Skoda Rapid

Skoda Rapid
  • Car model: Skoda
  • Producing country: Czech Republic
  • Year of issue: 1935
  • Body Type: Liftback

April 2014 gave the Russians the long-awaited premiere – the version of the liftback Skoda Rapid, in which the cost of the novelty was announced at once. It was decided to assemble Rapid in February in Kaluga, and the dealer center began to accept applications from those wishing to buy a car.

The Skoda Rapid car has been officially assigned to class B+, however, formally, the Czech is able to compete with the representatives of the C-class in its size and equipment, which is not denied by the manufacturers of the company Skoda. The whole model range is Skoda.

Car history

Many people think that the Skoda Rapid model appeared only recently, but it is not so. It is believed that 1 family of this car was released in 1935. However, in reality, the history of the car began in 1934. 83 years old – that’s exactly how much the car exists on the market.

1 generation (1935)

In 1934, the managers of Mladá Boleslav decided to create a vehicle for the middle classes of the population. The new car was supposed to be a little bit better than the cheapest car, i.e. Skoda Popular 420. At that time, there was a proprietary system of definitions, where the first number in the index could be used to understand the number of cylinders, and the second number – the number of horsepower in the power unit.

It turns out that the engine of the 420 model had 4 cylinders, produced 20 horsepower and had a volume of 1 liter. The novelty did not replace the 420 version. The management simply decided to introduce a new car. Rapid retained its original appearance and the name “Popular”, but increased in size and became more free. Speaking about the digital pointer, Czech specialists “got confused” with it.

Skoda Rapids 1935
Liftback had a 1.2-liter engine that developed 26 “horses”. The idea was to give it a name – Skoda Popular 426. However, the model received the index 241. Although it is not so scary, because the car was in the Skoda line only 1 year. After a short time the novelty got a new engine and its name – Rapid.

The machines of 1935 had a 1.4-liter 31 hp engine with liquid cooling. Torque was transferred to the wheels of the 3-speed transmission, which has synchronizers in gears 2 and 3. Czech-made cars were clearly distinguished by a tubular or backbone frame.

Such an installation, which many people know from the domestic NAMI-1 and the later Tatra dump truck, known in the Soviet Union, allowed to reduce the weight of the machine. In addition, it was possible to produce various bodies (to which open bodies can be attributed), without increasing their strength properties, and therefore, a lot of various amplifiers.

In addition, the drive shaft went to the rear axle inside the pipe mentioned above. It turns out that it protected it from various mechanical influences and dirt. Despite the fact that the debut family Skoda Rapid was released in 1935, the car was accelerated up to 100 km / h, got an independent suspension and hydraulic brakes. A worthy start!

The front and rear suspensions were independent and had cross springs. Similar variants were often used by German and later Czech designers. It is also unusual that Rapid already had a hydraulic braking system, while in European countries even famous cars were still driven by mechanics.

Photo by Skoda Rapids 1935

If to speak as a whole then Skoda Rapid 1 of a family is a vehicle of worthy average European level. Standard Czechs considered the two-door model of the closed body. For personal reasons, they called it Tudor. Arsenal also had a four-door sedan, a “cabrio limousine”, a sedan with a soft roof, which was removed, a classic two-door convertible and a pragmatic van. Among other things, by 1936 the company decided to introduce a fresh version with a 1.6-liter engine that develops 42 horsepower.

It is clear that such expensive cars could not be sold so much – about 600 copies. It would not be superfluous to remind that Skoda company successfully sold vehicles both at home and in European countries and Asia. Partly, this was achieved due to the fact that Czech cars took part in some competitions in their own country, Monte Carlo and so on.

Skoda Rapids 1935 car photo

In addition, at Skoda Rapid 1 generation, two businessmen Jan Prohazka and Jidrij Kubas decided to start their journey around the world. Despite the fact that the officials did not give permission to travel to China, they did not stop and turned to the Caucasus. In total, they were on their way for 98 days (44 during the trip) and were able to successfully complete the trip in Prague.

Two friends were wrapped around 27,000 kilometres. Could there have been a more prominent advertisement for the Czech model? Skoda’s machines were able to quickly gain a good name. They were sold to wealthy owners, big stars. When 1938 came the new product was significantly improved.

The car had an improved appearance and a new 1.6-liter engine, designed for 42 horsepower. The speed limit has increased to 110 kilometers per hour. The body armory was added with a sanitary type universal. It should be noted that during the appearance of the improved car the political situation was unstable.

