• Car model: MAN
  • Producing country: Germany
  • Year of issue: 2007
  • Body Type: Truck

The MAN TGS is a family of heavy-duty trucks with 2-, 3- or 4-axle chassis and GVW from 18 to 90 tons. These vehicles are designed to perform various types of work (due to the abundance of available modifications). They have been designed to meet the individual requirements for short distance operation in urban areas (but they are often used in regional/international freight transport conditions).

The trucks of this family were first released in 2007. ehicle demonstration took place at the Amsterdam International Motor Show. In 2014, the company carried out a comprehensive upgrade, which affected the appearance, technical part, as well as the list of equipment. At the moment, these trucks are in high demand in most countries of the world. Every year they are bought in “thousands of copies”. The whole model range is MAN.

Car history

MAN is one of the oldest German engineering companies, which produces trucks, buses, power units that operate on diesel fuel. Previously, this company operated under the name “Maschindenfabrik Augsburg-Nurnberg AG”. It was formed in 1758. The company produced different vehicles and not only.

For example, in the war years it produced tanks (Tiger II), tractors, buses. Engineer Rudolf Diesel, who for some time worked for MAN, in February 1893 patented a four-stroke internal combustion engine, which became the great-grandfather of a modern diesel engine. The first power plant capable of igniting fuel from the force of compression appeared only in 1897.

However, it all started with the engineer Rudolf, who has a direct relationship to MAN. Despite such a long history, the German company continues to occupy a leading position in the world market until today. MAN is headquartered in Munich and its controlling stake is owned by the automotive group VW Group.


Two series of TGS trucks and TGX replaced the TGA trucks. MAN TGS is a division of trucks with GVW from 18 to 41 tons. The letters “TG” in the name are deciphered as Trucknology Generation. The Trucknology Generation model list was officially launched for various markets in 2000. The new product was able to replace the popular version of the 2000 series.

The debut heavy duty machine of the newest family was the model MAN TG(A). Since 2007, the family has undergone a list of technical upgrades and was divided into two branches: TGS and TGX. The letters “S” and “X” can be deciphered as Standard and eXtra, respectively. MAN TGS truck tractors are suitable for long-distance and medium-distance transport as part of long-distance road trains.

MAN TGS 18.320 4×2

TGS chassis are used with various types of bodies, which can include a van type, dump truck, concrete mixer, concrete pump. German trucks are also functioning with public utilities. The MAN TGH division is more focused on long-haul transportation, as well as transportation of heavy and oversized cargo.

According to the manufacturer, the TGH/TGS models of the current family have been able to achieve the lowest curb weight compared to their direct competitors, which ensures a higher payload. All power units have Common-Rail, which is the most advanced among the power supply systems for more than a decade.

Photo by MAN TGS 18.440 4×4H BLS

We can’t help but notice the high reliability indicators. Speaking in general, the German MAN truck tractors are the second most popular in Russia. The company let only Volvo trucks pass forward. Consumers from the CIS prefer German trucks due to the excellent German quality, high reliability, comfortable working conditions and profitability.

Based on the results of 2016, one of the record-breaking sales of heavy trucks in Russia was once again the MAN TGS model. This resulted in a 15% increase in sales compared to last year’s figures. Despite the general economic crisis, the German company was able to sell about 1,900 units in Russia alone.

MAN trucks cabin

Appearance is not the most important criterion when choosing such a car, but it is always nice to look at the stylish appearance of the vehicle. German specialists have tried to improve the appearance of their novelty. Among the innovations can be distinguished bumper made of plastic, which received improved diode lighting.

The grille was additionally protected by a mesh against gravel and insects. In order to get into the cab there are 3 steps and comfortable handrails.
The new appearance of the MAN TGS cab has helped to reduce the aerodynamic external noise by 30%. The new front end now fully meets Euro-6 environmental standards.


The position of the windscreen wipers was changed, which allowed to reduce snow and ice growth during winter operation. In addition, there was a significant reduction in the contamination of the side windows. The external side mirrors became dirty by as much as 60% less. With the help of the latest air intakes it became possible to increase the flow rate to the engine air department by 15%.

