Haima 2

Haima 2
  • Car model: Haima
  • Producing country: China
  • Year of issue: 2015
  • Body Type: Hatchback

Haima 2 is a very convenient and compact hatchback, which is produced in China since 2009. Externally, it is very similar to the Japanese Mazda 2. The designers decided to take a similar model for similarity during the development and production of this machine. The car was created for those who like comfort and live in the city. The whole model range is Haima.


Paying attention to Haima 2 hatchback, a pleasant appearance is immediately noticeable, and you understand that the Chinese company is striving to repeat the stylistic forms of the Japanese automobile concern Mazda. The modern shell of the car with a considerable number of stampings hides the budget content of the car. In front of Haima 2 hatchback is very similar to Mazda 2, and its form of main lighting. Similarity can be seen and Haima 7 and Mazda Tribute. And if you read the article: Haima’s history everything will fall into place.

Haima 2 photo car

The pentagonal grille and emblem of the radiator can even confuse the Chinese with the Japanese. The bottom line of the compact hatchback, which rises rapidly to the tail section of the compact Chinese, provides the person who drives the machine with good visibility and highlights the dynamic qualities of the Chinese. For the same purpose, there are made considerable, but streamlined mirrors for a rear view which are operated by means of an electric drive and considerable inclination of a windshield.

As for the wheels, the manufacturer offers an optional choice of steel wheels with 14 inches or wheels with a light alloy of 15 diameters. It is necessary to highlight an interesting feature – the doors are closed just like those of high-quality and expensive cars.


The interior of Haima 2 hatchback is made in a modest style. The rounded deflectors of the ventilation system do not go against the style of the entire interior and the shape of the dashboard. Located in the center, the console looks boring. Except for the radio, which supports MP3 and USB, only the alarm key and 3 handles of the air conditioner can be found in the center. It is not yet planned to supply a car with climate control and multifunctional steering wheel.

Despite the uniform colour of all plastic, this “sparing” picture is developed by inserts of armchairs and panels of doors. Despite this, when you turn on the dimensions, the instrument lighting looks bright and unusual, because it is multi-colored. Luggage compartment has 195 liters, but moving the shelf a little higher you can achieve 260 liters of useful space. If necessary, you can fold the back of the sofa, increasing the space available up to 1020 liters. Moreover, the trunk has special nets.

Salon Haima 2


The Chinese decided to put under the hood of Haima 2 hatchback to choose a pair of power units operating on gasoline. Both are synchronized with 5-speed manual transmission. The standard engine is a 1.3 liter engine with a capacity of 93 horsepower. The next engine looks more powerful – the 1.5-liter engine develops 105 horsepower. In front you can find an independent suspension of the famous McPherson company, and on the rear axle you can find an ordinary twisted beam. The car consumes about 7 liters per hundred in the city mode.

Photo of Haima 2

Complexations and prices

The approximate cost of Haima 2 hatchback will vary from 320,000 Russian rubles. The standard equipment has an on-board computer, an airbag for the driver, as well as electric windows on the front windows. An additional airbag for the passenger to the right of the driver and the entire electric package can be installed for a fee.

Haima 2 car picture

Bottom line

Initially, it seems that this car is perfect for girls who live in the city, and do not chase for large capacity and high-speed driving. Quite acceptable luggage compartment will help to make convenient purchases and transportation. Low fuel consumption allows you to call the car quite economical. Of course, there is not enough in the interior of the Chinese hatchback, but for the money you can turn a blind eye to it. Moreover, that it possesses all necessary “a minimum of comfort” where also GUR, the conditioner of a stereo system with the onboard computer, ABS.

Haima 2 side view

We advise you to read the article: Haima’s history

Haima 2 photos

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