Mercedes-Benz Vito

Mercedes-Benz Vito
  • Car model: Mercedes-Benz
  • Producing country: Germany
  • Year of issue: 1996
  • Body Type: Minibus, Van

Mercedes Vito is the brightest representative of today’s distribution trucks and vans. The basis was taken as a “trolley” W638. The German company has been producing “hardworking” trucks since 1996. The new version replaced the Mercedes-Benz MB 100. The whole model range is Mercedes-Benz.

Car history

The story begins in 1995. In those years, the company DaimlerChrysler, located in the northern part of Spain, began to produce in series a “truck” Mercedes Benz Vito, who proved to be a quality employee in the first year of use.

Interestingly, the next year, in 1996, the Mercedes-Benz Vito received the award as the best van of the year.

At the onset of 1996 in Geneva, for the first time showed a multi-purpose wagon of increased capacity from a German company, which appeared on the platform of Vito, which was called V-Class. To increase comfort, instead of pneumatic elements, twisted springs on the rear wheels were installed. In addition, they decided to improve noise insulation, interior finishing, and change the appearance of the truck with the help of hinged elements.

Mercedes-Benz Vito 1996

As a result, there was a car, containing the payload of a commercial car, but with a higher level of comfort. The model has been produced since 1997. The following year, the trucks were equipped with a lightweight restyling – began to install CDI (diesel powered), which uses a fuel system Common Rail. The quality of the vehicles was improved by means of visible modernization of the interior and internal equipment.

Release of a new car

When 2003 came, the company, instead of cardinal improvement of cars, decided to produce instead of obsolete fully fresh products – Vito and Viano. The two cars that the company decided to produce at the same time are similar in appearance, but differ in their components.

The novelty was presented in 3 versions – as a full-fledged working car, passenger and cargo compartment and a minibus. Already from the autumn coolness of 2003, the new Mercedes model began to replace little by little the low-tonnage commercial vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz Vito 2005

The Vito second family Mercedes is available in 3 body lengths – Comfort, Long and long Extralong, 2 wheelbases (3,200 and 3,430 mm), 2 roofs (low and high, with a usable volume of 4.65 to 6.49 m3 respectively). There are also 5 power units with a power range from 88 to 218 horsepower.

By the way, since 2005, the middle variant of the roof has been assembled. One of the most attractive will be the van Panel van, with a body volume of 6.49 m3, up to 1,140 kilograms of payload and a 6-seater Vito Mixto, which represents a combined passenger and cargo transportation with a trunk designed for 970 liters of usable space.

Second-generation restyling by Mercedes-Benz Vito

The model can accommodate up to 6 people and transport large quantities of goods, which is necessary for many industries, such as construction, utilities and so on. For those who are interested in the number of seats in the car, there will be a variant of Vito, which is designed to transport nine people, including the driver. Taking this into account, there will still be about one cubic meter of free space in the luggage compartment, where various things can be placed.

Mercedes-Benz Vito second generation restyling

Еxterior second-generation

The most important difference of Vito of the 2nd family is a completely new body. If before it had a angular view, now there is a place for soft and energetic lines, which is clearly visible, looking at the nose and side of the car, proportional to the line from the bumper to the windshield and a quiet transition to the side.

Details simply can not be confused – they clearly have the family features of Mercedes. The external restyling includes a replaced radiator grille and an effective stamping on the hood. The aft area of the vehicle also received the presence of rear lamps of vertical design.

Mercedes-Benz Vito second generation

Regardless of the wheelbase, the novelty comes with the latest side doors that glide smoothly. They have made it much easier to load things in the car. Rear mounted doors, which received a swing principle of operation, acquired an opening angle of 180 and 270 degrees. They are ordered in place of the rear door, which rises upwards, allowing easy loading of any material. The luggage compartment opening between the arches of the wheels is 1,277 millimetres.

If you pay attention to the opinion of experts, the Vito models, which were produced at the beginning, had a better assembly than the other cars after the update in 1988. Journalists note that after restyling, the car has received poor quality fittings of body panels.

Mercedes-Benz Vito side view

Under the armchairs installed in front, provided a place for the location of various loads, which entails an auxiliary 200 millimeters of useful length in any wheelbase. The maximum weight allowed for transportation on the roof is 150 kg.

