Land Rover Range Rover Velar

Land Rover Range Rover Velar
  • Car model: Land Rover
  • Producing country: United Kingdom
  • Year of issue: 2017
  • Body Type: SUV

The Range Rover Velar is a premium mid-size SUV, which ranks between Evoque and Range Rover Sport in the Land Rover model list. The car is positioned as a full-fledged off-road model, which can pass where other cars will be saved. To the target audience of the novelty it is possible to carry people who want to get something new, but thus to receive “true spirit of Range Rover”.

The world premiere of the luxury SUV was held on March 1, 2017. In May 2018, the British company prepared the first minor package of improvements for the SUV. The novelty was equipped with an extended list of modifications, adding it with one gasoline, as well as one diesel engine. In addition, the fuel tank capacity was increased to 92 litres (only for models running on gasoline) and the list of basic equipment was revised. The whole model range is Land Rover.

Car history

Every 6 years the Land Rover Company presents a new vehicle to the world public. During the Geneva Motor Show, a brand-new off-road version of the Range Rover Velard 2017 was shown, expanding the manufacturer’s lineup. The company was able to hide the car until the beginning of the presentation.

In addition, Land Rover’s management decided not to show any conceptual versions. Therefore, at this time, a serial crossover car was released immediately. When the brand was just beginning to develop, the company came up with the name Velar – it was the first not quite successful conceptual version (in 1968).

Rover Velar

In 2017, in honor of this version it was accepted to name a new car. The novelty is a “brother” of F-Pace, as it was built on a single “cart” iQ. Land Rover cars have good reliability, as well as their own style. Appearance and performance corresponds to the segment of premium class.

The Range Rover division is considered the most popular among Land Rovers. The British SUV has a “family” style of premium company, innovative, but quite recognizable interior, as well as a large number of modern electronic “chips”. In October 2017, the car reached the Russian market.


From the very beginning, I would like to say that the variety of appearance of Velar’s SUV is quite large. The appearance of the “Briton” in many ways indicates the actual style of the car, although significant features of the Range Rover family, the design team was able to preserve.

Experienced motorists or fervent supporters of this division can say that the novelty has some features of 2 older “brothers” in the face of Evoque in the nose area and Sport in the remaining body parts. The front part of the new Range Rover Velar 2018 has the most modern forward optics.

Land Rover Range Velar

Already the basic equipment has a front LED filling, and more expensive equipment will receive a matrix-laser configuration. Based on the passport data Range Rover Velar optics can shine at a distance of up to 550 m. As mentioned a little bit above, most of the optical elements were taken from the Evoque. It turned out to be flattened, stretched out on the sides – all this only allows you to emphasize and decorate the appearance of the SUV Velar. As for the radiator grille, it is also slightly similar to the Evoque version, but has a wider design.

Regardless of what equipment will be available, the grille can get a chrome edging for the standard version, as well as black color for R-Dynamic and Velar First Edition models. A similar difference is also present in the “nameplate” on the end of the hood. Land Rover Range Rover Rover Velar comes standard with Range Rover (chrome) inscription, and the R-Dynamic and First Edition versions will receive this inscription in black.

Manufacturer has released a sporty version of R-Dynamic, which is characterized by improved aerodynamics. The drag coefficient has been reduced to 0.32.

Further, the distinguishing element of the Range Rover Velar versions after the radiator grille is the front bumper. The standard equipment will be a bumper, bent to the width, which will have no additional aerodynamic holes. The lower edge of the bumper in its normal version is decorated with a small additional grille of the powertrain blower.

The entire bottom of the crossover bumper is decorated with a black plastic splitter, which also provides additional protection for the motor. While last century’s prototypes were framed, the Range Rover Velar 2018-2019 has an 81 percent aluminum bodywork. R-Dynamic and First Edition have aerodynamic auxiliary holes on the sides of the bumper, which are quite stylish.

They received golden partitions. Their upper part has installed LED fog lights, which could not be found on the basic version of Velar 2018. The lower edge of the bumper is decorated with a large additional grille fan “engine”. These models also received a front camera, night vision function and a chrome strip at the bottom.


