Oldsmobile Cutlass Rallye 350

Oldsmobile Cutlass Rallye 350
  • Car model: Oldsmobile
  • Producing country: USA
  • Year of issue: 1970
  • Body Type: Coupe

Oldsmobile is one of the oldest companies in the world, founded in 1897. Already in 1901, the American company created 425 models, becoming the first car manufacturer of gasoline cars of such a large volume. The name Cutlass denoted the line of cars, which produced a subdivision of GM (The first cars were produced in 1901, at the Olds Motor Works plant).

After a while, by the end of the twentieth century, the implementation of Olds Motor Works has increased, and this brand became popular. In 1985, more than 1000000 vehicles were produced, which was a clear maximum. Rallye 350 was one of the best car brands and was sold exclusively in 1970. Already in 1971, the production of Rallye was stopped. The whole model range is Oldsmobile.


The 350 rally, which is common in mechanical engineering, has a lot in common with Cutlass. It had a special modification, which was marked with the numbers 442. Externally, between the Oldsmobile 442 and Cutlass there were no significant differences. However, the 350th model always had its own unique golden coloring with markedly pronounced front and rear bumpers. They were equipped with a functional air intake, which gave the model a special spice and energy.

Sports wheels added drive to the Oldsmobile’s dome exterior. Two wide radiator grilles allowed to cool the powerful engine of the 350th model. A spoiler has found its place in the back, which improves the control of the machine. Sufficiently high ground clearance allowed the car to move not only on the asphalt, but also on rough terrain.

Front view of Oldsmobile Cutlass Rallye 350


The interior is presented to us in qualitative details. For example, the seats and the driver and passengers are made of high-quality genuine leather, which finds its place even on a sufficiently long car door. Despite the lack of side support, it is convenient to sit in the coupe. The sports steering wheel gives you excitement. Everything is intuitively clear on the torpedo, all the details are in their place.

There is a speedometer with a maximum mark of 120 mph and a tachometer that develops up to 7000 revolutions per minute. The radio will keep you entertained on the road and the wide rearview mirror will only improve your view. The rear seat can accommodate up to three people. The trunk of the Cutlass Rallye 350 is not very big, and if you equip it with a spare part, there will be very little free space.

Oldsmobile Cutlass Rallye 350


Under the hood are the following engines: 350th V8, 5.7 liters; 400th V8, 6.6 liters, and 455th V8, 7.5 liters. The basic Cutlass kit is interpreted as 250 I6, 4, 1 liter. Synchronized operation of powerful engines with an automatic 3-speed gearbox.

The model used a lever suspension with transverse levers at the front and spring at the back. For transverse stability, front and rear stabilizers were installed, designed for difficult operating conditions of shock absorbers and springs. Thanks to this, the machine was easy to operate.

Oldsmobile Rallye 350 engine

Complections and prices

Buying this car is possible from about 15254$ depending on different equipment. But do not forget about the huge percentage of customs clearance, which is not yet affordable for all Russian consumers.

Uellow Oldsmobile Cutlass Rallye 350

We sum up

Very fast and powerful motor, always makes you feel confident. Fast start, quick start, quick start on the road and good controllability – at the height. Leather interior and ease of operation can be noted. But to “feed” such a beast, you need a lot of money. But before, when such machines were created, fuel cost minimal money, so engineers and buyers did not worry about such issues.

Oldsmobile Cutlass Rallye 350 sport car

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Oldsmobile Cutlass Rallye 350 photo

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