It’s a pity, but the 2nd generation model wasn’t immune to rust.

However, it is pleasant that V-class had painted bumpers and exterior mirrors of rear view. After restyling, the door handles were also painted to match the body painting.

Interior second-generation

Moving to the interior, it is clear that the appearance has affected the important details – the “board” of devices, keys and tools to adjust the air conditioner, pockets and modest niches for a variety of things. At the top, the dashboard received a compartment where the A4 folder was placed.

The glove compartment has grown in free space and now the volume is 11 liters. The seat on which the driver sits, along with the seat of the passenger sitting next to him, can be adjusted in the longitudinal direction. In addition, there is a soft adjustment of the seats in height, backrest inclination and seat cushions. The interior has received the presence of seats with built-in three-point safety belts.

The interior of the second generation Mercedes-Benz Vito

Such moments made the interior decoration of Mercedes Vito elaborate and convenient for passenger transportation. There is a modification of Marko Polo, which has a rising roof. In addition to the latter, the salon received a refrigerator and even a gas stove.

Cargo-and-passenger modifications of the car without glazing of the aft part are called Mixto. V-class is separated from the Vito mounted even in the basic configuration of the suspension on the air, which can underestimate the aft part of the car and keep the height of the ground clearance constant.

Shortcomings in the salon

But the car has also received disadvantages, and not every modification of the upgraded vehicle deserves high praise, if we compare it with the previous family. Some complain about the lack of visibility, because the presence of a large front post, promises to obscure the view during the turn, and installed in the middle of the headrest of the rear seat, completely deprived the driver of visibility. When the sun is shining, orange icons on the “tidying” are hard to see. Therefore, to read information from the dashboard, there is nothing left to do, as with the help of a hand to cover it from the sun rays.

Speaking of the design of the Mercedes-Benz Vito W639, if we compare it with its predecessor, there is almost nothing to connect them. These are completely foreign vehicles. The first thing that distinguishes them is the layout. The previous model had a drive on the front wheels and a power plant, which was placed transversely, and the new generation got a longitudinal arrangement of the “engine” and gearbox. The drive began to go to the rear axle. It was necessary to change the drive because of two problems.

The first is that the previous machines transmitted vibrations to the steering wheel – and the rear-wheel drive system solved this problem. The second reason is passive safety. Provided that the previous generation of Vito will pass the crash-test, it will become clear that in the event of a collision, the power pack will go into the car, which is fraught with bad consequences.

When the engine has a longitudinal layout, it “goes” under the floor, which reduces the level of danger. In addition, minivans with front drive had unloaded rear wheels, which was clearly observed in the body of the van.

Second-generation powertrain

The new generation has got a lot of choice of engines. There were 5 engines, which met the Euro-4 standards. These are the engines, which have an ordinary four, running on diesel CDI of the 2nd family. The power varied: 88, 109 and 150 horsepower. There were also V-shaped six-cylinder engines running on gasoline, which had the function of injection Bosch Motronic ME 2.8 and produced 190 and 218 “horses”.

It’s nice that the engines in the new generation became more dynamic, more environmentally friendly and, importantly, more economical today.


Second-generation transmission

The basic equipment had a 6-speed manual transmission. V-shaped gasoline “sixes” had a five-stage automatic box, which, if necessary, was installed on diesel units. Thanks to improvements in the transmission, the ride comfort was improved and the vehicle became more reliable on the road.

Second-generation suspension

It is independent for four wheels. The front mechanisms are equipped with McPherson shock-absorbing columns, on which the stabilizer brackets are mounted. The rear suspension is equipped with spherical springs and shock absorbers.

Second-generation braking system

All wheels are equipped with disc brakes, which are ventilated at the front and standard at the rear. The standard equipment is able to adjust the braking forces and has a hydraulic emergency braking system Brake Assist.

Mercedes-Benz Vito is a new generation

In 2014, the German company radically changed the attitude towards the minivan and showed a new generation. Mercedes-Benz Vito W 447, the Germans presented modestly. It happened at the October Motor Show in Paris in 2014. The fresh model was launched in European countries in October of the same year.

It will be possible to buy the model on the territory of the Russian Federation not earlier than November 2014. The very first generation of Vito, which was produced since the mid-1990s, was a simple, high-quality front-drive car. The model was distinguished by a quite modest price tag and minimum ambitions.