Skoda Rapids 1935 car

The Republic no longer existed. The Third Reich took the Slovak ally, and the Czech Republic became a protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. On the basis of these changes, the Germans insisted that the traffic on the road should be usual for them – right-handed. Therefore, the vehicles, to which Skoda Rapid can be attributed, found the left hand wheel. Regardless of the remaining gear shifting algorithm, drivers needed time to get used to it.

Next year we managed to produce a modest batch of Rapid with a unique streamlined coupe body, which was influenced by the German style.  The company in Mlada-Boleslav soon became a part of Hermann Gehring. Since the beginning of the forties the company was able to assemble 34 Skoda Rapid 2200 cars. The novelties retained their recognizable exterior, but under the hood were 2.2-liter engines, developing 60 “horses” at 3,800 revolutions per minute.

Maximum speed increased to 120 kilometers per hour. In order to save on fuel (which was very scarce during the war), some of the cars were produced by gas generators. Such a power plant could operate on coal or wood briquettes, but did not have the same power and speed. The Skoda Rapid was assembled in small quantities until 1942.


2 generation (1984)

Three years later, the company was hit by a devastating bombardment, but after a while, the plant began to produce cars again. And in 1947, the production of Skoda Rapid was completely stopped. In total, about 6000 copies were produced. For a very long time no one remembered about this brand, to be exact 37 years.

Skoda Rapids 1984

Czechoslovakia has already decided to revive the model. In 1984, under this name was produced a version of the coupe on the platform Skoda 130. The power plant was located at the rear. The torque was transmitted to the rear wheels. The compartment had gasoline engines.

The weakest was the 55 hp 1.2-liter engine, synchronized with 4-speed “mechanics”. Then came a 1.3-liter 59- or 63-horsepower engine with a five-speed gearbox. In total, it was possible to produce about 44,000 such machines.

3 generation (2012)

The car debuted in 2012 at the car showroom in Paris. 2013 allowed the new car to settle in Kazakhstan and the nearest Ukraine, but for strange reasons it did not reach Russia. The same year allowed the car to get its first restyling, in which it acquired a new power unit, another steering wheel, an increased list of interior design options and the latest optional equipment, such as xenon headlights. The updated version will be implemented on the territory of the Russian Federation.


The appearance of the 2014 Rapid Skoda is fully in line with the spirit of the already inherent corporate style of the automotive manufacturer. By the way, it is worth noting that just from the car Rapid this stylistic solution and began to be implemented for all machines of the Skoda line just a few years ago.

The car does not rush to the title of the most fashionable in the class. The design solution of this machine is very simple. But the elevator looks neat and has some charm by using the appearance of sportiness notes. Besides, simplicity of forms and body lines gave the chance to the budgetary car to have good aerodynamics.

Skoda Rapid photo

Official data show that the air resistance coefficient of the Rapid Skoda is 0.30Ch, which has had a very positive effect on fuel economy. The nose part has a wide hood, an oblong false radiator grille that separates the longitudinal ribs.

Even in the front part of the new sedan there is a flat rectangular air inlet, which was divided into 2 halves by a perpendicular strip of plastic. Large trapezoidal fog lamps also took their place. It will not be superfluous to notice that the hood has a new nameplate of the company.

Skoda Rapids photo auto

On the nose of the car, it’s all about a different corporate style. The side part of the updated Skoda Rapid elevator shows huge doorways, rounded roof contours, stylish wheel arches and a certain roundness of the side parts.

There is also an accentuated rib at the bottom. The flat roof with the help of powerful racks leans on the fried back of the body. The back could be distinguished by straight lines, slightly raised short luggage compartment, sloping rear window and neat bumper.

Skoda Rapid car

The powerful bumper is complemented by a diffuser at the bottom, neat and stylish light-amplifying lamps that have been placed on the relief depressions. Speaking in general, the external design of the car is simple, but accurate and quite attractive.


It is not a secret that the managers of Skoda issued Rapid as an intermediate machine between the compact Fabia and the more popular Octavia. But if you look inside the car, you will feel as if it is the most budget version of the car from all cars produced by Skoda. The salon looks very simple. And it is even at use among finishing materials of soft plastic and a fabric upholstery.

This explains a little bit the weak noise insulation. The development department has literally saved money on this element. Inside the car there are extraneous sounds, regardless of what speed of the power unit and what quality of the road surface at the present time under the wheels of the car. Though the interior is notable for rather decent ergonomic component without any mistakes and minuses.

