Pontiac Vibe

Pontiac Vibe
  • Car model: Pontiac
  • Producing country: USA
  • Year of issue: 2003-2009
  • Body Type: SUV

The spacious Pontiac Vibe has been in production since 2003, in the USA, in Fremont, California. Although the sample was first presented at the Detroit Motor Show in 2002. The car was produced at the joint General Motors and Toyota car factory on the general principles of Toyota Sprinters. The company simultaneously produced Pontiac Vibe together with Toyota Matrix. It is logical to conclude that all Toyota cars were for Japanese consumers, and Pontiac only for the American car market.

These two twin brothers differed by the location of the steering wheel – the Matrix model had the steering wheel on the right. The purpose of the creation of this hatchback was to create a car that will successfully combine the practicality of the minivan and the nature of the SUV, and the price does not exceed the bar of sedan. The second generation of Pontiac Waibe was held in 2007 in Los Angeles. And the latest model has reached a new level, increasing power, comfort and became more stylish. The whole model range is Pontiac.


After restyling, the car’s design has become more dynamic with markedly marked body lines. All clearances on many parts of the body were reduced to a minimum to emphasize the pleasant, eye-catching, verified lines of the body. Dynamic appearance adds to the presence of light-alloy serial wheels 16-inch.

You can order 17 and 18 inch rims if you wish. What is very important for the company, the designers have managed to save the family features of Pontiac – it is a branded grille for the radiator, stylishly located headlights and so on. They have not forgotten about the design of the tail part. For example, now the license plates were attached not to the rear bumper, but to the trunk door.

Pontiac Vibe GT rear view


Almost the entire interior of Vibe has undergone radical changes and as a result acquired an instrument panel, which is found in sports cars. The changes have slightly affected the instruments and controls, which now look sporty with red backlit scales and round chrome-plated sensors. The quality of the internal assembly meets international standards.

Pontiac Vibe GT salon

Polished aluminium was used to create the salon. The assembly material became more solid than it gave the interior a more luxurious look and feel, which is partly true. The plastic on the front panel was soft to both the look and feel. The steering wheel position can be adjusted in two positions.

Gives comfort to the active front headrests and numerous seat adjustments. If you take the model with the equipment GT, the complete set includes leather seats, steering wheel and gearshift lever. The seat of a forward passenger seat can be easily “transformed” into a small table or into space for additional luggage. It can be debugged with a single lever movement.

Pontiac Vibe auto

The rear seats can be folded to the floor without any problems, without the need to tilt the soft cushions, which makes it very easy. In addition, you can find many hooks, hangers and even shelves in the cabin. If there is still not enough space, the roof rack, which is located on the roof and comes standard with the AWD version, will help.

Under the luggage floor there is room for a fire extinguisher, first aid kit and other equipment. Also in the cabin there is a practical outlet designed for 115 V, which will keep your favorite gadgets always with you.


Pontiac Vibe got the updated engine line. As standard, the model is positioned as a 4-cylinder 1.8 liters DOHC engine with a power of 130 hp, with a torque of injection changing ahead of time. And all-wheel drive version GT, comes with a 180 hp and volume of 2.4 liters, with variable ignition system VVT-i and changing ahead of time and valve lift height.

Such engines with four-speed automatic transmission or with five-stage mechanics are synchronized. However, in the GT version, the company offers sports 6-speed mechanics. The camshaft drive uses a chain, which in turn travels much more than 100 t.km. However, this makes engine operation more visible.

Pontiac Vibe engine

The GT variant differs except for the engine, with a low ground clearance of 140 mm, as in passenger cars. And the presence of all-wheel drive. The new version has air conditioner, cruise control, full electric package, ABS and computer system Traction-control – used to prevent slippage. The factory pre-installed two frontal and (optional) two side airbags. Everything is fine with the music, as there is a Monsoon stereo system with a CD-receiver.


Pontiac Vibe 2009 issue in Russia costs from $12560,00. The price will depend on the chosen model: Vibe, GT and AWD.

Pontiac Vibe

We sum up

This car keeps a good road. When cornering, the rolls are medium. Tough suspension. Pontiac Wyb is a nice small car, spacious and compact. The rich similarity with Toyota gives it some firmness and availability in repair.

In addition, high ground clearance gives you the opportunity to feel confident on our roads. Among the drawbacks it is possible to note the quality of noise insulation, the sound of the motor, weak torque and uneven start from a place.

Pontiac Vibe car

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Pontiac Vibe photo


Pontiac Vibe drawing

Test drive

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