At the same time, it was possible to reduce the load on the fan and save the acceptable amount of fuel. The improvement also affected the headlights. The headlamps now have an LED filler with daylight option. Additional headlamps provide adaptive lighting for the roadside.

MAN TGS front view

The diffusers of the main headlamp block and headlights are made of tempered glass, so they are not afraid of “dry” cleaning. But to protect them from stones and other reasons that can break the headlights, experts advise to install a grid. It can be purchased as a separate option when buying a MAN TGS truck.

The update, which took place in 2014, seriously changed some elements. The changes to the new MAN TGS affected the re-modeling of the truck elements mounted directly on the frame. For example, experts have developed new tanks for AdBlue, which received greater capacity, despite the increased size of the exhaust system (which received the SCRT system).

Fuel tanks are now placed on the left side of the truck between the front arch and the battery. The cab is now accessible from the same left side through the fuel tank. It turns out that the volume of the tank under AdBlue can vary from 25 to 80 liters. Depending on the type of truck MAN TGS, the customer will be able to choose the necessary volume of fuel tank.

Side view of MAN TGS

The German company also decided to move the silencer to the right side of the car. It turns out that the range of one trip without refueling can be up to 3,800 kilometers, which is a very good indicator. Interestingly, the TGX has the option of installing a shield that diverts the mud flow from the bottom of the fuel tank.

This German solution can be called practical, but not for the roads of Russia, as the height of the ground clearance is significantly reduced. Taken together, the German-made MAN trucks are equipped with 6 types of cabins. These are versions: C, M, L, L, LX, XLX, and XXL. If we speak only for TGS modifications, they have three types of cabins:

  • Type M – it represents a compact, sleeping-free, in-city cab;
  • Type L – is an elongated city cabin, where there is a compact berth;
  • Type LX – represents a main cab with a high ceiling and a spacious sleeping space.



It’s nice to be inside, so it’s a pleasure to work. The driver’s seat is comfortable and allows you to drive long distances without getting tired. The driver’s seat itself and the cabin have an air suspension, but the passenger version has only a rigid fixation. Everything is simple and elegant inside, but everything necessary for work is available.

Among the finishes can be distinguished plastic, fabric and metal elements. Steering wheel, dashboard and side parts of the window, an abundance of functional keys and adjustments. In addition, the salon MAN TGS has comfortable stands for coffee, phones. There is also an abundance of various boxes for personal belongings.

MAN TGS salon

It’s nice that the cab now has a much better noise insulation when compared to other MAN trucks. It’s 13% quieter, which is also an excellent result. The steering wheel is informative. When there are bumps on the road, they sink somewhere in the steering column and the vibration level is almost zero.

Generally speaking, the inside of MAN TGS has a traditional German understated style. Volkswagen specialists took part in the development of the salon. You will have to get used to the located low control unit of the climate system and its display, which shines in the sun. The level of visibility for the driver has been improved.

Interestingly, the machine can be supplied with an additional EBERSPACHER Hydronic D5WSC heater. It is a liquid variant and runs on diesel fuel from the tank of the truck itself. Technicians have integrated it into the powertrain cooling circuit, so it can be used

  • Preheat the power plant using coolant (no cold start of the engine)
  • Warm up while driving under unfavourable motor conditions (e.g. frequent stops)
  • Start heating during the stoppage period when the engine is switched off but the ignition is on and the heater fan is connected.

Even the simplest version of the cabin in terms of equipment and free volume (M) is able to provide its owner with the level of comfort required by modern standards. The cabin has a heater and a mechanical manhole. The MAN TGS steering column is equipped with height settings. The presence of an additional mirror will undoubtedly please potential customers – it increases the visibility of the nose area of the truck.

Cabin salon MAN TGS
Cabin salon MAN TGS M

Modern lighting and electrical equipment simplifies the driver’s work. Therefore, it is pleasant that despite the compact size of the cabin, the level of equipment and location of controls does not cause discomfort. The cheapest variant of the cabin “M” is suitable for intra-city transportation.

