Pontiac Firebird

Pontiac Firebird
  • Car model: Pontiac
  • Producing country: USA
  • Year of issue: 1967 - 2002
  • Body Type: Coupe, Convertible

Users who came out of the 80’s remember the Pontiac Firebird for wrappers in the Turbo and BombiBom chewing gum. This car was very often found there. It is clear: the history of Pontiac Firebird began in 1967. The car was powerful and brutal, with a classic V8 and the first hundred in just 7 seconds. Later a two-seater coupe with rear drive was replaced by Firebird Trans Am.

Its maximum speed reached 195 km/h – the record-breaking figure for those times! Since 1981, the manufacturer has launched a series of “firebird” called Formula 5.0, and in 1987 the world saw a five-liter version of Trans Am. In 1989, the production of both versions came to an end. Meanwhile, as early as 1992, the Pontiac company produced the next generation. Until 96, all machines were produced with 3.4-liter engines, the version with 5.7-liter engines was produced until 2000. The whole model range is Pontiac.


All variations of Pontiacs Firebird had a slightly mundane silhouette, embodying a wild desire to move forward and thirst for great speed. In the front bumper there were four “fog lights” and “pop-up” headlights.

There were two versions of the body: two-door convertible, 3-door coupe. The dimensions of the cars were the same: 496.8 cm/189.3 cm/132.1 cm, while the wheelbase reached 256.6 cm. The curb weighed 1528 kg, with a payload of up to 2000 kg. The trunk was designed for 365 litres of cargo.

Pontiac Firebird 1984


Standard equipment in the Pontiac Firebird salon was represented by air conditioning and electric drive of seats with mirrors. At the same time, the Trans Am modification received an improved steering. The doorway in the cabin is wide, but it was not easy enough for passengers to get to the rear seat.

Moreover, the space for “rear seats” is catastrophically small, and the roof turned out to be a little low. The instrument panel has an unusual shape, and the speedometer shows the speed in kilometers and miles.

Interior of Pontiac Firebird


The engine in this vehicle was located longitudinally under the hood. 3.4-liter “six” produced 148 horsepower and 4600 rpm, the maximum speed reached 207 km/h. However, there was a more powerful variant of 162 hp engine. The next generation of Firebird was equipped with a 3.8-liter engine.

Pontiac Firebird photo auto

Price and equipment

It is worth understanding that the last Pontiac Firebird car was released in 2002, so to find this model on sale today you can only find it in used condition. The car is quite rare and costs about $200000.

Picture of Pontiac Firebird

Summing up

Maslkar Pontiac Firebird is rightly considered one of the best cars of its era. It is a car with a real “live” look. Sit behind the wheel of the Pontiac at least once in your life – and you will not want to let it go anymore. Again, this is a purely personal opinion.

Many buyers want something “sporty”, but refuse Firebird because of excessive “aggressiveness” of this car. But all Pontiacs are powerful and dynamic enough, so not every driver can cope with the unbridled temper of this “stallion”.

Pontiac Firebird 2001

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Pontiac Firebird photo

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