Skoda Rapid Interior

The driver’s seat provides easy and convenient access to many controls and appliances. The seats in the front provide a sufficient level of comfort, which is very unusual for a budget car. Although the standard equipment is not distinguished by the abundance of expensive materials, armrests are made of leather, the ceiling itself is soft and looks stylish.

The majority of customers take cars with more comfortable equipment and expensive finishing materials, which results in a significant increase. It is pleasant that there is a considerable quantity of “cosy” trifles, such as holders for bottles and glasses, useful niches and capacities. The front torpedo has straight lines, which makes it look massive and solid. On the central console there is a balanced location of the multimedia system and climate control unit.

There is a comfortable three-spoke steering wheel, which can be covered with leather with a separate option, which will affect not only the comfort, but also the status of the machine. The driver’s door has received the controls for the power windows on the rear doors.

This function is very important for families. In addition, it is not difficult to control the airing of the entire interior of the machine with the help of this device. Thanks to innovations that have changed the size of the body, the elevator was able to surpass its own rivals in terms of volume and luggage space.

This car is designed not only for city trips, but also for travel and comfortable luggage transportation. In general, the salon of the renewed Czech elevatorback Skoda Rapid is designed for 5 people, and there is enough space in the car on the first and second row.

Skoda Rapid photo salon

An additional practicality of the machine gives a solid volume of luggage compartment. With the base position of the rear seats, the Skoda Rapid luggage compartment has 550 litres of storage space. However, this is not all, if necessary, you can fold the rear row of seats, which will provide 1450 liters of useful volume.

It is pleasant that the designers have placed in a boot the presence of functional grids, which do not allow things, travel bags and purchases to “go for a ride” on the luggage compartment, a double-sided mat, where on the one hand there is rubber, and on the other hand there is pile.

Skoda Rapid luggage compartment

The latest options allow you to carry any luggage, and at the same time there will be no torment with trunk washing. It is not difficult to guess that the similar indicators were promoted by a body format of a liftback which combines functionality of a standard hatchback and external appeal of a sedan.


Mower unit and transmission

For the Russian Federation, the restyled elevator will be sold with 3 types of gasoline engines. As for the diesel engines, which have been presented to European consumers in several variations, they will not get to Russia (at least for now).

Czech specialists consider the atmospheric engine consisting of 3 cylinders, the volume of which is equal to 1.2 liters, to be the basic power unit. It has an aluminum cylinder block, a distributed fuel injection system, and a 12-valve gas distribution system such as DOHC.

Engine Skoda Rapid
The weakest engine is synchronized with the only 5-speed manual gearbox, with which fuel consumption in urban areas is 8.4 liters, while in urban areas the consumption drops to 4.8 liters per 100 km. The mixed cycle will require about 6.1 litres.

Next comes a 4-cylinder atmospheric 1.6-liter engine. The power unit is well known in our country by sedan version Volkswagen Polo, it can develop 105 horsepower. The engine will transmit torque using a 5-speed manual gearbox or 6-band “automation”.

Skoda Rapid power pack
The company does not say yet what the dynamics will be for an elevator with a similar installation, but Polo with the same motor reaches the first hundred in 10.5 or 12.1 seconds (IKPP / AKPP). The average fuel consumption will be 6.4 and 7.0 in the combined cycle, respectively. Although the figures for Rapid will not be exactly the same, the situation can already be estimated.

The top unit is considered to be a 1.4-litre 4-cylinder turbine engine with a cast iron block and an aluminium block head. The engine has a system of direct fuel injection and a system of change of phases of gas distribution.

Such an engine fits into the framework of the European standard Euro-5 and can produce 125 horsepower. Such an engine with a 7-band “robot” DSG with a pair of clutches is synchronized, which will allow the updated car to reach the first hundred in 9.0 seconds, and the maximum speed will be at the level of 208 km/h.

This top engine consumes 7.4 liters in urban areas, the figure will fall to 4.8 liters in the countryside, and the mixed cycle will require 5.8 liters per 100 km.


Elevatorback Skoda Rapid 2016 has a common platform with the latest generation of Volkswagen Polo sedan, but Czech specialists have implemented a list of changes, namely the use of some elements from Octavia and Fabia.

The front drive was chosen, and there is also an independent suspension on the McPherson-type platform, and a semi-independent torsion beam on the rear wheels. I would like to make the suspension less rigid, which is a little bit more than usual used to our drivers, but for the Russian Federation the manufacturer promises to remove this defect.

Brake system

Disc brakes are used as a brake system, which have a venting function on the front wheels.