The “L” version already has a bed, the width of which is 750 millimeters, a mattress made of polyurethane, so it is comfortable to rest somewhere in the far road you will get. The non-standard MAN TGS option is:

  • Seat heating function;
  • Pneumatic lumbar support;
  • Li>Load and seat contour adjustment function;
  • Ability to adjust the seat depth.
MAN TGS L where there is a compact berth

The cabin and armchairs received a quality climate control. It can be used to bring prematurely set temperature to the driver’s seat. Despite the lack of pneumatic properties in the passenger seat, it is impossible to say that it is uncomfortable. The updated interior helps to create an environment close to that which is suitable for the interior of a modern middle-class passenger car. Thanks to the well thought-out layout of the controls and various luggage compartments, all the necessary conditions for work and rest during a long trip are created inside the cabin.



German trucks MAN TGS received a new generation of engines, implemented by technology “MAN Pure Diesel”. These engines also have an innovative exhaust gas recirculation system (AGR). All units meet the EEV or optional Euro-5 emissions standards, so the truck is provided with free access to the inner-city environmental areas.

The updated MAN TGS engines are six-cylinder diesel engines. These “engines” are modified versions of the main engines, the working volume of which is 10.5 (D2066) and 12.4 liters (D2676). Speaking of the 10.5-liter engine, it can go with 320, 360, 400 and 440 horsepower. The maximum rotational force will be 1,600, 1,800, 1,900 and 2,100 Nm, respectively.


As for the second, 12.4-liter diesel engine, it already gives 480 “horses” and 2,300 Nm in Euro-4 and Euro-5 versions. In addition, there is a version that develops 540 horsepower and 2,500 Nm, which meets Euro-5 environmental standards. Euro-4 environmental standards have been achieved by using the system of recirculation of cooled gases (EGR), as well as the use of particulate filters PM-KAT.

In 2007-2008, SCR technology with AdBlue solution was used only for compliance with Euro-5 standards. D20666/2676 diesel engines with “UGR” have a two-stage turbocharger system and meet Euro-5 standards without the use of SCR technology with AdBlue. The production of these engines began in the spring of 2009.

All engines have low noise operation, mainly in the partial load range. Thanks to the abrupt characteristics of the rotational forces, mainly at low revolutions, optimum dynamics from the ground is ensured.


Construction trucks feature Offroad gearboxes, which reduce gearshift times and improve the dynamic part of the machine in difficult road conditions. Transmission installed on MAN TGS trucks has 16-speed manual AF transmissions. There is a hydrostatic control drive MAN Comfort Shift and switching system Servo Shift.

The latter has both acceleration and direct top gears. In addition, German MAN TGS vehicles are equipped with ZF Man Tip Tronic gearboxes, where there is an automated control system to reduce the “fuel appetite”. In order to make more efficient use of diesel fuel, it is necessary to switch on the required speed at a certain period of time.

MAN TipMatic

The MAN TipMatic gearbox can handle this task more easily and favourably. It functions both automatically and mechanically by pressing a button on the steering wheel. When the EVB retarder is activated (available as an option), the gearbox automatically shifts to the most favourable gear and the braking forces can be used to their full potential.

If multiple speed shifts are prevalent, this technology will help to reduce the driver’s workload to a minimum. This allows the owner to concentrate on the road as much as possible. Moreover, the MAN TipMatic transmission forces the powertrain to operate in ECO mode, which minimizes diesel consumption and the gearbox itself operates in light duty.


As a basis the frame of a ladder structure, cut from steel of high durability is applied. In addition, the vehicle can be supported by a spar frame. The suspension of the German car is quite unusual. Experts decided to install parabolic type springs for the front wheels, and air suspension for the rear wheels. Hypoid axles can be referred to modern introductions.

In addition to the smooth running and silent operation of the truck, the use of these types of axles has a positive effect on the “fuel appetite”. The MAN TGS tractor has a hydraulic drive, which improves traction and cross-country ability both on good road surface and beyond. Construction work will only require a 2-axle platform with air suspension.

MAN TGS 28.360 6×4

Other situations include leaf springs with parabolic leaf springs. As for the air suspension, it is controlled by an electronic system, which helps to mount additional equipment on the “cart” more accurately. The trucks are equipped with PriTarder motor brakes, which increases the traction potential of the truck and its cross-country ability. With the MAN HydroDrive, the front wheels can be connected, which also improves the steering, manoeuvrability and cross-country ability of the vehicle.

