• Car model: MAN
  • Producing country: Germany
  • Year of issue: 2007
  • Body Type: Truck

A firm that needs no introduction. A manufacturer who has supplied trucks to all of Europe and America. Yes, yes, we are talking about MAN. In 2007, the German car concern once again blew up the market, presenting two powerful new products at once. They had to replace the obsolete series MAN TGA in all respects. One of the novelties was called MAN TGX – we will talk about it today. The whole model range is MAN.


Compared to its predecessor, the TGX has undergone a noticeable change in appearance. The main changes are in the cabin, which has improved aerodynamics. The bumper with front panels got a new shape, the mirror bodies became streamlined. Now in the bumper are hidden air intakes, which also added to the square. The black GRP panel emphasises the aggressive appearance of the MAN TGX.

The lighting has also been altered. According to the designers, the lamps have become more durable, parking lights have got the option of daylight. Especially for this model the Germans developed a spoiler. The roof and hatch are now sliding apart, and the windshields and side windows provide a decent view.

MAN TGX cockpit photo


MAN offers three types of cabins for TGX tractors: XL, XLX and XXL. Each variant is suitable in its own way for specific transport purposes.

XL Cab

Although this is the most compact option, it provides the driver with the necessary comfort. By the way, the compact size does not prevent the cab from remaining spacious. Here, a very comfortable bed is built in, which is easy to access. This version is perfectly suited for short-haul transport at the regional level.

XLX Cabin

Extended version from XL. This cabin has sufficient height to become a full height. The interior is nice and comfortable and allows you to stay in the cabin without strain, even over long distances. There are comfortable drawers and shelves for all kinds of things. As well as in the previous version there is a bed, but here already at desire it is possible to order and the second.

XXL cabin

The name itself already tells us a lot. Of the three, it is the largest and most spacious. Moreover, it is the largest of all available in Europe. Two things you want to note in the interior of the car – a huge space and indescribable comfort.

For example, modifications for long-haul flights XXL have an internal height of about two meters, so that the driver can stand up in full height. There are also plenty of luggage compartments and shelves here – fold and store anything. An additional sleeping compartment is available – by the way, in the form of a hammock.

The XXL cabin has two bunks

Such data allows you to feel as comfortable as possible. And the cabin undoubtedly meets the requirements for international flights. And here is the proof – the driver’s seat was brought to perfection. And it is not in vain, because a driver sitting on it will have to spend on the road for many hours. Adjustments allow you to adjust the seat to the needs of the seat: in height, different tilts and adjustment of shock absorbers of the seat.

Heating of the seat, pneumatic lumbar support, side contour and shoulder adjustment, hydraulic shock absorbers and depth adjustment of the seat are optional. Besides, the seat is equipped with climate control. Yes, yes! The temperature-controlled air is supplied directly to the driver’s seat. The passenger seat is slightly less functional, but it can take on a rest position.

MAN TGX driver's seat
Driver’s seat

Of course, we haven’t forgotten about the seat belts in all the seats. All adjustment operations do not make you bother and are easy to learn. These seats are covered with leather or black velour. The cabin itself also has a climate control. And it can be upgraded with the following options: autonomous, water and gas heaters, respectively, equipped with a thermostat; parking climate control controlling the temperature even when the engine is off.

The quality of the materials used in the cabin also contributes to the perception that you are in a premium cabin. In general, everything that can be seen inside demonstrates German pedantry and striving for perfection. In addition, Mana cabins clearly demonstrate how ergonomics can be combined with aesthetics.

MAN TGX cabin

The noise level in the cabin was reduced by 25-30 percent. The rudder design has changed significantly, allowing it to be adjusted in terms of outreach and angle of inclination, while the dashboard is not much different from the previous MAN. The dashboard opens up in two colors in front of the driver.

The information sensors on the dashboard are hidden under the anti-reflective glass and provide the necessary information on the operation of all systems on board. The location of monitors, buttons, switches and other controls is very practical and easy to access. With the help of the on-board computer it is possible to easily obtain various information about the condition of the tractor or the distribution of the trailer’s load.

MAN TGX dashboard

Media system

The MAN Media Truck (MMT) Advanced multimedia system allows you to use a number of practical functions: watching traffic news; thanks to audio training, the driver can enjoy music while driving using the audio system. It also has a built-in Traffic Message Channel (TMC).

Among other things, the MMT can be supplemented with options such as a navigation system, hands-free calling module, Bluetooth and an advanced audio system with a subwoofer on board. A special addition is the control of the tractor by means of an infrared remote control. In addition, the multimedia system has a built-in phone.

MAN TGX interior

And of course Russian-speaking drivers can be calm – the system has a Russian language for the interface. In addition to the main sensors, it consists of an audio system and a display menu. MAN TGX has also acquired a couple of interesting technological innovations. For example, radar sensors that control the car’s dimensions on steep turns. The electronics are so large that it takes more than one week to get used to it.



A distinctive feature of all MAN TGX trucks is the availability of diesel engines with a capacity of 10.5 or 12.4 liters. Power output can range from 360 to 440 horses in the first case, and 480-540 hp in the second. However, this is not the limit – there are models on which the eight-cylinder V-engine with a capacity of 16.2 liters and an output of 680 hp was installed.

Transmission, which was installed on such vehicles, could be 16-speed or 12-speed (mechanics and automatic). Reliable brake system had electronic control. With the correct setting of the adaptive cruise control, it was possible to achieve automatic adjustment of the speed of the MAN TGX, depending on how close the oncoming vehicle was.

