Tesla Model X 100D 2019 оverview

Tesla Model X 100D 2019 оverview

Do you care about the environment, but do you prefer exceptionally expensive electric cars? We definitely recommend that you pay attention to the Tesla Model X 100D. Battery-powered hybrid SUV, reminiscent of a minivan and a sports car. The perfect combination of technical characteristics, ergonomics and design has ensured it is the best in the international market.

Tesla Model X 100D

The next modification of the already launched 100D series, as promised at the pre-sale showroom, has received reduced acceleration time, more powerful dynamics and maximum speed. The model has this index of 250 km/h, it can accelerate up to 100 km/h in 5 seconds.

Happy owners X 100D

Often innovations in the U.S. and other parts of the world are first supported by famous actors, athletes, singers and politicians. Hollywood celebrities Angelina Jolie, Matt Damon, Harrison Ford, Stephen Spielberg, Jessica Alba and others have long shared a love for Tesla electric cars. They were joined by a professional poker player, a member of the PokerStars team, Danielle Negreanou, who, in addition to X 100D, also has a model S. This model is also owned by the head of Sberbank Herman Gref and Mail.Ru manager Dmitry Grishin.

Technical perfection

The first thing they appreciate about Tesla electric cars is safety. The design of this model has been slightly modified in the form of an advanced protection system and additional cameras with sensors. No less important advantage – 2 all-wheel drive asynchronous motors with a sports slope of 528 hp.

The car is equipped with a lithium-ion charger with a capacity of 100 kWh, allowing you to ride without refueling 565 km. The drive indicator is designed for a monotonous ride on a flat road surface without slopes, therefore at the complicated style of driving and weather obstacles can vary.

In terms of battery power. It will take at least 30 hours to fully charge the battery from a 240 V household electrical outlet. A 380V power supply will speed up the process by as much as 27 hours. Preferably to be filled from the specialized station, there time of pumping will occupy a maximum of 40 minutes.


The engineers provided the model with two independent hangers with 5 positions of activity, providing a perfectly smooth ride, sensitive control and enviable stability of the chassis. The front is equipped with two levers, the rear with two tens of levers.

The electric car is distinguished by a steeply streamlined body with massive panoramic front glass, which has a positive effect on the aerodynamic resistance, its coefficient is 0.24. Solid level for a volumetric machine. The clever front design without a radiator grille eliminates the need for additional cladding, reliably hides the sensor system and radar.

The interior of the car will delight any skeptic, because it is made of exclusive materials, finished with carbon and Alcantara leather. Stylish design in the best traditions of the brand successfully combines minimalism and practicality, presented in three colors – black, grey and white.

Interior Tesla Model X 100D

Easy control

The smooth steering wheel is complemented by a functional panel that can display the necessary information in no time. The central console is effectively relieved of buttons by the high multitasking capability of the 17-inch sensor. The screen is located in such a way that it does not distract the driver from driving. The cabin is equipped with nine speakers, a USB connector for external devices, and can be synchronized with the multimedia wirelessly. An autopilot function is available for advanced equipment owners.

Comfortable seats

Both rows of seats have a spacious profile and can be adjusted to accommodate people of all sizes. Depending on the type of equipment, the rear seats vary in appearance, and in one version they can form a fused sofa for up to three people. It is possible to order the installation of a more compact third row, designed to transport children or pets. Seat heating, cruise and climate control are standard.

In the X 100D version, there are two of them on different sides. The size of the first one is 187 liters, while the second one changes depending on the position of the rear seats. If you lower them, you get a 2180-litre loading bay. In the raised position, they can hold only 200 litres. The good luggage space and interior allows the machine to be used for long journeys with a large family.

Enhanced safety

To prove how reliable the model is, it’s worth mentioning:

  • about automatic braking mode;
  • seven belts;
  • twelve airbags for driver and passengers;
  • course stabilization system;
  • blind zone scanning functions;
  • HEPA system – antibacterial filters for air purification.

We’ll summarize

Award-winning “Next Green Car” The Tesla Model X electric car has a stylish design and advanced technical performance. It is worth noting that Ilon Mask continues to surprise, demonstrating the capabilities of Tesla, and at the same time, the prospects for future development. The model is perfect, today it is difficult to talk about its disadvantages, except for the high price that prevents its popularity among avid car enthusiasts.

Tesla Model X 100D rear view

Despite the high cost, the Tesla Model X 100D remains relevant for European and American consumers, who are not stopped by such an important financial indicator. Most of the fans of the version are wealthy people who keep up with the times and want to maintain the ecological cleanliness of the regions.

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