Audi Q8

Audi Q8
  • Car model: Audi
  • Producing country: Germany
  • Year of issue: 2018
  • Body Type: SUV

The Audi Q8 is a coupe-like SUV that represents a full-size class. The model debuted on June 5, 2018 in Shenzhen, China. The novelty of this year received an expressive appearance, actual interior, powerful six-cylinder V-type engine and progressive “filling”. Many people were waiting for the appearance of this car in 2018.

Really gorgeous vehicle with kupeobrazny body German experts prepared very carefully. The Germans when creating a new car based on the conceptual version of the Audi Q8 E-tron Concept, Audi Q8 Concept and Audi Q8 Sport Concept, which were presented during the 2017 year. Therefore, the appearance and style of the salon serial version can not be called unexpected. The whole model range is Audi.


In the role of the platform for the German news decided to use the platform E, which has already proven itself in the past car Q7. However, the design has received some changes that are associated with the fact that the “Q7” refers to the division of 7-seater crossovers and SUVs, and a novelty to the SUV-coupe.

The nose area of the new Audi Q8 received a huge grille, below placed a large air intake with a small splitter, which is needed to increase downforce at high speed. The grid itself the company decided to perform in octagonal type. It takes up almost all the space.

Audi Q8 auto

On the sides of the grille, the designers have placed a sharp and aggressive headlamps, led received the equipment. Just below the noticeable air intakes. Optics led filling is already in the basic configuration, and optionally you can install led lights HD Matrix.  Daytime running lights with 3-dimensional light pattern and rear lights also function on the basis of digital technology.

With a special mobile software myAudi driver Q8 can activate a variety of lighting functions and monitor the changes located on the outside of the machine. Side Audi Q8 2018 is a bit similar to the lateral part of its “brother” Audi Q7. There is a noticeably perfect ratio of proportions, which is characteristic of German vehicles.

Audi Q8 photo autoAudi Q8 rear viewPhoto Audi Q8

Side View Audi Q8

Side panel Audi Q8 2018 received a massive door edges and Windows, received a straight sill line. The roof has a slight slope towards the trunk. Decorate the already stylish look huge wheel arches and 23-inch “rollers” with a nice design. The height of the ground clearance can be 254 mm (if air suspension is available as a separate option).

the Appearance of the new German crossover Audi Q8 2018 can be called truly futuristic. It is important to highlight the courage of the design team, which was able to fully convey the conceptual appearance of the model of 2017.

The rear part of the new Audi Q8 received an interesting and unusual shape of the overall led lights content, as well as a compact Luggage door. The Central part has a branded “label” of the concern. The lower part of the bumper has a pair of “curly” exhaust pipes.

If we talk in General, the back of the crossover leaves a pleasant feeling. Everything in place. The German company has provided for the car 8 body color options. In the future, this list will be expanded, but the company has not yet disclosed details.


If the appearance of the new Audi Q8 looks new and fresh, the salon turned out to be really revolutionary. There is an abundance of sensors – in the entire cabin you can find only 2 buttons of the classic type. The first of them is responsible for Parking sensors, and the second involves an alarm.

As for all other options and functions, they are controlled only by touch panels. Some compare the interior of the Audi A8 with this model, as the interior is similar. Touch 12.3-inch “device” displays the necessary information and can control the functions of the music system settings”, has access to the phone book.

Audi Q8Audi Q8 interiorRear sofa Audi Q8

Audi Q8 interior

Data on fuel level, speed mode and so on are displayed. As for the most large-format screen, you can see data on torque, speed level, distance traveled and the weather overboard. The information is easy to read, as the diagonal of the display is 10.1 inches. There is a multi-functional steering wheel with a sawn-off at the bottom of the rim.

Being in the new Audi Q8 is very nice and convenient. The abundance of the latest technological devices will not leave anyone indifferent.

Audi Q8 has the most modern multimedia system MMI and touch 8.6-inch AVC dashboard, a full electrical package of settings, 3-zone climate control and an abundance of various auxiliary systems of electronic type.

Installed in front of the chair got a built-in massage system. In the interior, the company’s specialists used natural nubuck and nappa, as well as carbon fiber, wood and Alcantara. The quality of sound insulation at a decent level. Seats have good lateral support, a full depth. Enough adjustments in length, height and angle of the backrest.

The level of comfort in the front and back row is excellent. The back sofa is well suited for three people, but sitting in the center will feel uncomfortable from placed on the floor of the transmission tunnel and a narrower seat. As a separate option, you can install a sports-type chair with built-in headrests, as well as the function of ventilation and massage.

Beautiful, refined and noble profile Audi Q8 was achieved due to the lack of any protruding elements (door handles, door openings), which cut the space. Early car manufacturers couldn’t do that in such big cars.

The design team of the company decided to apply the original design – contour lighting, which gives a unique charm to the interior of the new Audi Q8. As an addition, the laser “label” Quattro, placed above the glove box, acts as a label. With this feature it is possible to emphasize the individuality of the car and its driver.

