front. The rear one performs its function in case the third row of seats is free of passengers. The saloon shines with an excellent audio system with 17 speakers and a digital dashboard.

The cabin is designed to be finished with leather. The customer can choose from 3 colors of finishing. A pleasant surprise was the filter against dust, various bacteria and, most interestingly, viruses. The Tesla Model X’s steering wheel is quite conventional – three-spoke, multifunctional, with an embossed rim. When you get inside an electric vehicle, you find the presence of extremely high-quality finishing materials, such as leather, carbon fiber, wood and aluminum.

Tesla Model X Salon

The front part of the interior of the electric car has pleasant seats, which have built-in headrests, excellent side support and electrical adjustments. On the middle row there is a comfortable sofa formed by separate seats for three or two passengers. If we’re talking about the gallery, it’ll be very useful for the kids. Partly, it is because of the falling form of the roof, under which tall people will not sit comfortably. Because of the rear mounted seats Tesla Model X can be considered as a crossover and family van. Therefore, the design staff was able to “kill” two hares, interested in two groups of drivers at once.

Speaking of doors, it is necessary to say that they are the newest, fully automatic, they know how to open and close themselves (in reality, it’s all about the electric drive, which is controlled by a driver in the parking lot). As we mentioned above, the interior is finished with leather, which has three color variations. In order to illuminate the interior, the design staff installed LED lighting fixtures.

Photo of the Tesla Model X


Two Tesla X variants are available for the customers. These are 90D variants with all-wheel drive and two 259 HP electric motors each and P90D (charged) all-wheel drive variant. It is driven by a 259 hp front electric motor, and an electric motor with 503 “horses” at the rear.


The X 75D is equipped with two electric motors with a total power of 333 horsepower. The first hundred is achieved by the car in 6.2 seconds, and the maximum speed is 225 kilometers per hour. The Tesla Model X P90D version also has a pair of electric power units, which already produce about 518 “horses”. The 100 km/h mark can be reached in 5 seconds. Maximum speed is 250 km/h.

Powertrain Tesla Model X

Next comes a 100D model with two electric motors that produce a total of 762 horsepower. With this motor the crossover is accelerated to the first hundred in 3.9 seconds, and its maximum speed is 250 km/h.

The most charged version is the P100D, which also has 762 horsepower. Of these, 259 go to the front electric motor, and 503 “horses” to the rear. The speed limit at the same level is 250 kilometers per hour, but to reach the first hundred can be incredibly fast – in 3.1 seconds.


Ahead of the electric SUV has an independent suspension with paired, transversely mounted levers. At the rear is a multilever system and pneumatic elements.

Brake system

All wheels are equipped with ventilated disc brakes. The brake system deserves its own words. Thanks to the massive calipers of the braking system, which are perfectly visible through the 22-inch spokes of the discs, you can be sure.

The crossover can stop almost as quickly as it can gain speed, which is not the case with other SUVs of similar dimension. When braking, the car is able to regenerate some of its energy by recharging its batteries.

Roller control

The steering is equipped with an electric amplifier, so it is not difficult to operate such a machine. However, when the speed is “solid”, the steering wheel becomes heavier.


The company assures a confident passive and active safety mode (there is a front camera, radar and automatic braking system). The Tesla Model X electric car is equipped with a cabin HEPA filter of “medical class”, which, according to the developers, retains not only dust, but also bacteria and even viruses. The filtration function creates an increased pressure inside the machine, so that external contaminants simply cannot penetrate the inside of the car.

Safety innovations:

  • Driver and right passenger sensors;
  • Three-point seat belts;
  • Alarm message about unbelted seatbelt;
  • The sensor of a roll of the car;
  • The system which at road accident disconnects the battery;
  • Anti-theft alarm system and immobilizer;
  • Electrical system All-Wheel Drive for ultimate efficiency and traction;
  • Active advanced safety technology that includes side collision avoidance and automated emergency braking, regardless of the speed gained;
  • Automated emergency braking, regardless of the accumulated speed;
  • Parking sensor and blind spot warnings;
  • Full LED lighting;
  • Folding rear-view mirrors with heating function;
  • Four latches for child seats.