Roller control

The steering is represented by a rack and pinion mechanism, which is supplemented by an electromechanical amplifier. It is necessary to say separately that the Czech engineering staff took the chassis adjustment quite seriously.

As a result, it allowed him to keep the road confidently, to control easily even during steep turns, to be distinguished by good maneuverability and to brake well on any road surface. It is clear that the record results in the described “parameters” Rapid should not expect, but cardinally important rivals he does not lose.


The overall component of Skoda Rapid is as follows. The length of the body is 4,483 mm, the wheelbase does not exceed 2,602 mm, the width of the car (not taking into account the external mirrors) is 1,706 mm, and the height – 1,461 mm. But the height of the elevator’s ground clearance is a bit disappointing, because 136 mm is very little for the car, which is planned to be implemented in the Russian Federation.

Although not everything is so hopeless, according to the developers of Skoda Rapid will be produced for Russia with a ground clearance height of 150 mm. A fully loaded car weighs 1,115 kg as standard. Top-of-the-range equipment will add weight of 100 kg.


The entire perimeter of the Skoda Rapid 2015 salon has airbags on the driver’s seat and passengers. It seems that for many motorists it is very important that the car be equipped with airbags.

To security systems refers to the presence:

  • Central Castle;
  • Electronic immobilizer.

Passive safety can be attributed to the presence:

  • Driver’s frontal airbags;
  • Rear seat mountings;
  • Rear seat mountings
  • Antigraphic bodywork protection;
  • Rear head restraints;
  • Driver’s seatbelt indicator.

Access to active safety and suspension is the presence of:

  • Anti-blocking braking system (ABS);
  • Electronic exchange rate stability system (ESC);
  • Pendants for bad roads.

Rapid Skoda is a reasonable ratio of availability, practicality, reliability and good safety, which was confirmed by the Euro NCAP crash test, for which the elevator received 5 stars. Thus, the system used to maintain the stability of the course will help the driver to cope with critical situations when the car starts to be carried over. The control unit is able to constantly compare the current performance of the car on the road with the predetermined readings.

When the values do not match, the control unit will give the system a command to stabilize the machine movement. The system takes advantage of the ABS, ASR and other special sensors. This prevents the wheels from slipping or blocking. How does ESC work? It limits the torque of the power pack and brakes the inner rear wheel when not turning enough or the outer front wheel when turning too much.

Safety Skoda Rapid
To ensure a high level of safety, the company has installed a high quality rigid body structure. Only durable materials were used, especially in the passenger compartment, where only minor deformations are possible. There are special parts at the front and back that provide the ultimate absorption of impact force.

Thanks to the special supports, the powertrain will not get into the passenger compartment in the event of a collision. With the help of the rudder column device, the rudder movement during a frontal collision is limited. Legs can protect the pedal structure, which will provide slippage during impact, which will reduce the likelihood of injury.

Skoda Rapid airbags

Rapid safety data sheet for 2017 model. Skoda specialists were able to expand the safety list. Initially, eight airbags can be noted along the entire border of the car.

Security systems include the option:

  • Tire pressure monitoring;
  • Adaptive cruise control;
  • Stabilizer when driving with a trailer;
  • High Start Assistance Systems;
  • Circular review systems;
  • Forward and rear parktronic;
  • Motor start systems with button;
  • Turn signal repeaters in fog lights and blind zone monitoring.

With the keyless access function, the car allows you to remotely start or stop the power unit, open and ventilate in hot weather.

Restyling 2017


The updated Skoda Rapid range was presented at the annual Geneva Motor Show in spring 2017. It was decided to present the novelty in 2 body versions – a 5-door elevator and a spaceback. Spaceback is something in between a hatchback and a station wagon. Sadly, Russian motorists will not be able to see the new body with their own eyes. Only the hatchback body will be available.

Skoda Rapid 2017
If we compare the appearance of the Rapid Skoda 2017 and the previous model, the changes are minimal. The novelty has modernized exterior lighting headlights, which are now complemented by stylish wave-shaped running lights, slightly modified shape of the front bumper and “fog lamps”. Bixenon technology is used to improve lighting and safety. The body itself is distinguished by the presence of a chrome-plated horizontal strip, which connects the front of the “fog lamp”.

If you look at the side of the elevator, the novelty differs in the design of rollers made of light alloy. The updated model has several variants of their appearance in black and silver. Minimal equipment received 15-inch rims, and the maximum has wheels with a diagonal of 17 inches. The rear body part has a slightly modified shape of the lanterns. For an extra fee you can install LED lights. Side wings do not have turn-over repeaters.

