Tesla electric cars are already a reality

Tesla electric cars are already a reality

In February 2004, the founder of PayPal crossed the threshold of an unknown company to Tesla. The entire range of Tesla.

Elon Musk photo

He was not only a financial magnate, but also a computer genius, and he came to Tesla with quite serious intentions.

In 2004, over Ilon made fun: he invested millions of dollars in the development of electric cars. But today Tesla can be safely considered a phenomenon. Among her achievements are dozens of awards and incredible innovations, leadership in the development of electrical engineering, cooperation with Toyota and Daimler, the title of the most successful company of the year 2013 according to The Wall Street Journal.

Charging car Tesla photo

The leaders of the world’s largest auto concerns belong to electric vehicles with distrust. Like, electric motors will not be able to compete with the internal combustion engine. Judge for yourself: last year John Glenni, the owner of the Tesla Model C, crossed the USA from New York to Los Angeles without spending a cent on his journey!

Of course, for the entire journey of 5823 kilometers, they had to charge their car only 28 times. Of course, special charging stations on transport corridors were developed for Tesla cars. Customer mobility has increased, convenience too.

Tesla charging stations

Someone may argue that cars with electric motors look at least strange. Let’s look at the photos of the first Tesla electric car together.

Tesla cars

Impressive, isn’t it? Of course, it is felt that the car was created in tandem with the “Lotus”, but when was that a problem? And here is what modern Tesla cars look like. There are no comments here:

Tesla modern generation

The efforts of the company Ilona Mask appreciated what they deserved. After the release of the Model S model, the demand for it grew to 22,000 cars a year. In America, this electric car could overtake rivals in the premium segment, in Norway, became the best-selling car of the month.

Tesla Model S photo

Tesla Model S interior photo

The next step is to exit the Model X crossover, which will be able to provide Americans with an even more powerful spurt in sales. But will Tesla stand in a world that it is trying so vainly to change? Even if this adventurous project fails, it will definitely leave a difficult trace, and a small era in the history of the automotive industry.

It does not matter that Tesla’s annual circulation has not gone beyond the 100,000 mark, it’s not scary that electric cars are just a drop in the ocean, if we talk about the global scale. But there are prospects, and this is the most important thing!

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