The Tesla X electric jeep is not just called one of the safest machines in its group, which is achieved not only due to the use of heavy-duty steels and the presence of special deformation zones, but also due to the large number of electronic assistants.

Hatchback Tesla Model X

This includes an anti-lock system, a parktronik, a picture of what goes on a massive 17-inch touch screen, a complete autopilot system, which operates at a speed of more than 20 kilometers per hour, 8 airbags and a 360-degree camera.

I would like to briefly tell about the autopilot option, the most important feature of which is self-learning. While using a car with an autopilot system on, he is able to collect and analyze information, which is then sent to the manufacturer’s servers.

This is followed by the processing of user information and collected data, which are taken into account in vehicle system updates. For example, to date, a car with an autopilot function enabled can independently leave the garage, park and open the door in front of the owner. In the future, according to Mask, the car will be able to come to the specified area on the map.

Active safety

The Model X crossover continuously analyzes the roadway environment using a camera, radar and hydro-acoustic system to provide real-time feedback to avoid collisions. Automatic braking is possible even at high speeds if an emergency situation occurs.

Cabin Air Purification Function

The medical class of HEPA filters protects the interior from dust, various bacteria, viruses and other contaminants, and only allows clean air into the interior. There are three modes of operation – outdoor air circulation, recirculation and biological defense mode, which was designed to create a positive pressure in the cabin to provide the necessary protection for the driver and passengers.

Crash test

Complections and prices

European countries can buy a Tesla Model X 2016 crossover in the basic configuration of 70D can be from 91000 euros. In this modification will be available:

  • 373-strong electric power pack with all-wheel drive system;
  • Xenon optics and air suspension;
  • Keyless access systems;
  • Full electric package;
  • Climate control;
  • Powerful 240W audio system;
  • 17-inch infotainment system display;
  • Multifunctional steering wheel;
  • Adaptive cruise control with automatic brake system;
  • 8 airbags;
  • A large number of safety systems such as ABS, stabilisation systems, tire pressure sensors, blind spotting systems, etc.

The maximum equipment is estimated from 130 000 euros. There will be additional availability:

  • Advanced audio system with a power of 560W;
  • Cameras of circular visibility;
  • 12 airbags;
  • Semi-autonomous driving and autopilot systems;
  • Systems for tracking markings and road signs;
  • No-filter-nero;
  • Ventilated seats;
  • Back and rear door electric drive;
  • Alcantara trim – high quality leather and natural wood.

Tesla Model X 2015

The equipment includes an automatic parking function, “intelligent” air suspension, which is able to navigate by GPS, ventilation and heating of seats, and the ability to adjust each individual seat in the third row.

As an option, a towbar and a trailer towing function with a mass of up to 2.3 tones can be fitted, as well as a winter package including 3-zone climate control. Moreover, the helm, windscreen wipers and the windscreen washer fluid tank will be heated.

Side view of Tesla Model X

For the installation of the 6th seat in the car you will have to pay an additional 3000 dollars, and if you want to have 7 seats – 4 000$ to the cost of an electric car. Again, for an additional price, or rather $2500, the autopilot function will be added, for $2500 the system will be installed with excellent sound, for $1500 the package for low temperature conditions of operation, and for $750 the set for towing will be added. Complete set 70D at desire it is possible to fill up with “clever illumination” for 2 500 US dollars. In model 90D and P90D this function is already realized.

