Chery Fora Overview

Chery Fora Overview

Chery Fora is a Chinese passenger car manufactured by Chery since 2006. Alternative brand designations: A5, A21, Elara, Vortex Estina (depending on the place of assembly).


The car is executed in strict and traditional design. On the grille there are wide chrome strips, on the top of which the manufacturer’s logo is placed. The headlamps look a little rough, which combined with not very attractive stripes create an impression of disproportionality. The boot and hood also look a little unharmonious: the first is too short and the second one – too long. This visually makes the car heavy.

Chery Fora front view

To sum it up, Fora clearly wins over Priora, but loses to Hyundai Accent, Renault Logan, Nissan Almera, Lada Granta.

Chery Fora rear view


The interior of the car is spacious enough and is made of genuine cream-colored leather. The advantage of the driver’s seat is that it can be adjusted in 8 directions, but its height is not well adapted for people of average and, moreover, high height: it is uncomfortable to sit even in the lowest position of the chair. This will not only cause inconvenience while driving, but also risk causing head knocking on the ceiling when hitting bumps or pits.

The design does not look complete, and there are also some gaps. The dashboard is nice: it has a clock and fuel consumption. The magnetola and climate control regulator are made in the same style, the buttons on them function perfectly.

Chery Fora Salon Overview

Partnership of Cherie Fora’s spare parts:

  • Acteco engine from AVL List (Austria) for 2 litres, in which there is no annoying noise in the driver’s ear;
  • Up to 100 km/h in 11 seconds;
  • easy gear change;
  • weak pendant;
  • good brakes.

Service cost

In order to get a complete picture, we have created a comparative table of prices for the main details (in rubles).

Part name Chery ForaHyundai Accent

Lada Granta

Air filter70-100155-500127-247
Injection spark plug50-80117-38050-200
Forward brake disk12201100-1950500-1600
Rear brake disk8401400-19001220-1370
Salon filter50-70260-700250-772
Windscreen wiper blades160-360860363
Fuel filter60-70244-1800120-650
Forward brake pads300650-1900306-752
Rear brake pads200635-2000496-1336
Oil filter130-150142-720121-248

Thus, the low cost of Chery Fora parts (even beats even the domestic Lada), leather interior, good engine and brakes can be called the main advantages of the car, and the suspension, bad design and too high location of the driver’s seat – disadvantages.

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