Range Rover Velar

The hood of the novelty is similar to the Sport variant in its appearance. The cheapest equipment has a solid hood, repeating the shape of the radiator grille. But other equipment of the new Range Rover Velar will be equipped with aerodynamic holes for improved airflow of the engine and increase the dynamic data of the vehicle.

Any Velar will have a windshield heating function. Indeed, the nose area of the “Briton” is stylish and more beautiful than that of its older models. The appearance of the new Range Rover Velar 2018 is distinguished by its stylish appearance, modern optics and rapid silhouette. It can be seen that the company’s designers did not sit idly by.

Most likely, the side part is of most interest to all car owners and supporters of Land Rover. Door handles – this is exactly what the most different data from different editions came about. The novelty has unusual retractable handles with touch control. Nowadays, all modern new vehicles have such a thing.

Side View Land Rover Range Rover Velar

This style was set by Mercedes during the first presented conceptual version of CIAA. Once you get close to the British car, you just need to press the button on the handle, and then the door handle will leave. Whether this option is convenient or not, it is difficult to say yet, but such innovations are already present in the serial crossovers of Land Rover. The side of the Range Rover Velar has characteristic ducts on the front wings and a small area of the front doors.

Similar air ducts can be seen in the Evoque, but there they are not as large. The height of the spring suspension is 213 millimeters, and if you install an air suspension, this parameter will increase to 251 millimeters, which is a very good result.

The basic version of the new Range Rover Velar 2018 features 18-inch light alloy rollers. However, the 19″, 20″, 21″ and 22″ wheels can be fitted as a separate option. Massive expansion of wheel arches has turned out. You can also notice a smooth punched line in the middle, which looks very nice.

Interestingly, that similar door handles can be noticed on the American model Tesla Model S.

Velar’s initial equipment is chrome-plated, and the R-Dynamic and First Edition versions are equipped with gold-colored inserts. From the front optics to the rear headlights, the Range Rover Velar 2018 is equipped with a stylish strip that emphasizes the style of the new product. Experienced specialists of the design department worked on it. The exterior mirrors are equipped with their own zest.

In addition to the turn-around repeaters and camera equipment, the bottom of the camera has directional lenses to project the Land Rover logo onto the road. In addition, the driver’s seat and passenger seat can also be illuminated. The new British Land Rover Range Rover Velar roof is decorated with a new roof. As in other cars of the company, the upper part of the vehicle was painted black, and the lower part of the vehicle was emphasized with a plastic trim.

A roof top option is available for individual customer orders – it can be either a body colour or completely black. Regardless of the roof form factor, it will only be panoramic in any variant. It extends over 3 rows of chairs. To transport the overall cargo on the roof will install rails. Based on the passport data, the maximum weight of the load should not exceed 79 kilograms – in this parameter the “Briton” loses even to ordinary SUVs.

Range Rover Velar photo by car

A particularly beautiful British crossover looks with a black panoramic roof that visually makes the Range Rover Velar more stylish and sophisticated. The stern has been tilted slightly at an angle. It involves the installation of a third row of chairs. The filleting area of Velar has turned out to be a peculiar one. In its appearance it is a bit similar to the middle variant between Evoque and Sport.

The rear optics were decided to be constructed using LED technology. It is placed to some extent on the body and tailgate of the luggage compartment. Between the lanterns the name Range Rover against a dark background is noticeable. To the left is the Velar marking. On the top of the luggage door was installed a nice anti-wing. The models differ in the lower part of the bumper.

Range Rover Velar rear view

The initial version has a small plastic insert with 2 vertical strips. The R-Dynamic version has a similar but wider insert. In addition, it will already have 3 lanes. The maximum version of the First Edition will have a black, wide insert as well as a pair of chrome exhaust system tips.

The back of the “Briton” looks narrow, but it is only visual. The company has provided for the updated crossover Range Rover Velar 2019 enough options for body painting. May I highlight the presence:

  • White;
  • Black;
  • Bright grey metallic;
  • Dark grey metallic;
  • Red metallic;
  • Grey and blue metallic;
  • Platinum;
  • Pearlescent white;
  • Brown;
  • Graphite;
  • Grey.

Velar First Edition has the following individual shade options: Silicon Silver, Corris Grey, Flux and special matte finish.