Interestingly, the MAN leaf spring suspension is maintenance-free. Also included are springs, pivot journal bearings and rubber one-piece plain bearings.

The MAN TGS truck has a reliable braking system, which includes an electronic system EBS. This technology provides good protection for the truck operator. The owner can easily start moving from a place, so the car has high-quality ventilated brake disks.


But good brake system results would be difficult to achieve if not for some additional elements. German MAN TGS has a pneumatic system and auxiliary braking controlled by electronic sensors. The advantages of this technology include operability, safety, stability and automated control.

MAN TGS 440 has a MAN BrakeMatic option that helps to maintain a stable speed while driving. This technology is very useful during the movement of trucks under the hill. The ABS and ASR electronic systems are essential. The brakes have a double-circuit structure. The steering system has a steering system and hydraulic booster.


Reliable and efficient qualities in freight transport are essential. The higher the safety level of a truck, the less accidents will occur. That’s why German specialists of MAN company set a high bar in the development of innovative safety technologies. MAN TGS trucks are used not only in European countries and there are also reliable and proven safety technologies.

The MAN safety components include the Electronic Stability Program (ESP). This technology monitors the condition of the driving machine at all times. It can automatically intervene in the operation of the engine control and brake systems if there is a risk of skidding or overturning.

It also includes Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). The distance to the vehicle ahead is often not calculated correctly. The adaptive cruise control automatically adjusts the distance to the vehicle ahead depending on the settings. This system therefore significantly reduces the risk of collision.

The MAN TGS also has a system that monitors road markings (LGS). It includes an auxiliary system with the use of video cameras. The technology can indicate to the owner that the road markings have been inadvertently crossed or if the vehicle has left its lane.

Bright headlights also significantly improve safety. The novelty features free-form reflectors and H7 lamps, which have an exceptionally long service life. They better illuminate the road surface. Among the novelties are also the static lighting system for corners.

It is able to connect automatically during the operation of the turn signal and at a speed of up to 30 kilometers per hour. The Germans have also equipped their MAN TGS: to provide better safety.

  • daily running lights;
  • lamp for manoeuvring at the entrance for 2nd driver;
  • LED design of parking and parking lights.

A system that reminds you of an unbelted seatbelt makes you feel more confident when driving. For a long time now, if the seatbelt is fastened, this is a guarantee of maximum safety. This technology is able to give the wearer an audible signal about the unbuckled seatbelt before starting to drive.

During 2 minutes this signal will be periodically repeated at a speed of 15 kilometers per hour. The MAN BrakeMatic braking system, which has ABS and ASR functions, allows the MAN TGS truck to be controlled with confidence. The braking distance is an important point for the road train. Electronic braking system (EBS) will help to avoid unfavorable situations, which reduces the braking distance.

It has the functions of ABS and ASR. Automatic brake force distribution ensures optimal balancing of the braking mechanism of the trailer or semi-trailer, shortening the braking distance, leveling out the wear of all brake pads and maximizing their “life”.

With the help of the emergency braking system it is possible to record the speed and force of pressing the brake pedal, selecting the most optimal pressure in the braking system up to the full braking force. The technology has been taught to recognize sudden braking and to increase the pressure in the braking system to the maximum pressure without delay.

A good help for the driver of the MAN TGS is to actively stabilize the roll of the CDC and stabilize the roll with a high load. With this system, the shock absorbers are automatically controlled to stabilize the roll thanks to the dynamic shock absorber control (CDC) technology. This helps prevent roll and swinging with respect to the transverse axis.

Complections and prices

It should be noted that the cost of a certain model with different equipment, cabin and chassis options may vary significantly. The technical part also plays an important role. For example, the Russian market offers to purchase a new model of the truck tractor MAN TG440 6×4 in 2018 from $149514,23.


The secondary market can also offer enough options, as the machine is common in the CIS. For the 2009-2011 version of the production it will be necessary to pay from $39345,85 to $62953,36. Younger vehicles manufactured in 2012-2015 are estimated at between $62953,36 and $94430,04. The initial equipment has:

  • Electric window lifters;
  • Fog lights;
  • AbS and ASR;
  • Electronic assistants
  • Conditioner;
  • Prestarting heater of the power unit;
  • Electric drive and mirror heating;
  • Magnitola;
  • Driver’s seat with air suspension;
  • Cab autonomic heater.


