• Car model: GAZ
  • Producing country: USSR
  • Year of issue: 1989
  • Body Type: Truck

GAZ-3307 is a 4th generation domestic truck, the production of which is the responsibility of the Gorky Automobile Plant. The production of the flatbed truck on the carburettor power unit started in 1989. Large production of the truck was almost completely stopped in 1994. That year the truck was replaced by a new model GAZ-3309.

However, at this time, the company did not stop production of the truck, leaving in production specialized vehicles for government agencies. The carburettor motor version of the plant continues to be sold to the Belarusian market today. The car replaced the GAZ-53 car, which has already become obsolete by 1990. It was necessary to increase the technical component and make the appearance more fresh. The whole range of GAZ trucks.

Car history

The debut model of the new car left the factory in 1989, and by the end of the same year were able to establish serial production of this dump truck. A little later, this vehicle was pressed by another truck GAZ-3309, which was equipped with a diesel engine.

However, at the beginning of 2008, 3307 was able to get a new carburetor engine with increased capacity and again began to be produced until 2012. In general, the truck started quite successfully, but almost immediately lost popularity. Following the collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the truck fell significantly in demand, and its high-volume production at the plant was stopped.

Photo GAZ-3307

The guest of our review was far behind the competitors of those times, so it was decided to replace it with a more advanced car – 3309. But the full-fledged production of the truck was not stopped. The Gorky Automobile Plant produces specialized modifications for government agencies. Before the model 3307 there was a GAZ-53 truck on the market. At the end of the 1980s, such a truck became obsolete and needed improvement.

This pushed the designers to the beginning of designing a completely new vehicle. The machine was adapted for operation on hard surface. “Lawn” was attributed to the 4th generation of GAZ vehicles. It also includes GAZ-3309, GAZ-3306 and GAZ-4301 trucks.

GAZ-3307 photo

One of the goals of the design staff during the design of the machine was to fully synchronize the main elements and assemblies with the previous models. As a result, the car received many parts from the 53rd Lawn.

Thanks to this solution, it was possible to facilitate the maintenance of the machine and reduce production costs. Therefore, the 3307 lawn was able to surpass the 53rd model in many respects. The bonneted layout of the truck was retained.

GAZ-3307 dump truck

The model differed in the presence of an improved cabin and a new plumage. The salon began to have plenty of free space, it was possible to add ventilation and heating. Some changes could affect the power plant as well. At the Gorky plant, 3307 was planned as a transitional option, which could later be replaced by diesel variations with increased economic characteristics.

A little later, the plant began to produce power units that were powered by diesel fuel. Production of carburetor versions of the “Lawn” 3307 was completely stopped with the beginning of the new decade of the 1990s. Variations with diesel engines also began to lose popularity every year, as their production was already unprofitable. To date, the Gorky Automobile Plant can only offer a complete set of trucks with gasoline engines (production is carried out only to order).

Gas tanker GAZ-3307

Despite the fact that the basis for the “Lawn” 3307 is a special-purpose vehicle, the design specifications provide the opportunity to transport large and heavy loads. Despite the considerable overall dimensions of the truck, the model has turned out to be quite agile vehicle, so it can be used in urban traffic quite freely.

Moreover, GAZ is able to move even off-road. The vehicle can be used in various climate conditions, which is a very important help for the Russian Federation. Thanks to its endurance, the car has become a popular model.

GAZ-3307 front view

The main purpose of the “Lawn” is the transportation of various cargoes. Due to the large number of superstructures, it is possible to select the required equipment for specific tasks. On the platform of the machine are produced truck towers together with milk, truck cranes and garbage trucks. But this allows you to expand the scope of applications of the truck.

The truck is designed for transportation and quick unloading of various bulk materials. It is very convenient to use in agricultural needs, because it is well able to overcome the ground road surface. As long as there were collective farms, these dump trucks were a clear sign of any machine yard.


