Mercury Cyclone

Mercury Cyclone
  • Car model: Mercury
  • Producing country: USA
  • Year of issue: 1970
  • Body Type: Coupe

This car was one of the most popular and valuable of its time. He wore the nickname “street fighter”, because he was a real sports car. The whole model range is Mercury.

It’s about the beautiful Mercury Cyclone. Now it is possible to get acquainted with it closer, to find out, what for this mascot has become so fond of millions of Americans and not only. The presented car is so famous that many people associate it with the 60s. It is considered a cult car.

What’s so remarkable about this car? First of all, the car is characterized by incredible power, torque, rigid suspension, as well as unusual steering. In addition, the car has a low weight. In its time, the Mercury Cyclone was radically different from other cars, and for this individuality and uniqueness it was desirable for many connoisseurs of real sports cars.

Mercury Cyclone front view


In addition, for those times, the car could be purchased for a very modest fee. By the way, the Mercury Cyclone appeared at the world-famous Detroit factory “Ford”, which already speaks for itself. The described car is called “Cyclone” due to the location inside it of the eight-cylinder engine “Cyclone Super-289” with a capacity of more than two hundred and ten horsepower and a volume of more than 4700 cubic centimeters.

Mercury Cyclone engine photo

Similar standard models of cars had 160 horsepower and volume of 4250 cubic centimeters, so the nickname “Cyclone” suits our car very well. Model Mercury Cyclone has updated seats, dashboard sports type. The wheels are equipped with chrome-plated hoods.

The bonneted space is also characterized by the presence of chrome-plated decorative elements, so opening the hood is a pleasure! The acceleration of the car is 170 kilometers per hour, which was fantastic at the time! As the year goes by, the developers decide to improve some of the characteristics of the car.

Mercury Cyclone photo auto

Thus, the headlights are now positioned vertically, affecting the shape of the bumper and hood, as well as the radiator grille. The capacity is now 225 “horses”. Over twelve thousand Mercury Cyclone horses were produced this year. It takes another couple of years to change the bodywork, which the developers take from another Ford car. They have also increased their wheelbase, which has affected the size of the car, but all this was accepted by the fans only with approval.

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Mercury Cyclone photo

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