Mercedes Benz GLC – new, luxurious, safe

Mercedes Benz GLC – new, luxurious, safe
  • Car model: Mercedes-Benz
  • Producing country: Germany
  • Year of issue: 2019
  • Body Type: Crossover, Coupé

The updated Mercedes GLC refreshes the model that began production in 2015. The simple but very harmonious design emphasizes the rich pedigree of the brand, and the rich and functional interior seems to show everyone – “this is how a premium SUV should be!” We get acquainted closer with the fresh German brothers in the body of the station wagon and coupe. The whole model range is Mercedes-Benz.


The appearance of the car during the restyling has not changed much. In 2020 Mercedes Benz GLC continued to retain the characteristic features of the body. There are changes, but they cannot be called serious – the bumpers and grille became more aggressive. The hood, which visually became longer, catches the eye at once.

The new version already offers LED headlights in the basic configuration. Optionally, it is possible to install the matrix headlights. The headlights’ updated features make the “look” of the car more severe, which successfully combines with the car’s appearance as a whole.

Mercedes-Benz GLC 2019

Mercedes-Benz GLC front view Mercedes-Benz GLC side view Mercedes-Benz GLC rear view

It can be also noted that the body has added chrome details. And many details in the crossover’s appearance give out its kinship with full-size respectable GLE. The general impression of the car’s appearance is that the Mercedes GLC SUVwhich is designed to dominate and show its stern and strong character in action. And even GLC coupe, which has more sports and youthful features, shows with all its appearance that it is the same thoroughbred Mercedes. You can make sure of it during the test drive at the official dealer of Mercedes Benz – Olympus Neva.


The interior can be described in more detail, there is a lot to talk about. The restyling has passed in the same direction as in the passenger car C-class. The driver will pay attention to a new steering wheel with sensor panels on the side spokes. The left one allows you to control the instrument panel, and the right one – the central screen. They are part of a new touchscreen system that allows you to configure and control just about everything in the car.

The center tunnel of the Mercedes GLC also features a touchpad in place of the combination puck. This panel has pleasant tactile feedback, which can be disabled if desired. The sensitivity of the sensor’s feedback can be adjusted iniductuously.

Mercedes-Benz GLC interior

Leading this touch “ensemble” is a central touchpad measuring up to 10.25 inches. The new MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) multimedia system works quickly, intuitive, and rich in functionality. One of the interesting features is the Energizing function, which allows you to synchronize the microclimate, massage, seat heating or ventilation, and even music to maintain a certain tone and mood.

Basic equipment includes buttons for folding the rear seats. Optionally, you can buy new Mercedeswith 3-zone climate control and dual-mode heating of rear seats. You can get more than enough space in the back seat. Even in the coupe version with a sloping roof, a 190 cm tall person will feel comfortable on the back row.

Technical Specifications

Many changes in the restyling have affected the technical part of the SUV GLC – the line of motors of Mercedes has been updated, the suspension is refined. Let’s talk about these changes in more detail.


  • GLC 200 (197 hp, 280 N-m),
  • GLC 300 (259 hp, 370 N-m),

Petrol engines are represented by two-liter turbo motors. They are complemented by the starter-generator, which is powered by a 48-volt electrical system and has a belt drive. In fact, both versions are the same engine with the index M264, which is equipped with a system of variable valve timing. On the GLC 300 version, it is more overdrive than on the 200.

Mercedes-Benz GLC engine


  • GLC 200 d (163 hp, 360 N-m),
  • GLC 220 d (194 hp, 400 N-m),
  • GLC 300 d (245 hp, 500 N-m).

The new diesel engine has the index OM654, and is offered in three power variants at once. The engine volume is the same 2 liters. The diesel engine is not equipped with a starter-henerator, as the gasoline counterpart.

The engines are structurally an aluminum cylinder block with cast-iron liners. The engineers have put a lot of effort, so even the diesel engine does not interfere with travel comfort. Everything is wrapped in noise-absorbing plastic and, where possible, special rubber mats are used. Two balancer shafts dampen all engine vibrations.


A nine-speed automatic “9G-Tronic” is used to transmit the torque to the wheels. All versions are also equipped with Mercedes branded all-wheel drive – 4Matic.

Transmission perfectly keeps up with the motors, provides good dynamics when overtaking, and the required smoothness of motion when driving in the city. The main transmission of the Mercedes GLC 4matic can be interlocked either electronically or with the conventional disc system.
Default 55% of the traction is given to the rear axle. The vehicle has several modes for driving in different conditions, be it snow, mud, or towing a trailer.

Mercedes-Benz GLC 2020


The suspension is spring independent. In the front – double wishbone, in the rear – multilever. Ground clearance of such Mercedes GLC version is 181 mm. The suspension is not bad, it has quite big travel, but it does not provide that very Mercedes comfort. 

The car lurches strongly in the sharp turns, and in complex with rather a sluggish steering, it keeps the driver from desire “to make a fuss.” The car is still more relaxed and rollicking. For the spring suspension, there is also an optional package with adaptive dampers.

An optional air suspension allows to fully reveal all the characteristics and driving qualities of the car. There are two pneumatic chambers in front and three in back. In this version, the car floats above the road covering, confidently fulfills all the bumps, and allows you to have no fear to go off-road – in the upper position, ground clearance reaches 245 mm.

