SsangYong Kyron

SsangYong Kyron
  • Car model: SsangYong
  • Producing country: South Korea
  • Year of issue: 2015
  • Body Type: SUV

SsangYong Kyron 2015 crossover appeared on the road in 2005, and a couple of years later, in 2007, it was decided to correct its appearance. It began to attract more and more fans, thanks to the style, comfort and technical characteristics of the control. Besides, this car is one of the most optimal in terms of price policy. The whole model range is SsangYong.

Some machines are not as common on the Russian market for various reasons. Among them is the compact model SsangYong Kyron 2014, which has good off-road characteristics. Today it is a rare phenomenon. One can often find vehicles of the Sanyeng automobile company on the roads of the Russian Federation. The cars look quite attractive and are able to pay attention to themselves almost immediately.

Photo by SsangYong Kyron

Most motorists often prefer the same brand when buying a car. If someone else hasn’t bought a model yet, but only thinks about it, they put a lot of effort into finding out more about SsangYong Kyron 2016 cars. This includes feedback from those who are already using the car, information about the advantages and disadvantages, ease of maintenance and maintainability.

SsangYong Kyron 2015

And there’s nothing to be surprised about, because the cars from Korea could prove to be comfortable and reliable, and what’s more important, not very expensive mode11111111ls. It turns out that motorists now have an alternative between cheap, but weak by many criteria Chinese and expensive, but high-quality Japanese models.


SsangYong Kyron II is one of the most famous crossovers in the Korean company’s model list. As mentioned above, the vehicle made its debut at the Frankfurt am Main Motor Show in autumn 2005. The cars were delivered to the CIS countries next spring.

The car has revealed an unusual combination of non-standard design solutions and standard off-road construction. The newest achievements of the technical plan together with the excellent level of comfort and safety of operation in various conditions on the road are only some of the “trumps” of the new Ssangyong Kairon.

SsangYong Kyron 2 photo auto
The design staff decided to use a proven and well-proven Rexton base for the base. Crossover turned out to be good. The five-door Sang Yong Kairon had high off-road performance, moderate fuel consumption, convenience, functionality and spaciousness of the interior. Ken Greenley developed the body design together with the design team.


Paying attention to the SsangYong Kyron 2 2015 crossover, you understand that there are sports qualities in it, which are emphasized by the V-shaped lines, located on the sides of the car. The crossover looks impressive, confident and reliable and has good cross-country ability. The presence of chrome-plated elements, fogproof optics, dynamic outlines of the hood and doors make it unique, add brightness and modernity.

Front view of SsangYong Kyron 2

Despite the size and strange appearance of Ssang Young, much is smoothed by the smooth lines of the body. The rear lamps also have an unusual look. They seem to be the backing of the SsangYoung’s salon itself. Not bad aerodynamic indicators of the crossover-universal is evidenced by the angle of inclination of the windshield.

In front of you can observe a slightly strange mixture of stylistic techniques. You can see a chrome grille, which is combined with a slightly protruding forward overlay over the front bumper and narrow blocks of headlights.

Photo of SsangYong Kyron 2

The same leading car designer, Ken Greenley, managed to emphasize and distinguish this car among other crossovers, as well as attract the attention of car enthusiasts with the help of futuristic appearance of his own creation.

The side part received the presence of sports lines, which are negated with the help of short and snub-nosed nose. Also 16-inch rims with a high profile and massive wheel arches are installed, which adds solidity and respectability to the car. External rear-view mirrors did not receive the lamps of indicator lamps.

Side view of SsangYong Kyron 2

The appearance of the Korean crossover looks rather muscular and assertive, so most often this model is bought by representatives of the strong half of humanity.


Once you get into a car, you realize that it’s completely consistent with the exterior. The interior was made in the same style with the body, so it can pleasantly surprise with various extraordinary solutions. The designers tried to make the interior of Ssang-Yong Kyron 2 comfortable for everyone inside the car. The finishing material used looks qualitatively and is pleasant tactile.

