Mercedes Maybach S600

Mercedes Maybach S600
  • Car model: Mercedes-Benz
  • Producing country: Germany
  • Year of issue: 2015
  • Body Type: Sedan

Mercedes-Maybach of S600 class. The very name of the car draws in our imagination a picture of something very expensive and exclusive. Worldwide, the owners of Maybachov are only 211,000, and in five years there will be a maximum of 250,000. The solid status of the car represents success and efficiency in any business. By the way, the sales of this expensive toy are waiting in Asia and Russia most of all. Even the U.S. and Europe are on the 3rd and 5th places, respectively. Orders for cars are already accepted, you can drive in March. The whole model range is Mercedes-Benz.


In the case of the new “six hundred” Maybach, the length really matters. Compared to the S-class Mercedes, he added another 207 mm. This gave the Mercedes-Maybach version of the S 600 an image of confident superiority even over its own brothers. The car elegantly declares its merits – they say, look how perfect I am! Perhaps that’s exactly what “messenger of the best” should look like.

The leader’s ambitions of the “German” emphasizes a very spectacular hood, double chrome-plated grille blades, noble headlights. Newly designed rear doors and “Maybach” emblem on the back of the body emphasize the originality of the car. As an option, 20-inch forged wheels are available, which only emphasize the quality of the new Mercedes-Maybach.

Mercedes MaybachS 600 photo


German designers managed to do the impossible: to combine the atmosphere of home comfort with a harmonious business space. Special attention was paid to the comfort of the rear passengers, as evidenced by the increased lower legroom, ultra comfortable seats Executive panoramic roof with sliding panel, extraordinary equipment. The roof and the third window behind the body post create a feeling of incredible space, while the business console easily turns into a desk.

Interior of Mercedes Maybach S600


Behind the luxurious interior stuffing and presentable appearance of Mercedes-Maibach S600 hides the most powerful technical equipment, which is not surprising. It is able to give a free rein to driving ambitions and allows you to feel the full force of German innovations. In the serial production of “Maybach” S 600 it is planned to use the gearbox AKP7G-Tronic Plus.

It fits perfectly with the Magic Body Control suspension and the V8 gasoline engine (335 kW) or V12 (390 kW). Whichever option you choose, journeys from one meeting to another will always be surprisingly fast and easy. The Mercedes Maybach S600 consumes 11.7 litres of fuel per 100 km. “Up to a hundred” novelty accelerates in just 5 seconds, the maximum speed reaches 250 km/hour.

Mercedes Maybach S600 engine

Complete sets and prices

Buy Mercedes-Maybach of S600 class in the Russian market will be possible for $19518. As mentioned above, delivery of the first cars in the country is expected in March.

Mercedes Maybach S600 2015

We sum up

So, it’s time to put the mosaic together. Everyone who was expecting from the new Maybach the characteristics of a cooler Rolls-Royce, will be clearly upset – the car is only a 200-millimeter prefix to the S-class. On the other hand, everyone is accustomed to the fact that Maybach should cost tens of millions, but in fact it was more affordable.

Mercedes Maybach S600 sedan

It’s hard enough not to seduce a car like that. Moreover, if you look at the “six hundred” from the perspective of the passenger, you will not find a better car. This is the quietest and most spacious S-class for today. The new Maybach is second only to its predecessor in personalization – now no one will come to you by helicopter and will not decorate the salon with a tree cut down in the next forest.

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Mercedes Maybach S600 photo

Drawing Maybach S600

Overview of Maybach S600

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