Tyres: Varieties and parameters for selection

Tyres: Varieties and parameters for selection

Safety and quality of truck traffic is largely determined by the tyres. Only the right choice of tyres can guarantee that the machine will show stability and confidence in all technical characteristics during operation. That’s why all drivers must be extremely critical when choosing truck tyres.

Various truck tires for cars

Trucks can be fitted with tyres on different axles, which differ in terms of technical data. This rule is known to all drivers. But not all motorists know that tyres are classified not only by the nature of their installation. Today’s choice of truck tyres includes the following options:

    • new,


  • b/a model from Germany,
  • restored,
  • special.


Tire varieties

If there are no specific questions about the new tyres, the other options are unfamiliar to many drivers. Used tires from Germany are one of the most popular items on the domestic market. Wholesale sales of tires of this format in the catalog http://www.1001shina.ru/ are carried out for companies with their own impressive fleet of vehicles, shops and warehouses.

All products undergo a strict procedure of defection before sale, which confirms their suitability for further use. Taking into account the excellent quality of German routes and consumables, domestic drivers within the framework of a democratic budget receive rubber of impeccable quality and reliability. The remanufactured tires from Germany have almost identical technical parameters.

Special truck tyres are an economically viable solution for certain types of transport. They provide a high level of operational reliability for quarry equipment, loaders, reach trucks, etc. Belshina and Michelin brands are among the leaders in this field.

Cargo tires – leading manufacturers

Truck tires are present in the product lines of almost all world manufacturers. The most budget solutions are offered by Chinese and Russian brands. The products of European manufacturers – Bridgestone, Good Year, Yokohama, Pirelli and many others – are focused on maximum reliability. The choice in favor of a particular brand should always be determined by the financial capabilities of the customer, as well as the geography of tires operation.

Truck tires


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