SsangYong Rexton W

SsangYong Rexton W
  • Car model: SsangYong
  • Producing country: South Korea
  • Year of issue: 2015
  • Body Type: SUV

SsangYong Rexton W is a medium sized SUV of South Korean company SsangYoung, which was assembled on the platform of Mercedes-Benz M-class and produced since 2001. Since 2006, the SUV has been updated and the 2nd generation was released. After 6 years, in 2012, the car went through another restyling. The company works closely with the German company Mercedes-Benz. The whole model range is SsangYong.


It is no secret that a little earlier, ordinary car enthusiasts and professionals gave a lot of criticism in the direction of appearance of SsangYong SUV, but now it’s all in history. Thanks to the pleasant shapes and expressive headlamps, which are combined with fog lamps and installed in the bumper intake, the car looks more modern.

The nose part has a stylish stamping on the hood, the grille has received a lot of chrome, thanks to the large lanterns with a complex shape, the roadway is better illuminated. The embossed 3-section bumper together with LED half-arc shaped running lights look very spectacular.

SsangYong Rexton W photo

The side of the South Korean car has 18-inch light alloy wheels, which will allow you to feel confident while driving off-road. But you should not think that the car was designed only for driving in the swamps. He easily understands the city features, so he received the equipment with modern satellite radars, which allow you to quickly and safely carry out parking.

The aft part of the car received bright and economical LED elements. The large luggage compartment door is also striking. A pleasant spoiler and a solid rear window, which has excellent visibility, are in place. Makes the car more stylish massive bumper with stylish chandeliers and dimensional lights, which have a rectangular shape and are stretched out on a vertical plane.

rear view SsangYong Rexton W

There is some “chip” on the back door – if necessary it is possible to open only its top part separately from all door. This solution is very practical, given that sometimes you have to put or take small things from the luggage compartment.

For the Russian market, it will be possible to choose SUVs in color: gray, dark gray, black, brown, silver and white. Paying attention to the appearance of SangYong, you realize that restyling was only good for him, he began to look more solid, more expensive and more representative.


South Korean experts were very pleased with the interior decoration of the car – now it corresponds to the declared class. It is possible to note at once presence of qualitative finishing materials, correctly picked up colour combinations, soft enough plastic of panels, and also their sound assemblage and fitting. Seats have turned out wide, strong, comfortable with excellent coverage and the most optimal list of spatial settings.

The console installed in the center is large and overall, but the fact that there are different controls on it is very ergonomic and convenient, can not be denied. Everything is in place. More expensive equipment has at its disposal a color display designed for 7 inches, which also supports touch screen input. To confess, even the standard Comfort package amazes with its own saturation with various technological innovations, which cannot but delight.

SsangYong Rexton W interior

For example, there are electronic assistants, anti-rollover protection systems and course stability systems. Also, it is possible to include a 5-seater interior, front and side airbags, heating of two seats next to each other. There is also a regular radio that supports MP3 and USB, Bluetooth, as well as duplication of control on the multifunction steering wheel, climate control, installed from the factory alarm system with central locking.

More expensive equipment I have already in the presence of interior leather trim, adaptive cruise control. Electric drive for seats on the front row, panoramic hatch with an electric motor. There is even a 3rd row of seats, which are equipped with a personal climate system. It becomes obvious that the inner shell of SsangYong Rexton W does not want to yield to more expensive rivals. As for armrests, central console and torpedoes, they stand out by massive dimensions, as it is necessary for big cars.

SsangYong Rexton W

In addition to being quite comfortable, the front seats have good lateral support and the driver’s seat, when the ignition key is removed, moves backwards to make it easier for the driver to get out and land. An important advantage is the memory service, which is able to remember the position of the driver and mirrors for three people. To sit on the second row is very convenient, there is enough free space, and also there is a back adjustment. As a separate option, you can buy a 3rd row of 2 chairs.