MAN TGX engine

The ESP’s special course stability system minimizes the risk of tipping over and allows for better skid management. In 2012, MAN TGX tractors underwent a number of changes. In particular, fuel injection was modified, new filter elements were introduced. The engineers have brought the MAN engine to the latest environmental level, and fuel consumption has been reduced by several times.


For a more perfect gearshift to such tractors, they put an offroad transmission. This makes it possible to maintain the maximum dynamics even at full load. The mechanical ZF transmission in the MAN TGX has 16 stages and is equipped with a MAN Comfort Shift® hydraulic drive and Servo Shift® switching system.

A choice of higher gears is available – acceleration or straight ahead. The ZF MAN TipTronic® automatic transmission system operates in a twelve-stage radius. This box reduces fuel consumption. The hybrid version of the MAN TipMatic® transmission also reduces consumption.

MAN TGX transmission

Since the system can switch from auto to manual mode, it is easier for the driver to predict the best time to change gears. The mode control lever is mounted under the steering wheel. An optional EVB retarder can be ordered as an option for the box.

This mechanism will automatically activate the most optimal stage in the gearbox. This assistant will give the driver more opportunity to concentrate on the process of driving and control the situation on the road. In addition to the obvious improvement in safety, this will further reduce the required fuel consumption.

The advantages of such transmissions in comparison with their predecessors are that they primarily reduce fuel consumption, and secondly, their maintenance, including replacement of parts, has become much cheaper. The newly adjusted hypoid type axles with a transmission ratio of 2.85 add savings. To improve traction, the TGX models provide the PriTarder® motor brake with the optional Hydro-Drive® front axle hydrostatic drive. This helps the tractor to pass through.

Brake system

The highly reliable system with EBS and optional ESP not only protects the driver, but also increases the reliability of the entire machine and the load. Ventilated discs and a dual-circuit pneumatic system with electronically controlled devices with auxiliary braking allow you to brake as gently as you start.

These devices make the braking distance not only smooth, but also reduce it to a minimum. Stability, safety and durability are improved due to the automatic brake retarder. The MAN BrakeMatic® option helps to maintain a stable speed when driving under the slide.

The manufacturer guarantees that bearings and ventilated discs do not need to be lubricated during operation, as all axles are equipped with a lubrication system, which is another plus to the maintenance of the tractor. And the hub units reduce the cost and time of disk replacement.

Suspension question

The German MAN TGX has a good choice of suspension options: full spring (leaf springs), combined spring (leaf springs) / air suspension or fully air suspension.

  • Pure spring suspension is characterised by excellent durability and lightness, which allows for maximum lateral stability. In addition to the springs, shock absorbers and stabilizers are also available, which have been specially adjusted for the TGX.
  • The ECAS system allows the suspension to be controlled by electrical devices. The essence of its work is that the size of the clearance can be adjusted based on the load level. With a simple control system, the frame can be lowered by -90mm and raised to +190mm from the standard ground clearance level. Two settings can be saved in the on-board computer to adjust the car’s level.
  • One of the advanced car designs is a fully air-sprung front axle suspension. The air springs and shock absorber work in the LDS system, which demonstrates the significant stroke of the suspension. This suspension ensures a steady ride and stability, even with an increased centre of gravity. This is another safety benefit of the MAN TGX.

Thanks to a fairly developed dealer network in Russia, you won’t have any problems with spare parts. MAN is one of the best selling brands among these machines.


Most of the equipment at MAN TGX says “safety first”. That’s why, as you might have noticed in this machine, there are many safety systems available. Accordingly, any type of accident has its consequences, which in any case require a waste of money, time and other means. All of this makes it difficult and can even jeopardize the transport of goods and participants in accidents. Having devoted sufficient time to these points, MAN has installed the following safety systems in TGX tractors.

MAN BrakeMatic®. As mentioned earlier, this system reduces the braking distance to a minimum. Moreover, it synchronizes the operation of all brakes, both the tractor and trailer, to the maximum extent possible. The system also promotes uniform wear and tear on all parts responsible for braking.

Lane control system (LGS). Here sensors monitor the convergence of the current lane. By following the lane markings, they remind the driver to change lanes without turning on the turn signal.

Active CDC (Continuous Damping Control) roll stabilization. By controlling the stiffness of the CDC shock absorbers, the angle of roll of the entire train is maximally reduced. This is useful for lane changes, turns and braking.

ACC. Adjustable Cruise Control System ACC. Having such a system on board reduces the risk of collisions between vehicles moving one after the other. The ACC detects the distance between the MAN TGX and the other machine by means of sensors and calculates the optimum speed.

Emergency braking assist system. Simply put, the sooner and harder the pedal is depressed, the faster the train will be in place. The system puts additional pressure on the system when necessary and controls its level in other situations.

After all, it is no secret that optimal tire pressure contributes to better running of the machine, reducing the chance of skidding and increasing the service life of the tires.

Complete sets and prices

Purchase a MAN TGX tractor in our country for at least $96000. However, it should be understood that depending on the equipment, the price fork can increase significantly.

MAN TGX 2011

We sum up

In conclusion, I would like to note all the advantages and disadvantages of the European truck. Among the advantages are a rather heavy fuel tank, low noise level inside the cabin, good interior, spacious cabin, tractive engine and improved aerodynamics. But there are also disadvantages – for example, not very convenient control lever for drivers of low height, sliding spoiler.

MAN TGX 2012

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MAN TGX photo

Test drive

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