If the appearance of the new model Velar is not so striking, the interior of the new machine has been changed quite seriously. The design department has tried to use the latest technologies for the interior of Land Rover Range Rover Velar. I would like to say separately that inside it is spacious enough, and even the basic equipment has three rows of chairs.

The front panel was made using touch screens and panels. The developers used only a small number of mechanical switches, which had a positive effect on convenience and functionality. The central part of the front panel was allocated to a 10 inch touch screen entertainment system, which received a high resolution.

Range Rover Velar salon

With the help of high quality technology, the display is able to recognize accidental or special pressing. Above the display, you can see 2 small, narrow ventilation deflectors and an “alarm” key.

Salon of novelty has a 60-gigabyte solid-state drive and a 4-core processor from the world-famous company Intel. Such a system is equipped with a Wi-Fi access point. There is also support for 4G and the ability to connect up to 8 gadgets.

It’s a very interesting place for a driver. “Device” was made on the basis of the massive TFT-display, which received a diagonal of 12.3 inches. The dashboard receives and displays information from the multimedia centre and displays the vehicle status.

Range Rover Velar dashboard

The dashboard of the new Velar 2018 has a speedometer on the left, while the tachometer is placed on the right – a rather unusual solution. The central part of the tachymeter was taken away to display the information from the surveillance cameras and night vision radars. It turns out that the owner will be minimally distracted from driving an SUV.

Behind the dashboard, he found his place on the projection screen. In contrast to previous versions, it was synchronized with the dashboard and multimedia center. If necessary, it can show only the necessary information or a picture from circular cameras.

Range Rover Velar

An exquisite steering wheel is installed in front of the panel. It combines classic design and modern technology, which together improves the overall ergonomics of the cabin. An airbag and an acoustic signal can be noticed on the central part of the cabin. Side spokes have touch panels and buttons, so the engineers were able to equip the steering wheel with the maximum amount of functionality.

It’s nice to know that any Range Rover Velar package has a helm heating function. The rear part of the steering wheel has a pair of paddles for switching speeds, and near them there are levers to adjust the light, turntables and other systems. Only leather with high quality stitching is used to finish the steering wheel.

The steering column can be adjusted by means of electrical systems. Optionally, the car can be equipped with a four-zone climate control, advanced music system Meridian with 23 or 17 speakers and an air ionizer.

Interestingly, the British crossover Range Rover Velar has won the 2018 World Car Awards.

The multimedia system is equipped with the maximum number of functions of the machine, navigation maps in different languages and excellent image quality from the camera all around the British crossover. Under the functional display there is another touch panel designed to control the climate system, car functions and safety systems.

The only thing that is mechanically controlled is the “manual” temperature setting regulators. In addition, the suspension can be mechanically adjusted and the travel mode can be selected. On the right side, the designers have placed a touch panel to control the functions of the entertainment system and the car as a whole. The first time such a panel appeared in Lexus LS 2018.

Inside the car there are chrome inserts. Speaking for the seats, it is worth saying that they provide passengers with a high level of comfort. The front seats have a sporty style with pronounced side support. They have electrical adjustments, ventilation and heating. Between the front seats of the upgraded Range Rover Velar 2019 is a familiar armrest with 2 zones.

Range Rover Velar interior

Nearby you can see a box of small size for small items. The new Range Rover Velar 2019 features cup holders, a comfortable armrest, USB ports and other practical elements that improve the overall ergonomics of the new Range Rover Velar 2019. Judging by the modern equipment of Range Rover Velar, there is a fair question: how will the sensor electronics, which is plenty here, work in the cold?

The manual knows that when the temperature mode is -20 and below, the reaction to pressing the virtual keys slows down. However, the representatives of the company assure that all displays warm up quickly, so there will be no serious difficulties. As for the second and third row of seats, they are quite convenient for long journeys and can accommodate 5-6 people, based on the chosen modification.

Second row of seats Range Rover Velar

Basic versions have the 2nd row of solid type, but the top versions are divided into 2 chairs, according to the type of seats installed in front. The second row of seats has an armrest and a heating function, and as a separate option it can be vented. Rear passengers have their own climate control. There is plenty of free space. The finishing materials include premium fabrics, quality leather and suede.

