The younger brother of Mercedes AMG A35 is charged for speed

The younger brother of Mercedes AMG A35 is charged for speed
  • Car model: Mercedes-Benz
  • Producing country: Germany
  • Year of issue: 2018
  • Body Type: Hatchback

The sensational 306 hp AMG A35 is officially launched. The charged hatchback made a real sensation at the Mondial Paris Show, the famous car show in Paris. Mercedes pleased with the scattering of new products, showing a new generation of B-Class, crossovers GLE and EQC. All-wheel drive version of Mercedes-AMG A35 will be considered in more detail: photo, video, design, filling.

Let’s just say that the A 35 model promises to be the flagship of the line. But in the near future it will be replaced by the “forty-fifth” 4MATIC with a turbo engine of about 400 hp. What kind of rocket is this, it is even hard to imagine! For comparison – Mercedes A35 exchanges hundred kilometers for 4.7 seconds, the maximum is equal to 250 km/hour (the electronic limiter is established). The whole Mercedes-Benz model range.

Body design

The external hatchback of the A35 AMG differs from the W177. AMG division has made a brand new “candy” – with original bumpers, a huge spoiler over the luggage compartment. Thresholds are decorated with chrome overlays – in tandem with 19-inch disks looks very fresh and organic. Ahead of the bumper is supplemented with air ducts, behind the diffuser. The Pirelli R19 low-profile rubber provides a secure grip on the road.

To provide worthy rigidity, the body of A35 AMG has received diagonal extensions under a hood and the panel made of aluminium under the engine.

Photo Mercedes-AMG A35Auto Mercedes-AMG A35Photo of Mercedes-AMG A35

Photo Mercedes-AMG A35


Hi-Tech style interior was and still is one of the main A-class chips. It will please with sports design of armchairs in the spirit of AMG, multifunctional wheel, huge color displays and advanced multimedia system.

And ordering the option AMG Track Pace, the owner of the car will feel like a real racer. While driving, the application displays about 80 parameters, including acceleration and lap time. In short, scrupulous analysis of on-board telemetry is convenient and interesting.

Salon Mercedes-Benz A35

Technical stuffing

Now let’s see what AMG A35 has under the hood. In the engine room there is room for a 2-liter turbocharged engine M260. To tear the nerves of Audi S3, Volkswagen Golf R, the closest competitors of “Benza”, the engine forced up to 306 horsepower. It demonstrates a decent traction of 400 Nm, equipped with a 2-flow turbocharger. The new Camtronic system is installed, which regulates the lifting of valves, Conic Shape cylinders and high-precision piezo injectors.

Mercedes-Benz A35 engine


The robot box Mercedes AMG A35 4Matic paired with SpeedShift 7G works clearly and smoothly. To make the acceleration effective, German engineers have installed a “magic” option Race-Start. The drive is complete, the electromechanical clutch is responsible for connecting the rear wheels.

Brakes, control

The driver has 5 different driving modes at his disposal: from the quiet Slippery to the Sport+. Adaptive shock absorbers can be ordered for an extra fee, but the standard ones do not. Disc brakes: 4-piston with 350 mm discs at the front and 1-piston with 330 mm discs at the back.

When the engine of the Mercedes AMG A35 runs at high speed, a special flap opens. To ensure precise control over the car, made electromechanical power steering.


It’s all about comparison, isn’t it? The dynamic parameters of the new product pose a real challenge to competitors. Golf R and Audi S3 accelerate up to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds, and 35 does it in 4.7 seconds. Prescriptive speed limit keeps Mercedes at 250 km/h. But even such indicators are enough to feel like the king of any motorway.


Mercedes-AMG A35 will definitely break into the Russian market – the information is already confirmed. However, this will not happen until autumn 2019. Europeans will be able to treat themselves as a new German hatchback in January 2019. The starting price is 44,000 euros.

Mercedes-AMG A35 photo

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