Absolutely all the devices and panels are located quite conveniently and intuitively clear. It’s very spacious inside. The unique console of the front panel has a slightly brutal look, which is decorated with aluminum elements. The dashboard is installed conveniently and has amber backlighting – it is pleasant to view and read.

SsangYong Kyron salon


We decided to make a torpedo in a very unusual way – its top part was made of plastic in one piece. Thanks to this design, the noise level during travel will be quite low. Speaking of controls, it is necessary to tell that they have arranged them rather unusually, however they are convenient enough, and presence of soft orange illumination gives the chance to read the information from the dashboard at any illumination.

SsangYong Kyron steering wheel

There is a rack near the right foot that has additional setting buttons on it. And here it is necessary to tell thanks to design department of the automobile company, for that have placed it so that it is easy to reach it, and the leg it does not disturb. Of course, there is a small drawback – the gear wheel has not received a fixation of the position and can be scrolled even from the smallest touch.

But the steering wheel, for this class of cars, is very good – it is covered with leather. It is thick and fits comfortably in the hand. The steering column can be adjusted in inclination. The cabin also has an air conditioner, which copes with the tasks even at a very high air temperature overboard, and it functions quite quietly.

Comfort chairs

The seats add a sense of comfort to the driving experience. The driver’s and front passenger seats have a lot of settings and good lateral support. The presence of heated seats is a pleasure, which is sometimes very much lacking, given the Russian climate. And in fact, the driver together with his passengers feel comfort and convenience inside the car. Partly this was achieved by using the central console and dashboard of unusual shape.

The interior of SsangYong Kyron
The cabin itself is ergonomic and provides the most comfortable conditions for boarding and disembarking the driver and passengers. Interestingly, even with standard equipment, the cabin was finished with high quality materials that are quite resistant to wear and tear and dirt. Despite the fact that the Korean salon looks Spartan, it does not cause negative emotions.

Judging by the space of the salon, it can accommodate 5 people comfortably, along with all the pets, even large dogs. The rear passenger seats are very deep, soft and the backrests are also adjustable in three planes. Therefore, three people will fit there quite comfortably.

SsangYong Kyron back sofa

The luggage compartment provides 620 litres of space and can be enlarged if necessary. If you fold up the backrest, you’ll get a huge flat platform together with the trunk floor. The luggage compartment of the Korean vehicle is very large, the floor level is slightly high, but it is worth it – underneath it there are tool boxes. Beautiful, without exaggeration, set of tools is even in a standard complete set. On assurances of design department the interior of the crossover was carried out by a principle “calmness and comfort”.



From the very beginning, the SsangYong Kyron 2 2015 crossover was designed for Russian consumers only with a 2-litre turbo diesel engine with a capacity of 141 horses. However, a 2.3-liter gasoline engine with 150 horses was later introduced. This engine has a Common Rail power supply system, which ensures the lowest diesel consumption not only in combined mode, but also during urban travel.

SsangYong Kyron engine

To increase the resource of parts the manufacturer advises to use only high-quality fuel. But diesel variations of off-road cars of the given firm never were finicky to it.

The gasoline version is a classic in-line four made under the license of the German automobile company Mercedes-Benz. The power unit is a guarantor of the well-known reliability of the machine, less exposure to vibration and greater motor resources than V-shaped similar engines.

The mixed cycle showed that having driven about 80 kilometers in urban conditions and more than 100 kilometers outside the city, the car consumed a little more than 11 liters per 100 kilometers on average.


Both the first and the second motor were synchronized with the 5-speed ICP and 6-speed automatic transmission. The machine has a four-wheel drive and transfer case. The diesel engine allows the machine to reach 167 kilometers per hour. A gasoline engine allows you to reach 170 kilometers per hour at the automatic transmission.

And the mechanical box was also created under the license of Mercedes-Benz. If you move at a more measured and calm pace, a 5-speed variation will do, but a sharper gasoline engine is well synchronized with the six-speed transmission. Both variants have the option of manual gear shifting. These models replaced the archaic 4-speed automatic gearbox, which was installed on the crossover during the first years of production.