The new Mercedes-Benz Vito minibus Restyling Vito Vito side view

The second family already has a rear drive, with which it was produced before the 3rd generation. But the W 447 now comes with three drives to choose from: front, rear and all-wheel drive. Since the beginning of production, more than 1,200,000 cars have been sold, which is very impressive.

The novelty, in reality, is an affordable and utilitarian variation of the beautiful new Mercedes-Benz V-Class. However, the modest Vito model with its small number of modifications, which offer different variants of power units and types of drives, can seriously compete with its “brother”.


After watching the videos and photos, where the novelty is shown, there is a lot of similar to the appearance of Mercedes-Benz B-Class. There is a place for decent and representative body shapes and lines, headlights, made in a very stylish way, solid false radiator grille, where there is a large three-ray icon.

Mercedes-Benz Vito W 447

The car has an improved aerodynamic drag coefficient – 0.32 Cx. However, on the unpainted bumpers (only the Select version in the passenger version received a bumper under the body color), swinging or lifting doors of the luggage compartment, uncomplicated light alloy rollers and even installed steel wheels with hoods, it is clearly visible that the Vito 3 family is a working “horse”.  Regardless of his modesty, the W 447 looks beautiful on the construction site, in front of the company’s office, or in the city center.


The salon of the third Vito family is very comfortable, ergonomic and practical. Of course, it is not as luxurious as in the V-class, but it is still modern and functional. The driver’s seat gives the driver ultimate comfort. There are no unpleasant feelings even during long trips. Many people understand that Vito is often used for commercial purposes, so the driver can travel for long hours. The salon has received many compartments for safety of various trifles and bottles.

The luggage compartment of the “truck” and the cargo-and-passenger version of Miksto provides for the presence of guides to fix the European pallet, hooks for fixing cargo on the floor and the side of the cargo department. If you pay attention to the passenger model Vito Tourer, it can comfortably carry 8-9 passengers, including the driver. On the second and third row, if necessary, there is a possibility to fold and dismantle seats that will allow to turn the car into a considerable van.

Interior Mercedes-Benz Vito


Third-generation powertrain

When purchasing a 3rd generation Mercedes Benz Vito, the company provided 5 diesel engines that all meet the serious Euro-6 environmental standards. The weakest is the 1.6-liter, 88 hp turbo diesel 109 CDI. Next comes a similar engine, but with 114 horsepower (111 CDI). Next come 2.1-liter diesel engines 114 CDI with 136 horsepower and 116 CDI with 163 “horsepower”.

Mercedes-Benz Vito engine

The Mercedes-Benz Vito 119 BlueTEC engine with a capacity of 2.1 litres is considered the top version. It develops this engine already 190 horsepower. Among the features of the new Vito can be noted increased by 20% efficiency. For example, 88 hp engine in urban mode does not ask for more than 7 liters. The most powerful engine consumes, which is very unusual, only 100 grams more. Part of the reason for this is the introduction of the start/stop system.

Third-generation transmission

1.6-litre engines operate with a six-speed manual transmission. The model has a front-wheel drive configuration. The 163 hp motor is already synchronized with either the six-speed manual transmission or the optional 7G-Tronic Plus automatic transmission.

The model has a rear-wheel drive layout. The most powerful engine transmits torque to all wheels and is synchronized only with the automatic gearbox 7G-Tronic Plus.

Third-generation pendant

The car’s suspension’s been fine-tuned a little bit. Although in general, this was not an urgent need. Suspension of the novelty provides comfortable travel, excellent handling and excellent driving stability. Vito 2014-2017 has a fully independent suspension system with McPherson’s forward columns and multilever system at the back.

Passenger variants of the Tourer received even as standard comfortable shock absorbers and soft springs, which are much better than those installed in the cargo version. The noise insulation of the Vito’s truck version was a bit of a displeasure.

The passenger version is slightly better, but still far from the noise insulation of Mercedes Viano. Although it is not surprising, because it is still a different class of cars.

Third-generation steering wheel

The steering wheel is very easy to control, which is achieved by using electric power steering. That’s why it’s very easy and convenient to drive.