The decoration of the salon boasts expensive types of wood and carbon. It is applied on all border of salon illumination of light-emitting diode type. Its color is selected on the display, placed in the center. To make your Range Rover Velar 2019 showroom even more individual, you can choose the shades and materials of finish to your liking as a separate option.

Trunk of Range Rover Velar

Even the base salon looks very expensive, and the top performance will be able to conquer the level of comfort and find even the most picky car enthusiast. Taking into account the five-seat layout, the volume of luggage compartment of the new truck will be 559 liters.

But if necessary, it is possible to fold the 2nd row of seats into 3 sections in the proportion of 40/20/40, which will create a virtually flat floor and increase the volume to 1,731 liters of usable space. The underground niche has a spare reduced wheel and a set of tools.



The list of engines of the new Range Rover Velar has five engines running on gasoline and diesel fuel. The initial version is represented by the P250 gasoline powered model. This version has a four-cylinder 2.0-liter Ingenium engine, which has a tube-shifting, intelligent system of continuous valve control.

Also there is a direct injection, function of double change of phases of gas distribution and sixteen-valve system of GPM. All together it allows to give out 250 horse forces and 365 Nm. For those who will not have enough of such a diesel engine, the British company has provided an improved V-shaped six-cylinder 3.0-liter power plant.

Range Rover Velar engine

It also received a turbocharger, direct injection, dual camshaft phase variation technology and a double balancing shaft system. Specialists said two options for boosting: the P340 version develops 340 “horses” and 450 Nm, and the P380, respectively, 380 horsepower and 450 Nm of torque. Gasoline engines “eat” from 7.6 to 9.4 liters in a mixed cycle. The engines are configured for our territory at Euro-6.

Diesel list is represented by 3 power units. The basic engine is a four-cylinder, in-line, 2.0-liter engine D180, which received direct “power” technology, “smart” cooling system, 16-valve timing valve and turbocharger with variable geometry. In general, the engine has 180 horsepower and 430 Nm. Next comes the same power plant, which already has double turbocharger.

As a result, the “engine” gives 240 “mare” and 500 Nm of maximum potential. In the role of the top version is a 3.0-liter V-shaped, 6-cylinder version, which received an uninterrupted injection. There is a dual parallel-serial turbocharging system, a 24-valve gas distribution mechanism and a 2-stage oil pump.

There are 2 options: the D275 version develops 275 horsepower and 625 Nm of available recoil, as well as the D300 version, which received 300 “horses” and 700 Nm of torque. Diesel variants consume no more than 5.4-6.4 liters for every 100 kilometers in combined mode. For Russia, the engines are set to Euro-5.


Only an 8-stage ZF robotic box with Terrain Response system works with powerful power units. As a separate option, an advanced 2G system with automatic mode can be installed. Expensive vehicles are equipped with an interlocking differential. Only full and constant drive is available in all versions.

The transmission received a multi-disc hydraulic clutch and chain drive in the front wheel drive. As standard, all torque is transmitted to the rear wheels, but if necessary, it can be fully directed to the front wheels. Vehicles with six-cylinder “engines” also have electronically controlled locking of the rear interwheel differential.

Dynamic data of the British SUV is not bad. Range Rover Velar 2019 reaches a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in just 5.7-8.9 seconds The maximum speed is 209-250 kilometers per hour.


As a basis for the crossover used aluminum platform IQ {AL}. The body structure consists of more than 80 percent aluminum. The front and rear of the Range Rover Velar has an independent suspension system. The designers used a two-lever design in front and a multilever design in the back. Already in the basic configuration of the SUV has electronically controlled shock absorbers with variable stiffness.

As an option, an air suspension can also be fitted, which allows the height of the ground clearance to be adjusted. The crossover is controlled very well with the aid of a variable tooth pitch rail. Electric power steering also helps. The brake system is represented by ventilated disc brakes, complemented by electronic technologies ABS, EBD, BA and other technologies.

The British model behaves perfectly in the light offroads. Taking into account the spring suspension, entry and exit angles (24.5/26.5 degrees, respectively), as well as the depth of the ford to be overcome 600 millimeters, we can say that you have much less chance to get stuck with it. In addition, the machine can carry a trailer weighing up to 2.5 tons.