Restyling Skoda Rapid

The updated model has new rear-view side mirrors, which are painted black. They feature small turn-around repeaters. Black plastic inserts appear on the bottom of the sills.


The interior of the updated Skoda Rapid 2017 received more differences from the previous version than the exterior design. The car has an upgraded, highly informative dashboard, a modified climate control unit and climate control deflector and improved design of the door cards.

Moreover, the restyled version has a choice of several options for the interior background lighting (comes as an option). The center of the front panel has a wide touch screen display of the multimedia system, which is complemented by modern options, such as connection to mobile devices, Internet access and navigation system ERA-GLONASS for models that are intended for Russia.

Photo of Skoda Rapid salon
The ducts installed at the top have been changed in size, but the emergency stop button still stands between them. The restyling version is distinguished by the insertion near the central deflectors. At the bottom it was bent from the dashboard to the right deflector. The shape of the climate control settings panel has been changed.

A screen was installed in the center to display the temperature and to direct the airflow. At the bottom, the designers placed an arsenal of buttons to control the front seat heating function and safety systems. From the gear lever to the climate control, there is a free space, which took up the same pair of cup holders, charging from USB and 12V.

Rapid code multimedia screen

From the gearshift lever, another compartment was installed to preserve the trifle, as well as a handbrake of the mechanical type. Changed shape and steering wheel. The design staff made it smaller and flat at the bottom. Thanks to these changes, there is a sporting “excitement” and improved control. The two side needle-spokes have control buttons for a variety of multimedia system options, mobile communication and security services. Having looked Skoda Rapid a photo, it is distinctly understood that the command of the company did not sit idly by.

Changes have affected door panels, door handles, button positions. Changed the shape and panelling of the door inserts. The left side of the torpedo has a section for setting up the light-amplifying system. Speaking of cladding, the updated model received a quality fabric, leather and a combination of fabric and leather. Rear mounted seats are comfortable. The sofa can accommodate 3 people, in the center of the backrest there is a folding armrest. Rear passengers have 2 USB connectors to recharge their gadgets.

Skoda Rapid rear sofa

In addition, the restyled version has Internet access via WLAN. Today, all modern gadgets have Wi-Fi, so during long trips, you can browse familiar sites, communicate in messengers, and so on.

Very nice that the standard version of the novelty has a system of switching high beam in automatic mode. Top version of “Rapida” has a front adaptive optics.

Complections and prices

Sales of the updated Skoda Rapid elevator began in April, and the car with the basic equipment Entry will cost from $9178,65 for a 1.6-liter power unit, producing 90 horses, and which is equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox. For a 110 hp engine with the same volume is asked from $10841,79, where you can install except for the mechanical gearbox, automatic (from $11547,84.) Active is estimated from $9931,77.

There is a wider range of interior comfort, folding armrests and more advanced security system. Ambition costs from $11861,64. There is a central lock with a remote control system, a system of course stability, rear spoiler and others. Top version of Style will cost from $15062,40. There will be a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine designed for 125 horses and a 7-band “robot” DSG. There will be a total of 6 sets of equipment.

Side View Skoda Rapid

The 2017 model, according to Skoda representatives, has the same equipment as before the modernization. It is clear that the new car will cost a little more, as it has new electronic systems, improved safety, retouched appearance and so on.

The minimum set of Entry will not cost less than $9476,76. It has a gasoline 1.6-liter 90 hp engine and a 5-speed manual gearbox. The top-of-the-line Monte Carlo DSG comes with a 1.4-liter turbocharged 125 hp engine synchronized with a 7-speed robotic gearbox. All modifications have only front drive.

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Good economics;
  • Salon comfort;
  • Large and comfortable luggage compartment;
  • Gearbox and clutch function well;
  • Swivel castor information;
  • Extended number of equipment;
  • Opportunity to order an automatic or manual gearbox;
  • Diverse power units to choose from;
  • High level of safety not only for the driver, but also for passengers and children
  • Wheel pressure sensor;
  • Good assembly quality;
  • Resilience;
  • Practicality;
  • Pretty low price;
  • Corrosion resistance;
  • Many trifling departments;
  • Style appearance;
  • Internet connectivity;
  • Color display;
  • Era-GLONASS;
  • Improved material quality;
  • New exterior lighting system.