The appearance began to differ for the better, if we compare the model with its predecessor – GAZ-53. The exterior became more straightforward. The same bumper in front of the truck as the taillights were. The main headlights were placed on the side wings. In addition to them, there are repeaters of turns on the side.

The grille grid began to be painted black, which showed the inscription “GAZ”. Mirrors of rear visibility were installed on the doors, and there were two copies on each side. In general, the appearance became more modern and pleasant.

Photo of GAZ-3307

The body has a metal construction and can be tilted by hydraulic means, and the electro-pneumatic device allows to control this process. There are three tilting sides on the body platform, which need to be closed manually.

The platform can be controlled from the cab by means of levers. It depends on what design is used, such trucks can be unloaded by two methods. The first is to tilt the platform back when it tilts 50 degrees. There is a 2nd method where unloading is allowed on three sides (back, left and right). It is clear that the latter option is the best, most convenient and universal. To the side, the platform leans 45 degrees.

Cabin salon

There’s more space inside. The dashboard received an abundance of various sensors. A double-spoke steering wheel with a thin rim was installed in front of them. Among the largest sensors on the dashboard is a round sensor on the left side of the dashboard and mounted in the center of the speedometer.

In addition to them, there are sensors of oil, engine temperature, fuel level, battery charge and pneumatic system. More modern vehicles have quite good seats with moderate side support. To the right of the driver you can see the gearshift lever, which has a curved appearance. The entire front panel is made of plastic, and the door cards received a nice fabric material.

GAZ-3307 cabin salon

The driver’s seat itself got a sprung type, and the last model did not have such a model. Moreover, the seat can be adjusted to the angle of inclination of the backrest and in the horizontal plane.

Despite the fact that the truck cabin was designed in accordance with the standards of the Soviet years, and it had angular shapes, if compared with its predecessors, it became more free space, which, in turn, had a positive impact on comfort.

Auxiliary side pockets appeared on the door trim panels, which allowed to store various trifles in them. They also worked on a good thermal insulation, which increased the level of comfort, and it became much more pleasant to stay inside the truck. The cabin itself was borrowed from the experimental truck GAZ-4301, which was introduced in 1984.

It had increased dimensions and was designed for a couple of people, including the driver. It was easy to reach the main controls. It was very nice that they started to install seat belts, a modern dashboard together with soft upholstery of internal panels and doors.



The Gorky Automobile Plant provided for as many as 3 engines. Among them there was an 8-cylinder V-shaped 4-stroke 4.67-liter petrol engine ZMZ-5231.10.

It had a carburetor power system and liquid cooling and produced 124 horsepower. The degree of compression was 7.6 and it weighed about 275 kg. A similar engine also received a valve mechanism OHV with a system of exhaust gas recirculation, along with aluminum blocks.

It can be referred to the European standards of Euro-3 class. The engine runs on AI-80 or A-76 gasoline. If you apply additional adjustment, you can use gasoline AI-92. It was also planned to install a 4-cylinder four-stroke 4.75-liter 125 hp diesel engine “MMZ D-245”, which was turbocharged, liquid cooling, direct fuel injection and blowing air cooler.

GAZ-3307 engine

This engine was already compliant with the Euro-4 environmental framework. Its compression was already 17 units, and it weighed all 430 kilograms. The last representative of this engine line was the YaMZ-5344. It was a four-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine with turbocharger, liquid cooling, direct fuel injection and inflatable air cooler.

The engine met Euro-4 environmental parameters and had a capacity of 4.43 liters with a nominal output of 134.5 horses. The degree of compression was 17.5. A preheater was provided as a separate option.


All diesel-fueled engines were synchronized with the 5-speed manual gearbox. The work is carried out by means of an installed single disc friction dry clutch, which has a hydraulic control drive. But for gasoline engines there was a 4-speed manual gearbox, which could be easily distinguished by the characteristic warrior, which it produced while driving.


She’s an addict here. Ahead of her are semi-elliptic springs with shock absorbers. At the back are semi-elliptic springs with additional springs. The ends of the main leafs of all springs are installed in rubber cushions support brackets.