Speaking for a luggage compartment, here the off-road vehicle does not break any records, quite average index – 678 litres of useful space which if necessary can be increased, having transformed thus seats. Interestingly, thanks to the climate control system used, it is possible to maintain not only the necessary temperature regime, but also to provide protection against smoke, burning and other foreign smells, which allows you to keep the air clean.



The SUV is still based on the frame construction of the spar type, which has three layers. Just this frame allows SsangYong Rexton W to be a real, strong and durable car. Even the simple SsangYong Rexton without the letter “W” is powered by a 2.0-liter 155 hp turbocharged diesel engine. The 2.0-liter powertrain eats about 7.2-7.6 liters per 100 km and reaches the first hundred in 13.4-14.0 seconds. The maximum speed is 173-175 km/h.

The 7-litre engine can accelerate up to 170 km/h, and for the first hundred it will take about 14.4 seconds. It has an appetite of 9.8 litres of diesel. The most powerful engine, 2.7 volume, has a variable geometry and power supply system Common Rail. Its work is synchronized with the automatic transmission T-Tronic and permanent drive on all 4-wheel with a planetary differential, which knows how to distribute the potential in the proportion of 40/60 in favor of the rear wheels.

Thanks to 186 horses, it can reach the 100 km/h mark in just 11.3 seconds. At 100 km, such a motor will require about 9.2 liters of solar oil in combined mode.

SsangYong Rexton W engine

It is important to take into account that all power units were developed without outside assistance of other car manufacturers. The latest version of the Sang-Yong Rexton was equipped with a permanent four-wheel drive. Such technical characteristics are quite sufficient not only for maneuvers in urban areas, but also for long-distance and off-road driving. As for the gearbox, it is produced as before by Mercedes-Benz specialists according to individual orders.

Thanks to the introduction of modern technologies, it has become possible to produce efficient engines that are able to react quickly to the fuel supply, which provides the ultimate performance indicators of reliability and unpretentiousness. The gearbox also features the “Winter” function, which provides an improved start from the ground when driving on slippery roads.

Running gear

Ahead there is an independent suspension on the transverse levers with telescopic shock absorbers, and on the rear part with “Part-time” and TOD – a dependent continuous bridge, with AWD – an independent eight lever structures. The steering is represented by a “rack and pinion” steering mechanism and is completed together with a hydraulic power steering.

Brake system

Brake system is presented on SsangYong Rexton W in the form of disc brakes on all wheels, and the front has an option of ventilation. The car supports ABS, EBD and Brake Assist systems. Among the all-wheel drive systems can be Part-Time – manual connection of all-wheel drive system, TOD – automatic plug-in all-wheel drive and AWD – permanent all-wheel drive.


The width of the SsangYong Rexton W is 1,900 mm, its height is 1840 mm, its length is 4755 mm, its front ground clearance is 247 mm and its rear part is 206 mm high on the road surface. This is very good, even creates the feeling that the car was created specifically for driving in the Russian Federation. The wheelbase is 2835 mm.



SsangYong Rexton provides the future customer with not only an attractive appearance and a decent level of comfort inside the car, but also a good degree of safety, which was achieved through the use of a large number of active systems. The basis is the system of course stability, which provides stable control of the machine in any situation. Interestingly, the service itself can make changes in the operation of the braking system and the engine, in order to maintain stability on the road.

With course stability, the service works together, which works against slippage and anti-locking system. There is also a service that knows how to warn about tipping the machine. How the braking system will work depends largely on ensuring the use of an emergency brake booster, which is also available in SsangYong Rexton W, which operates when the brake pedal is pressed sharply to the stop.

We have also worked to improve the safety of the car while driving on slopes, where the electrical component itself is able to adjust the force on the brake system and the size of the traction of the power unit, which provides a smooth descent with a significant inclination of the road. There is also a door lock on the move, which will not allow children to open the door while the car is moving.


