The first live photos of the serial electric Mercedes Benz EQC

The first live photos of the serial electric Mercedes Benz EQC
  • Car model: Mercedes-Benz
  • Producing country: Germany
  • Year of issue: 2018
  • Body Type: Crossover

Here come the first photos of the German crossover on batteries. Audi and Jaguar have long rolled out their cars on electric traction, the “British” is already on sale in Russia. We study EQC electric car in details. All Mercedes-Benz model range.

Market Entry Dates

The Germans were a little tricky when they introduced the Mercedes-Benz EQC series. The presentation was successful, collected a storm of applause. But the start of production will have to wait. The assembly line will be ready for launch not earlier than next June. The rate of snail. The hour is not even, Mercedes will catch up with BMW with ix3 concept.

Will an electric Mercedes get to the Russian roads? As the Mercedes-Benz representative office in Russia noted, this issue is now at the stage of discussion. Regardless of the decision of the Germans, both European and Russian buyers will have to wait almost a year. The estimated cost of the new product is 70 thousand euros.

Body design

Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 4matic became the first child of EQ on the Mercedes GLC platform. The rear suspension is multilever, the front suspension is two levers. Compared to the older brother, the parquet flooring has significantly increased in size. It is distinguished by its exquisite exterior in the best traditions of the German car concern.

Dimensions of Mercedes-Benz EQC car are as follows:

  • Length – 476.1 cm
  • Width – 209.6 cm, if you take into account the rearview mirrors.
  • Height – 162.4 cm
  • Wheelbase – 287.3 cm
  • The wheels of the front and rear wheels differ – 162.5 cm and 161.5 cm respectively.

Mercedes-Benz EQC

Depending on the configuration, an electric crossover will be available with 19, 20 or 21 inch wheels. In general, the design of the novelty reminds something of Generation EQ Concept. The electric parquet has LED headlights, a neat bumper in front. The profile turned out to be sporty due to the exquisite merger of the hood, stern in one composition. The sides are decorated with powerful stampings.

Everything looks as premium at the back: luggage door with a spoiler and a small glass, luxurious LEDs, an impressive bumper. He is dressed in a plastic suit, which is not afraid of mechanical influences.

To conclude the design review, we would like to add that if the standard Mercedes-Benz EQC design does not seem to be juicy enough, you can order the AMG version. It considerably refreshes the body with non-trivial bumpers, cladding and new discs. However, and the classical complete set looks alive and fresh.

Saloon, equipment

The salon is almost indistinguishable from A-Class. The steering wheel is multifunctional and at the same time very compact. One multimedia screen is a dashboard, the other supports voice control. The front panel is decorated with air deflectors, the console flows smoothly into the tunnel with an armrest.

There is a flexible front seat adjustment, the entire cabin is illuminated by LEDs. In a word, if you have ever been inside modern crossovers Mercedes, the picture will seem to you painfully familiar. The list of driving modes has been expanded by Max Range.

Salon Mercedes-Benz EQC

When it is activated, the use of electricity will be as efficient as possible. There are also 5 recovery modes. The trunk volume is average 500 litres. In general, it notes a decent level of comfort inside the Mercedes EQC, and yes, the car can be used for towing trailers of 1800 kg.

Technical parameters

The source reports EQC 400 with 2 electric motors, 408 hp, 765 Nm of torque. Accumotive battery is located under the floor, has a capacity of 80 kWh. At NEDC measurement Mercedes Benz EQC electrocrossover showed the result of 450 km, while the more real WLTP says about 300 km. So we count on 320 – 350 km of stroke from one charge. The additional station has liquid cooling of 7.4 kWh. Charging up to 80% takes 40 minutes.

Mercedes-Benz EQC engine

Consider other Mercedes Benz EQC parameters. The curb weight of the car is 2435 kg. The “German” changes a hundred in 5.1 seconds, at the maximum it is possible to squeeze out 180 km/hour – the electronic limiter is involved.

Major competitors

As mentioned above, the main competitors of the Mercedes crossover will be Audi E-Tron, an electric car from BMW (to be released in 2019), a lot of electric parquettes from the Celestial Empire. Speaking of price, Mercedes Benz EQC is not the cheapest representative of this motley company. Nevertheless, even choosing between faster, more solid “Jaguar” I-Pace and “Mercedes” EQC, many people will prefer the latter. Because it is Mercedes – and period.

Photo by Mercedes EQC 2019-2020

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