How do I protect the interior of my car from dirt?

How do I protect the interior of my car from dirt?

While vehicle owners do not often have to clean the saloon in summer, cleaning becomes much more difficult in the off-season and winter, when there is a lot of rainfall. To make this process a little easier and to keep the vehicle clean and tidy, car owners buy carpets for the interior and trunk.

What kind of mats are there?

Manufacturers offer a huge number of accessories for cars. The mats can be of different shapes and purposes (they can be for the interior or for the trunk), made of different materials.

Depending on the purpose, universal and model mats are separated. The former differ in that they can be used for almost any model of vehicle. However, in order for them to “lay down” well, they will most likely have to be cut to fit the size and shape of the vehicle.

Model mats are made according to specific parameters that correspond to a particular vehicle model. Their main advantage is that they are ideal for the interior of a car (or trunk) and protect the upholstery from water and dirt as effectively as possible.

Depending on the materials used, they are singled out:

  • rubber;
  • textile.

The first category is quite common. In the traditional version, rubber rubber is used to create such products. In newer and more modern models, manufacturers add polymeric additives that improve the properties of products. Such mats do not lose their elasticity in the cold season, have greater wear resistance, as well as are not susceptible to high temperatures and do not emit an unpleasant smell.

What are the mats?

Textile mats are best suited for the summer season. They have an attractive appearance and fit perfectly into the interior of the salon.

The category of 3D mats should be singled out separately. They are made of several layers and have all the advantages of the previous two categories. The lower layer provides the best grip, the middle layer provides the best sound insulation and waterproofing, and the upper layer provides an attractive appearance and retention of dirt, dust and water. The mats are ideal for the interior of a car and are perfectly matched to the shape of the car.


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