Let’s pick out the discs! Beauty, price, or reliability?

Let’s pick out the discs! Beauty, price, or reliability?

No matter what our domestic motorist drives, regardless of brand, age and technical condition of his iron horse, one parameter, as a rule, is always in the spotlight. This parameter is disks.

And it can be explained for a long time that the car disks do not solve so much that the engine or brakes are, after all, much more important and useful in the field of traffic safety, but nothing helps. Even adult serious men who own expensive, discreet cars pay special attention to the condition of disks.

As for young people, there is no limit to their imagination. Colorful, with built-in illumination, with variable geometry of additional details of registration – to estimate it are capable only employees of car-care centres and employees of traffic police who should write out fines for all this magnificence.

Because you shouldn’t

About the external variety of wheels can be told for a long time, there are really many options here. On the other hand, from the point of view of functionality and quality all wheel rims are divided into several categories. Which ones, and what are the features of each – let’s understand.

We choose disks

Pressed discs

This is the most inexpensive option. The choice of grandfathers on the “classics” and students from poor families. Such disks are made of cheap “black” steel. On a special stamping machine, the outer side is first produced, then the rim, then all this is welded together, covered with a protective enamel layer and then sold.

In addition to low cost, among the advantages of forging it is customary to mention maintainability. These discs are made of relatively soft metal; when the wheel gets, for example, in a pit, the disc takes on most of the impact and deforms. Accordingly, we have the protection of the suspension from impact, and the need to fix the disc – garage craftsmen can do it with a hammer, anvil and some mother.

There are flaws, too. For example, the weight is relatively high. Stamped discs are about 30% heavier than their more modern colleagues. As a result, greater fuel consumption and acceleration are affected. Stamping is subject to the influence of the environment, it can rust, oxidize, and all this because of the original material from which it is made. You can’t change anything here. And appearance – the design in the case of stamped discs can only be dreamed of.

Conclusion: if for you the price on the first place inexpensive, habitual and rather reliable stamped disks – your choice.

Choose disks

Cast discs

Speaking of cast discs, you and I are immersed in a world of high prices, the roar of forced engines, leather salons and speeding tickets. These discs are made on special foundry equipment with the help of molds in which alloys of different metals are poured. As a rule, these are the so-called “light” metals – magnesium, titanium and aluminum. In comparison with stamped discs, casting is much lighter and at the same time more durable. Their shape depends only on the manufacturer’s design and financial capabilities, and here, as they say, there is no limit to the flight of fancy.

In addition to a variety of shapes, cast discs are also painted, polished, varnished and covered with varnishes and protective compositions.

This is an advantage: we have already mentioned the low weight and the increased strength of the disk compared to stamping. The strength and resistance to corrosion is ensured by the use of expensive metals such as magnesium, titanium and aluminium. Such a disc will not rust even on a damaged area of its surface. And without deformation it is able to withstand quite significant mechanical damage.

There are flaws, too. Cast discs are more expensive than their stamped competitors. Besides, on bad roads there is always a probability of that the disk will not sustain a blow and will burst. If this happens at high speed, the consequences can be catastrophic. This will not happen with a stamped drive.

Even in case of a normal casting crack, you can of course fix it, many car service centers offer such a service, but it is not recommended to do so. Simply because in a weakened cracked place, albeit welded, there will always be the weakest point of the disk, and in case of a meeting with another, even smaller, pit – no one will guarantee that the disk will survive.

Select discs

Collection: if the appearance and variety of models is more important for you than safety, or if you just don’t drive as fast and on good roads, choose alloy wheels. They won’t let you down, otherwise they wouldn’t be so popular with car enthusiasts. Just be prepared to drive much more accurately than before, with the old “stamping” on your father’s “classic”.

In fact, the variety of wheels in the range of car dealerships is impressive. Example, if you visit an online store rimzona . en, you will probably find something special there. Well, if you get lost in a huge variety of products, don’t hesitate to contact the store staff – they’re always happy to answer any questions related to the disks, and starting with the words “…and which ones will work best for my car.

Write, we are always glad to see you!


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