Almost every car owner wants to distinguish his car, so the MAN TGS truck can also be slightly improved, giving it some zest. It is clear that nobody is going to change anything drastically, as the car is more of a means of earning money than a variant of daily driving in the city limits.

The German car spends more time on country roads, various enterprises (for example, concrete mixer MAN TGS Bruder) and public utilities (for example, garbage truck Bruder MAN TGS). Externally, some owners of MAN TGS decide to make more noticeable changes – unusual painting of the cabin, cabin gluing by different means.

Photo MAN TGS 480 Rally

It is also possible to make a beautiful and practical tuning MAN TGS, if you install additional lighting on the top of the cab, on the bottom of the bumper and between the headlights. This will look spectacular and increase the visibility in the dark. A kangarookset will also be helpful. Nobody has canceled the pleasant airbrush, which is delightful.

Inside, many owners install different mats, special curtains on the side doors and windshield (at the top). Additional LED illumination is mounted, which looks beautiful in the dark, as well as additional speakers of the music system. The steps can also be replaced with chrome steps. The exterior side mirrors are painted to match the body colour.


Having even brought an updated version of MAN TGS to the world market, the company’s management understood that their product had enough competitors. These include DAF CF85/XF105, Iveco Stralis/Trakker, Mecrdes-Benz Axor/Actros, the French model Renault Premium/Lander/Magnum, and of course the “Swedes” Scania P/G/R-series and Volvo

Owner’s Reviews

Judging by the feedback from the owners of MAN TGS, it can be concluded that most of them were satisfied with the German car. Drivers talk about a comfortable chair, the back does not whine and does not hurt. The steering wheel is quite comfortable. Ergonomics does not cause negative feelings, although it is possible to pick on the cigarette lighter and alarm button only. Separately, it is necessary to speak out for the stove, which functions well even in severe frosts, so inside the cabin is quite warm.

Although the review is not bad, but some do not like the fact that the external mirrors are made in one side. Behind it can be very easy to “hide” a car. The vehicle is driven well, the braking system is always enough. The quality of assembly is good (if the car is brought from Europe).

Various electronic assistants and systems, designed to facilitate the management of the truck, are pleased. The power plant has enough power. It’s nice that at the time of mileage of 500,000 kilometers, no significant problems with the engines are observed. For the frame is also worth saying separately, because, despite the large loads, it leaves quite a lot.

MAN TGS drivers advise not to neglect the choice of quality fuel, as there can be serious problems after a while. As for consumption, the real figures are as follows: approx. 40 litres for every 100 kilometres in combined mode. The figures are clearly higher than those in the declared consumption. In general, we can say a lot of positive things about the tractor.

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Ease of repair;
  • Availability of spare parts;
  • Power;
  • Comfort;
  • There are various modifications;
  • Good noise insulation;
  • Qualitative braking system;
  • Resilience;
  • Differs from endurance;
  • Easy operation;
  • The updated models are much more pleasant to look at;
  • Comfortable and spacious salon;
  • Ergonomics at height;
  • Good basic stove;
  • Not afraid of the cold;
  • Even variants with front axle connection;
  • Appceptable ground clearance height;
  • Automobile has off-road properties;
  • Good aerodynamic component.

Cons of a car

  • Smodest and finest looking dashboard;
  • For Siberian latitudes of the base furnace is not enough;
  • High fuel consumption;
  • Side mirrors worsen the view;
  • Expensive price tags.


At the end you can sum up the German truck MAN TGS. The last update had a positive effect on the truck. The trucks became better looking, more comfortable inside, the technical part was upgraded, and the equipment was improved. It can be seen that German specialists were able to do a lot of work and update the original quality of the truck.

Photo MAN TGS 28.480

There is a large number of various modifications to choose from. There are various variants with powertrains. Literally everyone can pick up that variant which is necessary for it. Variants with plug-in front drive are provided.

In winter, the standard furnace can maintain a warm temperature inside the cabin. The level of safety is also good, as the drivers of such vehicles spend a lot of time on the road. MAN company is on guard of quality and practicality. It has been doing so for decades.

We advise you to read the article: MAN history

MAN TGS photo

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