The body of the car was designed so that the energy of the impact was distributed over a larger surface and reduced by the design details, which provides better protection for passengers sitting inside the car. With a sturdy frame with spars, this increases the overall resistance to mechanical damage and at the same time increases the service life of the vehicle. Ribs made of steel are also installed in the doors, thus avoiding serious damage from side impacts.

Safety of SsangYong Rexton W

As an additional protection, front seats are equipped with front and side airbags, which work together with belt pretensioners to ensure that the person is securely locked in place before the airbag is deployed. The service understands that when the cushion is opened, the pretensioners will be loosened, releasing a certain percentage of the force, and ensures that there is no excessive pressure following the impact.

Complections and prices

The South Korean-made off-road vehicle is distinguished by the abundance of variations in equipment: Original, Comfort, Elegance, Elegance Family, Luxury and Luxury Family. The price list for SsangYong Rexton W starts from $24774,51. There will be ABS, ESP, ARP, front airbags for passengers who sit in front, hydraulic power steering, alarm system, climate control, front seat heating, power windows, USB and Bluetooth radios, etc.

Already in all the above mentioned it becomes obvious that even the standard basic equipment has a rich list of options and different systems, which can not but please. Other versions will have leather interior, color screen, cruise control, electric adjustment of seats on the front row, electric hatch with electric drive and air conditioning for auxiliary row with separate ducts.

Front view of SsangYong Rexton W

It seems that the cost of the off-road vehicle will differ in the future not by the number of auxiliary functions, but by the finishing inside the vehicle, the number of seats, the powertrain and the drive. <Thus, the top version of the SsangYong Rexton W in 2016, complete with 2.7 Xdi Luxury AT 4WD, will be evaluated from $36557,54 for a diesel 3.7-liter engine, automatic gearbox and four-wheel drive.

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • The presence of an unusually high level of comfort as for a Korean
  • Relatively low maintenance cost;
  • Good driving characteristics;
  • Stable stroke;
  • Personal off-road conquest skill;
  • Pleasant appearance;
  • Big wheels;
  • High ground clearance;
  • Sporty appearance;
  • Quality salon made of good materials;
  • Many free space in the salon;
  • Color display available;
  • Admissible volume of luggage compartment, which can be increased if necessary, while adding rear seats;
  • Rich even basic equipment;
  • Aceptable level of security not only for the driver, but also for the passengers sitting next to him;
  • Powerful power units;
  • Wheel drive system.

Cons of a car

  • Slightly uncomfortable seats;
  • Present defects in interior decoration;
  • Very soft rear suspension;
  • Not ideal noise insulation level far from being ideal;
  • Large size;
  • Three row of seats can not be distinguished by high comfort.

We sum up

The updated South Korean SsangYong Rexton W SUV has become more modern, has a beautiful appearance and looks even a little sporty. Headlights fit perfectly into the harmony of the car. It is necessary to admit that SangYoung Rexton looks very well like Mercedes-Benz, but it is a very pleasant fact. It is nice to have a small footrest, which gives a certain charm to the car and facilitates boarding and disembarkation of passengers.

Everything inside is in place and intuitively understandable. The instrument panel is well readable, multifunctional steering wheel is comfortable and allows you to adjust many settings of the car. The quality of the interior, although not perfect, is still much better. This can be attributed to the adjustment of all details and the size of gaps. There are different places for storing small items, as well as an acceptable volume of luggage compartment, which can be increased if necessary, while adding backrests of rear seats.

SsangYong Rexton W crossover

I was pleasantly surprised by the list of standard equipment, which includes many useful features that can be available in other cars only for an additional fee. This indicates that the company is striving to be a worthy competitor not only in its own car market, but also in Europe. The designers and engineers have not forgotten about ensuring the proper level of safety, which will make you feel confident and protected in this SUV.

The range of power units, though not bright, but still has a lot to choose from. All the engines cope with their tasks quite well. And thanks to the all-wheel drive system and high enough ground clearance, you do not have to worry about where you eat. We hope that the South Korean company will not rest on its laurels, and will continue not only to produce new cars, but also to improve the existing ones.

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