Based on safety tests, 3rd generation Mercedes-Benz Vito is the safest car in its class. Previously, no other truck of this type was equipped with a pair of airbags and an unpleasant buzzer that makes you fasten your seatbelts. Top-end versions have not only airbags, but also side curtains in a circle.

Price and equipment

You can buy compact passenger and cargo vehicles from $32041. It will be a basic truck set with the weakest 1.6-liter diesel engine, producing 88 horsepower and synchronized with the 6-speed manual transmission. The top model will cost from $61238 for a 2.1-liter 190 hp engine with a 7-speed automatic gearbox.

Updated Mercedes-Benz Vito

The basic equipment includes systems for monitoring the physical condition of the driver and the pressure in the wheels, an on-board computer, 8 airbags, ABS, ESP, systems for monitoring blind areas and intersection of road markings, a simple audio system that supports MP3 and USB. Also it is possible to establish the advanced multimedia system where there is a colour screen supporting touch input (works with music, phone, navigating system, back visibility camera), system of stabilization at gusts of a lateral wind.

Reviews by car owners

Many drivers praise the car very much, especially the 1st generation. Explaining this is quite easy. The second generation has received a rear-wheel drive, so in winter the car gets stuck almost everywhere you can. The only exception is when the car is loaded.

Many car owners note that they are generally satisfied with the purchase, and the impressions are the most positive. Powertrain (CDI) is distinguished by good injectivity. Despite their age, many of them can easily accelerate up to 190 kilometers per hour. Of course, the height of the ground clearance of the Vito is not so high, but the cross-country ability of the model is good. Often it is difficult to warm up the car in winter, helps out Webasto. Do not forget about the air suspension Mercedes Vito, with which the level of comfort increases.

German quality is always praised, so the car can walk a long time, requiring only replacement of consumables. If you have to buy a new part, you will have to pay a little more, because the Mercedes parts cost always more than the same domestic or Chinese cars.

But if you put the part – it will serve a long time faith and truth. There are almost no problems with automatic gearbox, if you take care of it in time. In many respects everything depends on the conditions of operation and maintenance of the vehicle.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Nice and stylish appearance;
  • Good cross-country ability;
  • The latest generation offers a choice of 3 drive options – front, rear and full;
  • Rich even base complete set;
  • When buying a new car, you can buy the necessary options;
  • Tested quality;
  • High degree of safety;
  • Fast payback;
  • You can change the car for your own needs;
  • Improved aerodynamic component of the minivan (3rd generation);
  • Comfortable and comfortable interior;
  • Ability to travel as a family;
  • Comfortable steering wheel;
  • Low fuel consumption;
  • Pretty injected and sharp power unit;
  • Good visibility;
  • The 3rd generation has received the stylish colour screen supporting touch input;
  • Comfortable seating for driver and front passenger.

Cons of a car

  • 3rd generation cars are expensive;
  • 2nd generation Vito is very difficult to use in winter because of the rear-wheel drive (poor traction with road surface when the car is empty);
  • Details cost a lot of money;
  • In the secondary market, most cars have traveled more than one hundred thousand kilometers;
  • Compared to the same Sprinter, the height inside the Vito is quite small;
  • It is not recommended to overload the car;
  • In winter time it is difficult to heat up the whole salon.

Summing up

In general, a lot of people like them even old Vito’s models. Most people still dream of buying a car like this. Due to the fact that the German company decided to produce the 3rd generation of the model, where you can finally choose between front, rear and all-wheel drive.

The quality of the car as a whole and the interior itself is simply impressive. The power unit is sharp enough, allows you to feel confident during overtaking and at high speeds. Quite small fuel consumption will only please car owners. Of course, there is a famous pain in the throat – rottling body, but any body needs care.

Mercedes-Benz Vito 2014

It’s nice that the company paid attention not only to the level of comfort, but also to the safety of the machine. Thus, many of them have different systems designed to help the driver to drive the vehicle. There are also airbags. Inside there is a lot of free space, passengers do not feel discomfort.

With three rows of seats, the luggage compartment is not a record-breaking one, but it allows you to take the most necessary things with you. In addition, you can use the transportation of cargo on the roof of the car. Mercedes Vito is pleased with the price. The German quality has always been famous all over the world, and it is pleasant that, despite of big enough “experience” on the road, Mercedes Vito once again proved it.

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Mercedes-Benz Vito 2014

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