Audi Q8 Trunk

The cabin itself is designed for five people – the owner and 4 passengers. Between the seats installed in front is a massive armrest, which is installed for the owner and the passenger sitting next to him. The front seats were servo-driven.

The Luggage compartment received 605 liters, but it can be increased if necessary, if you fold the back sofa, which will provide already 1 755 liters of usable space. Underground space has a spare wheel (dokatka) and a set of tools.


Power unit

For Russia, the German company announced 3 variants of technical installations with different capacities, which operate on gasoline and diesel fuel. Petrol version is a V-shaped, six-cylinder, 3.0-liter engine 55 TFSI. It has turbocharging, direct fuel injection, a mechanism of adjustments of valve timing and 24-valve gazospasatelniy mechanism. All this allows to develop 340 horsepower and 500 Nm of rotating force.

The basic diesel power unit is considered a 3.0-liter, V-shaped, six-cylinder, 231-strong power plant 45 TDI. Engine got a turbocharger, the accumulator fuel injection Common Rail 24-valve configuration timing.

Audi Q8 engine

“Top” performance is a diesel modification of 50 TDI, which has the same power plant, but which the engineering staff decided to “pump” up to 286 “horses” and 600 Nm of torque. The car accelerates to the first hundred in 6.3 seconds.

In 2019, the Germans plan to demonstrate the “charged” version of the coupe-like SUV Audi RS Q8, which will receive a 4.0-liter 650 HP gasoline “engine” V8 twin-turbo from Lamborghini Urus.

Normally, the novelty has a so-called moderate hybrid system, which includes in its Arsenal a starter-generator with a belt drive, which operates from a 48-volt network, and a lithium-ion battery. This installation is designed to help the main power unit during acceleration.

When braking, it can return kinetic energy, reaching a power of up to 12 kW (16.3 horsepower). The vehicle moves with the internal combustion engine switched off no more than 160 kilometers per hour. It turns out that the regenerative braking saves up to 700 milliliters of fuel for every 100 kilometers.


All 3 versions of the Audi Q8 2018 have an automatic 8-band transmission Tiptronic with torque Converter. There is a four-wheel drive transmission Audi AWD Quattro BorgWarner, where there is a mechanical center differential and multi-disc friction clutch Haldex.

In the normal position, the torque is divided by a ratio of 40/60 in favor of the rear wheels. The car did not receive a downshift, which indicates its priority for a comfortable urban operation, and not to drive on a significant off-road. the new Product has three modes of movement:

  • Only for the standard internal combustion engine. Provides charging the battery and saving its life;
  • Economical. In this case, a hybrid installation and an internal combustion engine function. In this case, the average fuel consumption is 2.3-2.5 liters per 100 kilometers;
  • Electric. Only the electric motor works. The distance of the way will not exceed 60 kilometers on one charge. To fully charge the battery will take about 2.5 hours.


The basis of the new Audi Q8 2018 put MLB modular architecture of the 2nd family, where there is a longitudinally mounted power unit and a load-bearing body produced with the introduction of a large amount of aluminum and high-strength steel.

The basic equipment of the Audi Q8 2018 has an independent suspension on all wheels, as well as adaptive electronically controlled shock absorbers, springs and transverse stabilizers: engineers put a two-lever mechanism in front and a multi-link mechanism in the back.

As a separate option, you can purchase a pneumatic suspension with the option of changing the stiffness of the shock absorbers and the possibility of changing the clearance height by 90 millimeters. The German-made SUV has a rack and pinion steering mechanism, complemented by an electric power steering with variable characteristics.

Optionally, you can install the chassis of the full-control type – in this position, the wheels mounted on the rear are rotated by an angle of up to 5°. This helps to improve the maneuverability and stability of the vehicle on the road (depending on what speed). All the wheels of the crossover have ventilated disc brakes, which are complemented by electronic systems ABS, EBD, ESC, EBV and others.

Ahead used aluminum devices (bracket fixed) and brake discs with internal ventilation. Rear set aluminum brake device with the changing clip and an integrated handbrake. Ventilation disks internal.


Audi Q8 2019 has a wide range of safety systems that help the driver in various road situations. The main options were not without cruise control, system of approach to the curb, cameras around the “circle” of the car. There is a whole list of electronic assistants and technology that can warn about changing the band.

This work is done with the help of a Central controller that calculates the differentiated model and uses it to give commands to various systems of the car. This controller is able to collect data from five specialized sensors, six cameras and twelve ultrasonic sensors, as well as laser light (it is allowed to change the kit depending on the level of configuration).

By the start of 2019, many provide for the emergence of auxiliary assistants, for example, Parking in the garage with the help of remote control. New German production assistant has the fuel consumption, the assistant of intersections, a technology that warns of the approach to the curb. The company has high hopes for the latest technology to enter the garage.

