Pontiac GTO

Pontiac GTO
  • Car model: Pontiac
  • Producing country: USA
  • Year of issue: 1964 – 1974
  • Body Type: Coupe, Convertible

He debuted the Pontiac GTO back in 1964. The car was a full-fledged discoverer of the Muscle Car era. The name GTO itself was not for nothing. It literally deciphered as Gran Turismo Omologato and was adopted by the company Ferari. The car was a kind of experiment, which was conceived by the famous John DeLorean, who worked in those days on the Pontiac. The whole model range is Pontiac.

He showed the American as a function of the Pontiac Tempest. In principle, it was one in one Pontiac Tempest, but in addition to one element – instead of a weak engine here was installed a V8 engine in the volume of 6.4 liters and 350 hp. In addition to the engine, sports tyres, confident steering and dual production were offered. Very popularity of the Pontiac GTO coupe was promoted by democratic price tags for it. In just one year, the company was able to sell about 32,000 cars. And it was planned not to exceed 5,000. In fact, the cars did not have time to produce.


It was 1965 and Pontiac bought a new body. It looked more massive and sharpened, the headlights, which are now four, changed their position from horizontal to vertical. The car was still characterized by attractive dynamism. Two years later, the body was changed again. This year, the GTO became the founder of the fashion in terms of the outlines, similar to the Coca-Cola bottles.

Pontiac GTO 1969

This design innovation was immediately applied by all other competitors. In the 68th TRP, there was a global renewal. Almost completely different car, which had little in common with the old versions of previous years, was released. The appearance has become much more aggressive, which was very appealing to the restless nature of the car. Literally on the last word of fashion, the American was decorated with hiding headlights.

Photo of a Pontiac GTO

Despite the fact that the standard version of this function did not provide for it, it was booked by almost all, so most considered it to be the standard. The Pontiac GTO coupe was once again a pioneer in terms of the decision to abolish the classic bumper. It was replaced by the front bumper endure, which was made of rubber and was not afraid of small blows.

The company had no plans to stop there, and in 70 year engineers changed the shape of the body again. Later the popularity of Muscle Car went down, because of various restrictions on exhaust gases, insurance and so on. As early as 1974, the Muscle Kars muscle dissolved.


A year later, the optional tachometer with nighttime illumination was installed on the hood, near the windshield, closer to the driver. In 1969, the interior has not changed much. The ignition switch was moved from the dashboard to the steering column to block the steering wheel from theft. The following year, a power steering was added.

Pontiac GTO salon photo


Since its inception, the Pontiac GTO has only been supplied with V8 powertrains. Among them were 389, with a capacity of 6.4 liters and an output of 360 hp. (1964-1967); 400s, 6.6 liters with the same capacity (1964-1973); 455s, 7.4 liters, and the same hp. (1968 – 1973); 350s, with a volume of 5.7 liters and a slightly lower output of 200 hp. (1974).

Pontiac GTO engine

American engines were paired with 3-eh, 4-eh and 6-speed manual gearboxes, or with 2-eh, 3-eh, go 4-eh speed automatic transmission. The drive was the same as in other machines of those times – the rear one.

Prices and equipment

Buy Pontiac GTO, for example, in 1967 you can buy Pontiac GTO from 23076$ to 27692$. However, it will not be possible to buy it in the showroom, so you can only search through ads, collectors and the Internet. Not so many cars are in normal technical condition.

Moreover, it is worth noting that the repair of the American is very expensive, and the parts themselves do not buy everywhere, they can only be ordered in foreign stores. The price also depends on the year of manufacture and configuration. It is not necessary to withdraw from the accounts that the customs clearance will go about $ 7000.

Pontiac GTO car

We sum up

But the truth is, the car is worth every ruble spent. Because in it, the whole re-creation of the past epoch, it is the ancestor of Muscle Car. This compact coupe will not leave indifferent any motorists on Earth.

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Pontiac GTO photo

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