The drive goes to the rear paired wheels. The suspension has been slightly reworked, after which it has been better adapted for Russian roads.

Steering control

It has a worm mechanism, which has a globoidal worm with a three-row roller. The electrical equipment can support its own work at a voltage of 12 volts. The model has not received a hydraulic power steering.

Brake system

It’s usually considered one of the most reliable. It includes brakes and a hydraulic drive. In addition, the system has a pair of brake circuits, one of which is responsible for the spare brake. Each circuit has a hydraulic vacuum booster, together with a vacuum cylinder with a shut-off valve.

Thanks to the vacuum cylinders it is possible to achieve an independent supply of circuits. Vacuum number control is carried out with the help of special vacuum measuring devices, which are equipped with red alarms.

If the vacuum volume reaches a minimum reading, the lamp will light up. There is also a parking brake and it is mechanically operated and installed on the transmission. To implement the braking used drum mechanisms.

Cost and equipment

Trucks of this type are used even today. From the conveyor (new) vehicles are produced only under the order and in single batches. The price of this truck will vary, depending on which superstructure will be chosen.

The most popular models are van and board. The cost of such vehicles (with a board) starts from the mark of 10710 $. The van will already go from 13005 $. If you need a lift on a similar platform, you will have to pay from 16830 $ for it. At occurrence of desire to establish some auxiliary functions, it is logical to conclude that cost will be equivalent to rise.

GAZ-3307 truck photo

It is also possible to buy a truck on the used market, which allows you to save a lot of money when you buy it. But there is a chance to buy a problematic vehicle, which we have enough in our country.

It depends on what modification will be applied, what will be the condition and year of production, the cost of the model will vary from $ 1530 to $4,590. Versions of 2014-2016 may rise up to $15,300.

The GAZ 3307 truck has a convenient unloading design, which makes it mobile even in urban conditions, providing for unloading on three sides.

GAZ-3307 autotower

The list of basic equipment includes the presence of 20-inch steel wheels, standard halogen optics, rear fog lamp, one battery (6ST-75), or a pair (6ST-55A3) and a heater salon.

It should be added that limited batches produced by the plant, received a model GAZ-330701 adapted to the cool climatic conditions, which had increased thermal insulation of the cabin, pre-start heater and optional auxiliary heater.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Nice passability;
  • Good ground clearance height;
  • No problems with the purchase of spare parts and machine elements;
  • Good maintainability;
  • Reliable brake system;
  • Acceptable cost, both new and used truck;
  • Small size;
  • Not afraid of the countryside;
  • Various modifications;
  • Different possibilities for unloading cargo;
  • Pretty car;
  • Clear and convenient operation;
  • There is a seat belt;
  • Not bad power units;
  • Good visibility;
  • More free space in the cockpit.

Cons of a car

  • Low payload;
  • Fuel consumption;
  • No hydraulic power steering;
  • Transmission, which is synchronized with the gasoline engine, during the movement of “howling”;
  • Simple appearance of the truck;
  • Sometimes the engine power is not enough.

We sum up

Despite the already long history of the medium-duty truck GAZ-3307, it can be quite often met even today on urban and rural roads. It is clear that its appearance is quite far from European analogues, but the truck has small size, average payload and good power unit, which together allows the truck to be used for various purposes, including housing and communal services.

In addition, due to good cross-country ability and high ground clearance, the vehicle can be used even in rural areas for various needs. Inside the cab, the design staff of the Gorky Automobile Plant tried to make the working conditions of the driver as comfortable as possible, as far as the budget allowed.

GAZ-3307 truck

If you add a relatively small value to all these advantages, the advantage will be obviously on the side of the “Lawn”. In addition, the plant provides various modifications that allow the machine to be used in a wider range of applications.

There are several unloading options, which is very important, especially in urban areas. The car can keep a good road, accelerating up to 90 kilometers per hour. In fact, GAZ-3307 is one of the most acceptable medium-duty trucks in the Russian Federation.

We advise you to read the article: GAS – history of car production.

GAS-3307 photo

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