Who’s who: the most famous car rubber brands

Who’s who: the most famous car rubber brands

The number of rubber car manufacturers is in the tens, but the majority of cars in the world are equipped with products of market leaders. If you are looking for quality tires, but can not decide which brand to prefer, it is worth at least briefly finding out who is who in the world of tires. Ratings of companies specializing in the production of rubber, change, but in the top ten are always the same names.

How do tire manufacturers rank their tires

There are many criteria against which to assess the activities of major car rubber producers: total production, popularity, participation in landmark events (e.g. Formula 1, invention of new technologies). Let’s get to know the leaders who offer the most advanced tires to car owners.

Goodyear – legendary tires from America

GoodyearGoodyear tires are considered to be elite products, and in terms of production volume the concern is regularly ahead of its closest competitors. American tires, which first appeared in the beginning of the last century, were so much liked by Henry Ford that he chose them to equip the famous Ford T. Today, products with a distinctive logo – winged foot – can be found on all continents. More than a hundred of its own developments, regular tests in extreme conditions and quality control allowed tires from America to get a whole complex of super-properties: the increased contact spot gives excellent controllability, a special composition of rubber improves adhesion to the dry and wet coating, and also provides an unprecedented long life. Popularity and winter, and summer, and all-season models use both.

Japanese quality Bridgestone


The famous Bridgestone company has been regularly ranked first since 2007. Its catalogue includes high-quality tires for cars, off-road vehicles and “heavy trucks”. The list of products also includes special rubber for trucks.

Among the advantages of the brand’s products is the use of high technology, which gives the tires excellent handling and resistance to damage. The sturdy Bridgestone tire frame is ideal for Russian roads, and the tests are conducted with the participation of Formula 1 cars.

Michelin: Maximum driving comfort

MichelinToday Michelin, founded in 1889, is considered to be the second largest transnational corporation, which owns several European and even one American brand – Goodrich. The brand produces a full range of tires: from motorcycles to rubber for cars, trucks and agricultural machinery. More than 4000 employees are engaged in development of new tread patterns and rubber mixtures. Thanks to this, Michelin products provide excellent adhesion, almost noiseless and long enough to serve. Tire testing is carried out on the French territory: they are installed on the car, which participates in the race “24 hours of Le Mans”.

Continental: Premium rubber

Continental Despite the relatively high price, Continental tires are in great demand. In the German market the brand holds the first position, in the European market – the second, and in the world – the fourth. More than 90 million passenger cars and about 6 million truck tyres are produced per year. It is this company that has produced the world’s first anti-slip tyres with spikes, and the official partnership with Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, General Motors and Toyota – the best guarantee of quality of its products.

Pirelli – tires with Italian temperament

PirelliPirelli specializes in the production of rubber for racing, and this could not but affect the range of its products. For those looking for sports car tyres, Pirelli’s products will provide a chance to showcase the best speed of the car. However, these tyres are short-lived, although they provide excellent handling even at super speeds. In Russia, tyres with Run Flat technology are the most popular.

In the next review we will continue the story about the most famous brands from Europe, Asia and America. After all, the knowledge of the reputation of manufacturers and the main areas of their activities will help to orientate the choice of “shoes” for your car.

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