SsangYong Kyron gearbox

Part-Time system has a permanent drive on the rear wheels with the possibility of connecting the front axle. However, there is no inter-axle differential, which deprives you of all the full benefits of all-wheel drive models (4WD) on asphalted road surfaces and with a speed of more than 60 km/h. However, this solution has a positive effect on fuel consumption. And taking into account the volume of fuel tank (75 liters), then leaving one filling, you can go to another long enough.

Potential buyers are interested in the height of the ground clearance and the geometric cross-country ability of the crossover. I would like to say with confidence that the Korean is okay with it – the minimum height is 199 millimeters (on 16-inch wheels). The rear angle is 23 degrees, and the front angle is 26 degrees.


Independent multilever front, with hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers, and rear mounted dependent beam with springs and hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers. In order to ensure better handling and comfort while driving on uneven terrain, the suspensions were equipped with stabilizers of transverse stability.

Rail steering

The Korean car received a hydraulic power steering. Some people would very much like to see here an electronic system with variable force, but, alas, that is. However, the hydraulics is more reliable. In the steering mechanism there is a rail gear.

Brake system

Korean engineers decided to install disc brakes on all 4 wheels, which are ventilated in front of them. They did not forget about various electronic auxiliary systems. While driving in urban conditions, the car behaves quite well, it is quite priemist and has a soft braking.


Like other SangYoung vehicles, Kyron is able to ensure the safety of the driver and the passengers sitting next to him in various road and weather conditions. In addition to these systems, there are also front and side airbags, a locking system for door locks and a rear obstacle warning system.

Safety SangYoung Kyron
Kyron’s passive safety system includes adjustable head restraints, seat belts and airbags, energy-absorbing bumpers, additional protection against side impacts in the door, and design solutions that ensure that the impact force is withdrawn in safe directions, while maximizing the living space of the cabin.

There is information on the Actyon Sports crash-test car, which was conducted by the Australian organization ANCAP. Since the vehicle weight and frame of the vehicles is Actyon, Kyron and Rexton are almost similar, we can say with a high degree of probability that the consequences for all models are similar.

Briefly about the consequences. They are not very nice, as the car got 7 points out of 16. Of course, it will allow to pass certification, but the indicator is on the verge, so for the buyer this result can be called bad.

After the test it was possible to establish that during the frontal impact the wheel installed in front moves into the cabin, which causes serious deformations in the floor. Bad result and at a pedal knot which has been strongly displaced in a crossover.

When it comes to practical situations, such an accident can lead to a loss of productivity and lifelong disability. Side impact protection has shown excellent results. But the pedestrian safety test failed – the car managed to score a pitiful 3 points out of 36 possible.

Sang Kairoon Reviews

Many drivers were able to note a good combination of price and quality with an unusual design solution. Of course, here we should not forget about the family format. The car got a perfect fit and a very cozy interior. One of the biggest drawbacks is the low level of service in the market of the Russian Federation, because the model can not be called too widespread, and sometimes car mechanics do not have the necessary experience to service such cars, even in good service stations. Taking this into account, the car needs to be replaced with new parts. This is the only way to guarantee long-term trouble-free operation.

Based on the frame construction, the body stiffness required while driving off-road is ensured.
The model will be perfect for representatives of the strong half of humanity, giving preference to machines with ample opportunities. Moreover, the model is quite maneuverable, easy to move in urban conditions. Crossover is very unpretentious and convenient for personal or family use. There is a spacious salon, low fuel consumption, comfort and driving comfort. The car does not pick on the quality of fuel, but still, it is recommended to use well-proven brands of fuel, because if the engine stops working, it will be difficult and costly to repair it.

Those drivers who moved from a gasoline version of the SsangYong Kyron to a diesel with a similar engine volume notice that the acceleration is not as strong when the accelerator pedal is pressed into the accelerator pedal abruptly. On the other hand, they may be surprised by the “tractor” traction at low engine speeds during off-road travel. Those drivers who replaced the diesel engine with a gasoline one will be pleasantly surprised by the dynamics of acceleration in straight sections of the road.