Using the latest technical innovations, the engineering staff is not shy about ensuring the proper level of safety. The updated Range Rover Velar received the highest rating of 5 stars during Euro NCAP testing. Such data indicate a high level of safety. The expert staff of the European new car assessment company deservedly appreciated the light, strong and very strong aluminum load-bearing body, endowing it with the maximum deserved award.

The machine also has ISOFIX child seat attachment points. For the driver as well as passengers the British have provided 6 airbags. Thanks to the sporty “commander’s” landing of the crossover, the owner’s confidence is improved and an unforgettable driving experience is increased. The Range Rover Velar uses the latest technology.

This includes an Electronic Beech Control System (ETC) that optimizes grip, as well as electronic braking force distribution (EBD) technology. The latter is able to automatically adjust the braking force that is applied to each axle, while reducing the braking distance.

The car has inflatable seat belts included in the basic equipment. It is possible to install a customizable “cruise”, as well as adaptive front optics. Blind areas are controlled by special electronics. For towing they decided to use a separate system responsible for the maneuverability and functionality of the trailer.

While reversing with the trailer, the all-round vision technology provides the driver with an optimal trajectory and helps to turn the steering wheel to the desired direction.
Interestingly, the new Range Rover Velar features an interesting keyless access system. The Smart Key system is replaced by the Active Key.

In the role of a key chain used wrist strap, which is a little like a fitness bracelet. Velar’s top-of-the-range equipment allows you to change it to a fashionable watch with a color screen that supports touch control from Land Rover. Experts have not forgotten about the installation of the emergency braking system (EBA).

It is able to recognize the moment when the driver abruptly presses the brake pedal, but does not apply enough force to stop the car quickly. The system then increases the braking force with the ABS pump in order to stop the vehicle immediately.

A special mention should be made of the Adaptive Dynamics suspension control system, which collects 500 times per second information about the vehicle’s movement and rudder turns. It provides precise control and maximum smooth running. The system has been trained to respond to the owner’s commands and the position on the road, which provides the ability to more accurately adjust the shock absorber stiffness settings over the entire range of values.

Thanks to the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system, it is possible to monitor the vehicle’s maneuverability. The technology is activated when the machine does not respond to the owner’s actions. Because of this, the new British crossover has balanced handling and excellent maneuverability. The potential customer will be satisfied with the Range Rover Velar’s handling on both the asphalt and the bad road.

Land Rover companies are seriously concerned about their image as well as the health of their customers, so special attention is paid to safety. The Range Rover Velar is equipped with a Roll Over Conversion Prevention System (RSC), which is integrated with Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) technology. This significantly reduces the chance of the vehicle tipping over due to sudden manoeuvres while bypassing another road user or a roadblock.

Auto Range Rover Velar 2017

Land Rover’s safety experts have taught this system to track the parameters of motion and the degree of centrifugal force during maneuvering, timely diagnosing the chance of tipping over. With this type of risk, the front wheel is transmitted to the outer wheel for turning, which leads to a decrease in centrifugal force, which threatens the stability of the crossover.

They also remembered to install dynamic torque distribution technology on the wheel, which operates through selective wheel braking and is combined with Intelligent Driveline Dynamics technology, providing excellent maneuverability.

The cooperation of these technologies helps to transfer the necessary amount of rotational force to each of the 4 wheels, which makes the machine more stable and manageable. Thanks to the rear camera, excellent visibility during reversing is ensured, which makes it much easier to park and connect the trailer.

Complete sets and prices

For Russian buyers, the Vilar car will be offered in 8 configurations: Base, S, SE, R-Dynamics. R-Dynamic S, R-Dynamics SE, R-Dynamic HSE and First Edition. Standard performance is estimated from $61064,76. It has:

  • 0-liter petrol or diesel engine;
  • Tire pressure sensor;
  • Sixed airbags;
  • Two 10 inch touchscreens;
  • Rear parking sensors;
  • ABS and ESP;
  • Electronic systems
  • Systematic adaptation to road conditions;
  • Key access;
  • Climate control;
  • Cruise control;
  • Prestarting heater;
  • Combined cladding;
  • Light and rain sensor;
  • 18-inch skating rinks;
  • LED optics;
  • Media system with voice control.



