The concept of the automobile company Mercedes IAA looks like a real plane carpet

The concept of the automobile company Mercedes IAA looks like a real plane carpet

The very name of the machine can be understood in two ways. The formal decoding of the IAA is obtained as Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile. However, in another way, it became clear to everybody that in such a way Daimler showed its respect to the exhibition in Frankfurt and did not double-decide who is the main person in the house.

The design of the car looks droplet-shaped, and has a hood similar to the shape of the nose of a shark, an elegant shoulder line, optics in the LED version and large arches of the wheels – the German concept car came out very elegant.

Mercedes-Benz IAA car

The German concept will not be able to find the door handles – in their place is installed sensor and drive units. Instead of side visibility mirrors, video cameras are used. With the help of the stencil printing function, the side glazing was formed according to the color of the body. The creators claim that this concept is made similar to the sculpture and reduces the influence of sun rays in the interior.

Photo by Mercedes-Benz IAA

The 4-place interior of a car shows in practice what a luxury car can look like in the coming time – the interior is dominated by light-skinned leather, glass that is polished, the use of aluminum and neon lighting.

The armchairs are made with the use of a lightweight aluminum construction, and the list of equipment includes a communication system, on the platform of the Car-to-X function, which allows the car to change information materials with other cars or infrastructure objects present on or near the road.

Mercedes-Benz IAA car

When designing this car, the designers set themselves a couple of goals: to design a beautiful 4-door sedan coupe and bring its aerodynamic performance to an improved fresh level.

Mercedes-Benz says the vehicle’s drag is 0.19 with its aerodynamic dodger. Only the machine crosses the speed line of 80 km/h – it tries to persistently change its shape.

Mercedes-Benz IAA Salon

At the back of the car, 8 specialized slats start to protrude 390 mm backwards in automatic mode, which change the type of car’s stern and make it similar to the jet engine nozzle. Auxiliary aerodynamic plates appear on the side of the bumper, which is located in front of the bumper exactly 25 mm sideways and 20 mm backwards.

Mercedes-Benz IAA rear view

The bottom mounted spoiler on the front bumper slides back 60 mm, and the grille of the false radiator covers the ventilation holes. Finish this picture, wheel rims, parts of the rings, which are not stationary part. They are able to move 55 mm forward, increasing the flatness of the wheels.

Mercedes-Benz IAA front view

The aerodynamic performance has been improved by the low ground clearance of 100 mm, which is covered by even sheets of the bottom of the machine. But in order to cool the exhaust channel and rear gearbox, the creators decided to leave specialized holes.

By the way, omitting the topic of blinds, which are controlled in the grille of the false radiator, the place under the hood will never be without flow ventilation – the main stream goes through the big logo of Mercedes. As for the technical side, the electric gasoline hybrid model is installed here, the total power of which is 279 hp. The German model can accelerate up to 250 km/h.

Mercedes-Benz IAA photo

In contrast to the established position of the operating dodger to improve aerodynamics, its current range is from 62 – 66 km, and the number of emissions will be from 31 – 28 grams per km. The Mercedes company has achieved that if earlier it took about 1.5 years to develop the car, then today this process can take only 10 months – just in this period was designed and created by Mercedes IAA Concept.

With the help of dynamic modeling, engineers did not need to continuously create new layouts to conduct long tests in a real place – now all this was calculated and tested in virtuality. Only the final stage of adjustment was carried out “alive” in an aerodynamic airflow pipe.

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