Generally speaking, the negative feedback from those who already own or owned the car is related to the fuel system. Interestingly, those who do not pay enough attention to the choice of fuel to be filled start complaining. Also, in frequent cases, there are complaints about cars that are assembled in Russia, not in Korea. Sometimes there are complaints about the weak suspension, although the car was not designed for off-road driving, but on rough terrain.

Complete sets and prices

SsangYong Kyron 2 2015 crossover 2015 is delivered to the Russian Federation with a wide range of modifications. Thus, the cheapest Original 2.3 MT with a mechanical box and 150 horses costs $15845,33.

The price of the most expensive equipment Luxury 2.0Xdi AT with a 141-horsepower diesel engine and automatic transmission is $20867,54. The price of the models of earlier years of production is lower than that of the new ones for logical reasons.

Rear view of SsangYong Kyron

You can also buy a Korean all-wheel drive vehicle from hand. The price in the Russian Federation according to the description of various sources will start with 430 000 rubles. The fresher the year of production, the more expensive the car will be. The difference in price will vary from restyling, technical condition and equipment.

The standard car has a wide range of functions and features. For example, there is an anti-lock braking system (ABS), power windows, mirrors with electrical adjustment. In addition, there is climate control and a pair of airbags.
Photo of new car SsangYong Kyron

The richest layout is complemented by a leather interior, rain sensor, automatic light control system, course stability system and electrically adjustable front seats. Electric adjustments of rear-view mirrors with heating option, central lock with remote control and standard alarm system with immobilizer, high-performance air-conditioning with enlarged cabin filter, heating of trunk door glass and front windshield wiper rest areas, painting of external plastic panels, door handles and rear-view mirrors in body color are also available.

SsangYong Kyron crossover

Remember to install a rear spoiler with an additional stop light, a multifunctional ceiling console and a 12V socket, which is located in the luggage compartment. As an optional extra, the Active Rollover Protection system can be purchased, which helps prevent the crossover from tipping over, and the Hill Descent Control system, which helps to prevent the crossover from tipping over.

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Uncommon, stylish appearance;
  • High ground clearance;
  • Nice and modern interior;
  • Multifunctional and comfortable steering wheel with adjustable adjustment;
  • Not bad interior noise insulation;
  • Many free space inside the crossover;
  • Solid luggage compartment;
  • Airbags;
  • Diverse systems to ensure the safe movement of Koreans;
  • Complections to choose from;
  • Democratic pricing policy of the company;
  • Powerful power units;
  • Not afraid of a bad road;
  • Moderate fuel consumption;
  • High landing;
  • Hydraulic power steering;
  • Central console with colour display;
  • Not fuelled
  • Comfortable automatic gearbox;
  • Select from several powertrains.

Cons of a car

  • Lack of maintenance;
  • Readiness in backward movement leaves much to be desired;
  • Security level is much lower than European models;
  • Like a noisy car.

We sum up

SsangYong Kyron 2 2015 crossover 2015 is undoubtedly very productive. It has sporting qualities and looks that are intertwined with the smooth lines on the body. The spacious salon will allow everyone who has settled in, to feel cosy and comfortable.

I am pleased with the arsenal of equipment and power units of the car. Taking into account the quality of our roads, it is certainly suitable for any motorist. The fact that the Korean company continues to support its cars in the markets of many countries shows that it intends to continue to compete with many, even famous automobile companies.

SsangYong Kyron

It is worth saying that Koreans are gradually succeeding in this, because the car has an acceptable price tag and is not very whimsical. Crossover will suit real men, as well as those who have a family, because in such a car with all-wheel drive you can safely go out to the countryside, taking all necessary things with you. The good height of the ground clearance allows you to feel confident where other cars, just do not pass.

Photo of the new SsangYong Kyron

Of course, SsangYong Kyron loses to European competitors, but, as practice has shown, in the Russian Federation often buy vehicles of this brand. If the specialists work on the appearance, improvement of safety level and other aspects, we can safely say that even European companies will start to worry about the automotive market. Partly due to the fact that a Korean was able to prove himself in the difficult winter time, when harsh climatic conditions occur, and in Russia such weather is the norm.

We advise you to read the article: History of SsangYong

SsangYong Kyron photos

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