Pontiac Bonneville Special

Pontiac Bonneville Special
  • Car model: Pontiac
  • Producing country: USA
  • Year of issue: 1954
  • Body Type: Convertible

The Pontiac Bonneville Special Motorama Dream Car Cabriolet 1954 is a legendary American car that was first seen in 1954. It was a beautiful convertible, which engineers supplied with the latest technology. The whole model range is Pontiac.

The non-standard appearance of the car is the fruit of the work of Homer La Gassie, who was Gillan’s first clerk on this project. He was the one who brought in the convex wings, which seem to “hug” the wheel. He connected the car completely straightforwardly. The headlamps in front were sunk in the wings and covered with translucent shields.

Pontiac Bonneville Special

The door handles could not be found at their standard location, as the doors were opened by pressing the button located in the vicinity of the junction with the glass. The side ventilation slots were designed as “oil radiators” because they were given intensive “ribs”. At the back, the Pontiac Bonneville Special Motorama Dream Car Cabriolet 1954 was decorated with a spare shell that looked like part of an aircraft turbine.

Pontiac Bonneville Special

After entering the Pontiac Bonneville Special Motorama Dream Car 1954 Cabriolet, any driver realized that he had found himself in a real work of art, especially for his time. The dashboard looked smooth and beautiful, the design of which included a purely horizontal layout of working tools, which gave the interior a futuristic look.

Between the unique, parabolic-shaped seats, the leather matched the metal. The gearshift lever, a pair of levers to control the car’s ventilation and an ignition key slot were striking. Immediately in front of the driver was a 3-spokesman’s steering wheel, a large speedometer, indicated by 120 miles or 193 km/h.

Pontiac Bonneville Special Salon


Under the hood of the Pontiac Bonneville Special Motorama Dream Car Cabriolet 1954 was a 4.4-liter inline 8-cylinder atmospheric engine with an output of 209 hp. The torque from the engine to the wheels was transmitted by a manual or 4-speed automatic transmission.

Pontiac Bonneville Special 1954


To buy Pontiac Bonneville Special Motorama Dream Car Cabriolet 1954 will have to give a lot of money, so something very rare and valuable rarity car. So it costs about $3309560,00.

Pontiac Bonneville Special Side View

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Pontiac Bonneville Special photos

Video Pontiac Bonneville Special

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