Cons of a car

  • Slightly weak starting power units;
  • Unpleasant suspension;
  • Historical noise insulation of the penultimate version;
  • Updated braking system in 2012 models;
  • The steering wheel rotates with force and great reluctance;
  • Not a highly resistant paintwork coating, or rather too thin a layer;
  • Plain interior for 2012 versions;
  • Rear passenger in the center will be uncomfortable because of the high central tunnel;
  • Low ground clearance height;
  • Absence of a diesel engine;
  • The quality of the materials in the cabin could be much better.

Car tuning

Tuning a car is first of all an auxiliary equipment for the vehicle. The Skoda’s exterior is transformed to create an individual style with decorative claddings. There are weather protection measures in place to ensure that the view does not deteriorate in rainy weather. For this purpose window deflectors are used. Such devices are mounted on door windows.

They are used to prevent rain from pouring into the car when the car is moving. There are bumper deflectors (flywheels). They are installed directly in front of the hood, on top of the headlights. They prevent rain from spreading on the windshield and preserve the Rapid Skoda from accumulating oncoming insects. In addition, this deflector can protect against small stones.

There are also claddings that prevent the accumulation of mud on the wings of the car and prevent splashes, and the emergence of small gravel. They are often made of rubber. But there are also durable metal or plastic variants. You can install a spoiler on the trunk, which increases the aerodynamics of the elevator. But today they are more often used as an additional decoration. The higher the price, the better the quality of the material.

In addition, it is possible to impose overlays on the headlights, which will cost from 10 to 20 dollars, depending on what size and options to execute. There are eyelashes, performing purely aesthetic purpose. But there are also overlays on the headlights, designed to prevent the scattering of light rays and protect the glass lanterns from clogging.

Skoda Rapid tuning
Many motorists like to paint their cars for various drawings or graphics. This gives style and allows you to stand out among the entire city stream. However, the price of such tuning, a little bit bit bitten. If you pay attention to the Skoda Rapid reviews of the owners, it is worth noting that most car owners are satisfied with their choice. Some complain about the lack of capacity, but on the other hand, it has a positive effect on low fuel consumption.

We sum up

Although not a significant upgrade for the Czech Elevator Baggage Skoda Rapid, it did touch it and brought its own twist. The design of the machine seems simple at first glance, but it has everything you need. The car is youthful, a little sporty, but at the same time stylish. The front of the car is excellent, and the side of the car has good arches of wheels with beautiful rims.

The rear part has a familiar shape and lanterns for the Skoda company. The salon, of course, is not as elegant as the BMW, but it also costs a much less updated elevatorback, so it is worth making a discount on it. Despite the simple quality of the interior and the quality of parts used, the interior has its own ergonomics, and everything fits well. The instrument panel is good and clear, all controls are at hand. I am glad to have a color screen on the central console.

The new Skoda Rapid

The front seats are comfortable enough. There can be three people in the back row, but those who sit in the center will be a little uncomfortable because of the central tunnel located in the legs. The company has placed great emphasis on the practicality of the machine, so the luggage compartment has a large volume, which can be increased if necessary, while adding backrests of the rear seats.

The company has not forgotten to provide an adequate level of safety not only for the driver, but also for passengers and children sitting next door. More expensive equipment has different systems designed to help drivers on the road. Power units are medium in size, and they do a good job of their role, but they sometimes lack power.

They can be distinguished by their rather low fuel consumption. The gearbox works perfectly. Small height of the ground clearance is probably one of the main aspects that worry motorists when choosing a car, but as promised by manufacturers, they will increase the height up to 150 mm. In general, the Czechs have made a practical car, where a good price/quality ratio.

Skoda Rapid view from behind

After the renovation in 2017, it is impossible to say that the elevatorback has changed dramatically. The company’s management did not take any chances and did not change the already familiar and successful image. They took a different path. The designers slightly embellished the car, adding freshness to it. This is noticeable in the new exterior lighting systems, as well as the rear lights.

Now the car has a stylish and modern look, corresponding to the preferences of many. Inside, they have also improved everything, worked on the quality of materials used, fittings and noise insulation. The central console has become more stylish and ergonomic.


The entire front panel is not overloaded with buttons and controls. The designers have improved the safety level of their model. If you look through the advertising brochure of the Rapid configuration Skoda and prices, you will be pleasantly surprised by the useful options that are already in the basic equipment.

Therefore, it is safe to say that Skoda Rapid 2017 is a good value for money. It is also very pleasing that the company does not leave its produced models to “arbitrariness of fate”, but makes every effort to improve them. This, in turn, allows us to remain competitive in the fast-growing automotive market.

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