Brake system

The new Mercedes GLC SUV’s technical characteristics would be incomplete if we would not tell about the braking system. Ventilated disc brakes are installed in the front and rear. They work off quite confidently. The effort on a brake pedal during emergency braking is a little bit high. But it is included in the general impression from the automobile, which does not dispose to recklessness.


The sizes of the crossover are impressive.

  • The body length of the wagon is 4669 cm, that of the hatchback (Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe) is 4742 cm. 
  • Body width of both versions is the same – 1890 cm.
  • The height varies: 1644 cm universal, and 1602 cm – coupe.
  • Wheelbase length is 2873 cm.

It is noteworthy that the car has small front and rear overhangs, which is a significant advantage off-road.


We can also talk more about the safety systems of new Mercedes Benz GLC. To be more exact – about electronic assistants. Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive is the name of the concept, which is urged to provide the driver on a long road or in a city not simply comfort, but a possibility to relax and have a rest. 

For example, in a traffic jam, thanks to the adaptive cruise control, the car moves by itself, when the ahead car starts moving. Furthermore the system is able to recognise where there could be a traffic jam ahead and reduce the speed to a safe speed.

For parking, too, maximum convenience has been created – when the rear gear is engaged, the right mirror is lowered for greater convenience. And the all-around camera system now cooperates with a sensor in the towbar to make parking with a trailer easier.

Lane-holding systems and a host of other electronic assistants are also available as options, which will keep the car cornering, warn of speed limits, and otherwise make life easier for the driver.

Crash Test

The car may be equipped with front and side airbags, air curtains, and a driver’s knee airbag. 

Active hood as well as a large number of electronic assistants that monitor the road when driving in the city and on the highway complete the safety features of the car. All of this enabled it to deservedly get five stars in the Euro NCAP crash test.

Products and Prices

To buy a new Mercedes GLC in the basic configuration, you must pay 3 760 000 rubles, taking into account the trade-in. It will be a diesel car, 2020 model year, with leather interior and standard equipment, which still includes most of the nice features we wrote about above. The gasoline version in the standard configuration will cost already 3 820 000 rubles with the trade-in program.

Mercedes-Benz GLC car photo

The car in the top configuration GLC 300 Sport Plus Rus with a 249 hp gasoline engine will have a price of 5,512,000 rubles. This price includes all electronic aids that are possible, anti-theft package, augmented reality feature, AMG styling, oak wood trim, Run-flat tires, off-road package and much more. 

The number of options and possible packages, which are available to equip the car is quite large. Therefore, it is simply impossible to list all available options and prices for the Mercedes GLC here..

comparison with competitors

The main competitors of the Mercedes-Benz GLC are BMW X3 and Audi Q5. In terms of the choice of power units Mercedes firmly holds superiority. Audi can offer only two engines, both petrol, 2L and 3L. With turbocharger, they develop 249 and 354 hp, respectively. BMW offers 2 petrol engines of 2L – 184 and 249 hp. Of diesels – 2L with 190 horses and 3L – 249 hp

In terms of the space in the cabin, all three cars provide approximately the same amount of space for the rear passengers. But the most sports boarding, strangely enough, is in Mercedes. It is an interesting fact – only in Audi the doors close the outer side of thresholds, which allows getting in and out of the saloon even in bad weather without fear to get dirty. 

Front view of the Mercedes-Benz GLC

Interfaces of the multimedia systems of all three cars are about the same level of functionality and convenience. But still BMW stands out with more quality graphics and maximum simplicity. 

Luggage compartment is the most spacious at Audi. There is even a spare wheel under the floor. By the way, it is not present in basic complete set, both in Mercedes, and in BMW. It can be ordered additionally, but it is not provided with a place for it. 

In terms of controllability and sharpness of reaction to the steering wheel, all three cars are individual and interesting in their own way. Mercedes-Benz is very stable and quiet on a straight line, in turns it holds itself as confidently and steadily, however any sharpness and playfulness of its behavior is not present. Audi Q5 feels itself as monumentally on straight sections of the road, but in turns it is more sensitive and bouncy. BMW X3 is not so good on a straight line, it feels rutting, but in turns it is the most mischievous of all three, sharp and impetuous.

Pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Advanced multimedia with voice and gesture control.
  • a wide choice of power units.
  • Family aggressive but restrained strict design.
  • Areplete and comfortable interior.
  • Great ride comfort in vehicles with air suspension.

Cons of a car

  • Spring suspension does not give the proper level of comfort.
  • The chassis is in general more favorable for a quiet ride (minus, but not for everyone).
  • A relatively small trunk.
  • Even with the off-road package, you should not expect any serious achievement on the road off the car.

Let’s recap

The Mercedes-Benz GLC and Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe SUVs have become worthy successors of their kind. They have adopted all family features, which together with rich modern equipment makes them an object of lust for many people. However, it is the notorious comfort and premiumism of the brand that will not be fully revealed in the basic configurations.

So connoisseurs can expect a little disappointment if they miss the choice. Overall, the cars are quite nice with a wide range of options and a nice variety of engines to choose from. The main thing is to choose the right package just for your preferences.

Mercedes-Benz GLC 2020

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Mercedes-Benz GLC photo

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