Under the control of the owner of the system on its own will be able to Park the car in the garage or leave it. You can start this assistant with a single keystroke in the myAudi app on your smartphone. To manage this functionality decided to use the Central control device driver’s assistants.

Technology constantly calculates different versions of what is happening around and on the basis of these data adjusts assistants. There is also a whole scattering of airbags that allow you to feel safe inside the vehicle.

Сomplete Sets and prices

the Big German crossover Audi Q8 2018 will be delivered in 2 versions – standard (Q8) and Q8 S Line. Natural wood inserts (eucalyptus or ash) are provided as a separate option. As for the steering wheel, it has 3 spokes, trimmed with leather. It has 14 buttons. There is an electric drive. The ceiling received a fabric design.

The front-mounted chair has a mechanical height adjustment and forward/backward. Head restraints can also be adjusted. If you pay extra, from the factory you will install leather-type chairs. Not without the front mats, aluminum linings on the front and rear doors. The initial version has:

  • Full led optics;
  • Electronic assistants, such as ABS, ESP;
  • Virtual dashboard;
  • 1-inch entertainment center display;
  • 2-zone climate system with 8.6-inch screen;
  • Adaptive suspension;
  • Full electric package;
  • Function heated seats in the first row;
  • “Rollers” with a diagonal of 19 inches;
  • Leather interior trim;
  • Premium audio system and other.

Audi Q8 car Photo

The Q8 S-LINE version boasts a sporty direction. The front panel, center console and doors received inserts under “brushed aluminum”. “Steering wheel” is equipped with the letter “S”, and if you pay extra, you can install a special three-spoke, multi-function steering wheel with “petals” to switch speeds. Above the head there is a black fabric upholstery.

The first row has electrical adjustments and four-way support. If you pay extra, you can separately install chairs made of Alcantara leather or Valcona with the name of the letter “S” on the backs. This performance Audi Q8 2018 received a sport suspension pneumatic with electronic set up.

Side View Audi Q8

It differs in the adjustment of shock absorbers and springs on all wheels. In addition, you can adjust the height of the clearance and the stiffness of the suspension. In the sports version of the SUV are alloy wheels from 21 inches and more.

You can put the interior background lighting, 4-zone climate system, projection screen, “music” Bang & Olufsen, matrix-type headlights, panoramic cameras, 21-or 22-inch “rollers” and a list of additional “chips”.

Comparison with competitors

It is important to note – the company Audi rivals are not timid. That is why experts have paid much attention to the exterior, interior, technical stuffing, as well as safety and level of equipment. The main competitors include BMW X6, Mercedes GLE Coupe, Porsche Cayenne, Bentley Bentayga and Lambordghini Urus.

Pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Stylish and aggressive appearance;
  • Powerful power plants;
  • Good dynamics;
  • High ground clearance (air suspension can be installed, which can be adjusted in height and stiffness);
  • Excellent front lighting;
  • Compact;
  • Rich equipment of the German crossover;
  • The presence of the original add-ons pack “S”;
  • Modern, technological and comfortable interior;
  • Lots of free space;
  • Comfortable front seats with pronounced lateral support;
  • Large Luggage compartment that can be enlarged;
  • Massive virtual dashboard;
  • As many As 3 color displays;
  • Abundance of electronic assistants;
  • Decent degree of security;
  • Quality finishing materials;
  • All-wheel drive system;
  • Hybrid installation;
  • Low fuel consumption.

Cons of a car

  • High cost;
  • There are similar competitors with almost similar value.

Summing up

The appearance of new Audi Q8 2018 is very useful. The model has been significantly updated, improved and was able to gain a foothold in the list of quality crossovers. The car has a stylish and aggressive appearance. Bright and memorable silhouette will allow the owner to stand out among the city flow.

The car boasts a high ground clearance, all-wheel drive system, wide wheel arches with no less wide wheels that have received a modern design. In front of the SUV received stylish lighting with led filling, a massive grille and a rapid “look”.

Audi Q8 auto photo

The poop features a large Luggage door, a small spoiler and also pleasant led lighting. The entire body seems imbued with a beautiful punch. Inside, the manufacturability of the cabin is simply amazing. There are as many as 3 color display, which includes the dashboard, multimedia system and climate control. Pleased with the abundance of free space and quality materials.

Assembly and sound insulation at a high level. Customers will love the stylish and original interior lighting of different colors. The seats are very comfortable and have a wide range of adjustments. The second row can accommodate 3 passengers, but sitting in the center will interfere with the transmission floor tunnel. Behind plenty of free space in the knees and above his head.

New Audi Q8

The transformation of the Audi Q8 2019 interior allows you to use the car for different needs. Trunk volume and very useful for family people, as well as lovers of country trips. The machine has strong motors, all-wheel drive system, an abundance of electronic assistants and an excellent level of security.

The novelty includes dynamism and good permeability, at the same time providing a high level of comfort. However, how the car behaves in practice will only show time. One thing is clear – the Audi company aims to strengthen its position in this niche of machines.

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Audi Q8 photo

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