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Absence of polluting exhaust gases, which are one of the most important elements of environmental pollution
  • Good reliability and durability of an electric motor with long operating life;
  • Ability to charge batteries from the mains, which provides significant savings on fuel costs. What’s more, you can save even cheaper night-time electricity from power plants at night;
  • Impressive efficiency when compared to powertrains of simple machines and internal combustion engines;
  • Produces minimum noise;
  • Of course, the possibility of emergency braking by an electric motor that is in electromagnetic brake mode;
  • Extremely fast braking by an electric motor
  • Pleasant and stylish appearance, which usually suffers from electric cars;
  • Powerful electric power units;
  • There’s an air suspension;
  • Well-designed centre of gravity, allowing the crossover to be very stable on the road and more confident in handling;
  • Comfortable front seats;
  • A fairly ergonomic and modern salon;
  • Availability of a 17 inch color display that supports touch input;
  • Swap the standard dashboard with a color display;
  • Mixed settings for front and rear seats;
  • Availability of electric power steering;
  • Good dynamic component;
  • There are several complete sets;
  • Management intuitively understandable;
  • There’s a third row of seats;
  • Best safety in its class;
  • Perfect braking system;
  • Lower drag coefficient;
  • Autopilot function;
  • Circular (360 degrees) cameras;
  • Very few parts that can fail;
  • Ahead there is also a luggage compartment;
  • Unusually opening rear doors;
  • Hood, side door and rear door remote opening function;
  • Good light amplification system;
  • Massive wheels;
  • It’s a built-in HERA filter;
  • Comfortable to park between cars;
  • Wheel drive system.

Cons of a car

  • If the temperature is low, it can affect the functioning of the batteries – they can discharge faster or not produce the necessary energy at all;
  • Safe performance is reduced given the low weight and size of the machine;
  • The fact that the new car will not guarantee that you will be able to have the required maintenance, necessary spare parts and a competent specialist
  • Battery discharge will come a little earlier. In other words, the maximum mileage will be less than the kilometers, than when working with ICE;
  • Batteries take up little space. Moreover, they need to be replaced after 2-3 years;
  • Not on every stretch of road you can enjoy driving in an electric car. In countries where there is a lot of snow and low temperatures, for example, in Russia, such models will be superfluous;
  • High pricing policy of the company
  • Very few specialized gas stations (especially in Russia)
  • Replacement of the battery is an expensive procedure;
  • On the third row, it will be extremely inconvenient for adults to sit there, so that only children can fit comfortably;
  • It’s not very comfortable to travel on the same charge;
  • No specialized services;
  • If there is a low ceiling, there may be problems with opening the rear doors;
  • Because of the third row of seats, the rear luggage compartment is not that big;
  • The crossover is not recommended for off-road use.

We sum up

Summing up, we can say with certainty that Ilon Mask has done his best again. This compact Tesla Model X crossover 2015 is very easy to maintain, easy to operate and suitable for large families, as it has three rows of seats. The latest electronics are in the car. Despite the absence of an internal combustion engine, it is very dynamic and is not inferior to its competitors on liquid fuel.

The salon looks very comfortable and cozy. Separately, I would like to say about its amazing level of safety not only for the driver and the passenger sitting in front, but also for the people sitting behind, and even for other road users. The designers have been able to think over many details – if a person is hit by a collision, he will not get such injuries as if he is hit by another car.

Photo of crossover Tesla Model X

It is obvious that Tesla Motors company cares not only about its image, provides not only a fast and environmentally friendly car, but also worries about people’s lives. It is clear that on such vehicle it will not be possible to drive on impassability, however, the easy cross-country terrain is not a problem for the all-wheel drive car.

Inside, a large 17-inch touch screen, thanks to which you can control all the systems of an electric car. But the cost of Ilona Mask’s cars is still a little overwhelming. I want to believe that in time his cars will be available to many drivers around the world.

Tesla Model X rear view

Then it will be possible to reduce the environmental pollution, and today it is one of the most important world problems. We are very pleased that Tesla cars continue to be updated with both physical and software, and that new models are also being produced, which will be suitable for different consumers, as they say, taste and color.

We advise you to read the article: Tesla Motors’ History

Tesla Model X photos

Test drive

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