Range Rover Velar

It is planned to purchase a specific set of equipment separately with the help of additional equipment. The most expensive option costs at least $113599,34 Among other things, it will be equipped:

  • Lane control;
  • Control over blind spots;
  • Traffic sign recognition system;
  • Electric drive of the luggage compartment door;
  • Automatic parking technology;
  • Rear view camera;
  • Adaptive cruise control;
  • 21-inch ice rinks;
  • Electric seat adjustment with memory function;
  • Navigation system;
  • Pneumatic suspension.

A variety of useful options can be purchased, such as a multimedia system for backseat passengers, a panoramic roof, 22-inch stylish wheels and an all-round view system. The maximum price list can reach the mark of 8 000 000 rubles and more.

Comparison with competitors

The market share in this segment of Land Rover Rover Rover Velar will be with many cars in 2019. These include Mercedes-Benz GLC, Mercedes-Benz GLE, BMW X6, Audi Q7, “three hundred” models Lexus RX and BMW X5.

The cheapest version of the competitors in the minimum version is estimated from 2 902 000 rubles. The most expensive basic version costs 4 780 000 rubles. The choice is really huge, so it is necessary to approach to a choice of the car wisely, considering own tastes and interests.

Owners’ comments

Judging by the reviews of Range Rover Velar owners, the car has a pleasant, stylish and modern appearance. The rich equipment and quality of the interior literally make many people pay attention to this vehicle. There are many different optional “chips” and accessories. On a choice it is represented considerable list of power installations.

Inside there is a lot of free space. You can conveniently remove the backrests of the rear seats. With the help of a large luggage compartment you can always take the most important things with you. I would like to say separately about 3 color displays, 2 of which support touch screen input. The machine is literally full of electronics.

On the other hand, the owners of the Range Rover Velar complain about the hangs of the multimedia system, frequent breakdowns of various units and assemblies. Errors and malfunctions often appear on the dashboard. Very expensive maintenance and expensive spare parts. Frequent visits to the official dealer tire, as for a car with such a price tag.

Fuel consumption differs from the declared by the manufacturer. Because of the low quality of fuel in our country, there are frequent breakdowns of the fuel system. Since the novelty appeared on the Russian market not so long ago, there are not so many reviews on the Internet. Over time, there will be more detailed information about the use of this crossover.

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Pleasant, rapid appearance;
  • Improved aerodynamic drag;
  • Modern optics;
  • High ground clearance (can be changed with air suspension)
  • Massive and stylish wheels
  • Panoramic roof;
  • Good stability;
  • Comfortable, modern and quality salon;
  • Expensive interior materials;
  • Good seats with quality side support;
  • Comfortable steering wheel;
  • 3 colour displays, 2 of which are touch screens;
  • Many free space;
  • Large luggage compartment;
  • Qualitative “music”;
  • High security level;
  • Lots of electronic systems and assistants;
  • Rich even basic equipment;
  • Wide range of possible additional equipment;
  • We have 5 motors to choose from;
  • Permanent all-wheel drive;
  • Adaptive shock absorbers;
  • Optionally it is possible to install an air suspension that changes the ground clearance;
  • Good passability.

Cons of a car

  • Highest car price;
  • Plain problems with electronics;
  • Expensive parts and service;
  • The “fuel appetite” declared by the manufacturer is clearly underestimated;
  • Unreliability.


After a closer acquaintance with the updated model Range Rover Velar, the feelings remain unclear. On the one hand, it is a very beautiful, stylish, modern and sophisticated car. But on the other hand, the “Briton” is quite expensive, but unreliable, often breaks down. Its repair requires a lot of money. Of course, the car has a good off-road potential, expressed in constant all-wheel drive, high ground clearance, powerful engines and small overhangs.

Range Rover Velar

In addition, the car is literally all packed with current electronics, has a quality and expensive interior, as well as plenty of free space. The level of safety is above all praise. But for such money you can find more reliable options that will not make you often go to the service center.

And in general, the car turned out to be a good one, there are a lot of real “puzzles”, for example, retractable door handles, 3 color displays on the front panel and so on. But only time will show how practical and in demand all this is.

We advise you to read the article: Land Rover’s history

Range Rover Velar photo

Drive test

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