Haima M3

Haima M3
  • Car model: Haima
  • Producing country: China
  • Year of issue: 2013
  • Body Type: Sedan

Haima M3 sedan is a Chinese-made sedan car that was presented in the Chinese city of Guangzhou at the 2012 car show. Already next year, in 2013, the car began to be produced in serial order, and it was the debut product of the company. Interestingly, this company has been cooperating with the Japanese company Mazda for more than 20 years, but this time it decided to produce its own car. The whole model range is Haima.


The design of the Haima M3 sedan design was developed by masters from the IDEA studio. Thanks to this, it turned out to be a modern look that attracts motorists. It looks very harmonious, with smooth contours of appearance, which are perfectly combined with stylish decorative details. The newest lighting equipment in a unique design only complements the colorful appearance of the sedan.

Haima M3 photo

The ground clearance is modest 130 mm, which is still not enough for Russian roads. The car itself, depending on its modification and additional options, weighs from 1140 – 1210 kg, and the volume of fuel tank is equal to 50 liters. Moreover, the management has even indicated a drag coefficient, which is 0.27 Сх in terms of aerodynamic efficiency. This is a very good indicator, because the 11th generation Corolla Toyota similar indicator is equal to 0.28 Сx.

Haima M3 car

Regarding the bodywork, it is made by the latest technologies, using laser welding and processing. More than 50% of all parts are made of steel. In front, it looks very spectacular, where no less beautifully fits smooth bodywork, a large bumper with air intake, located below and fog lights. On the side it looks wedge-shaped, with a rapid rising edge of the window sill, large doors, a powerful back of almost flawless radius of the arches of the wheels, in which you want to mount disks with a large diameter. The stern looks quite standard. You can see a lot of lamp lamps located horizontally, luggage compartment lid with a decent vertical wall and bumper, which hints at the sporty and dynamic nature.


It’s not just the look of the car that makes you feel good. The salon has a good ergonomics, near the driver and quite a quality interior decoration, but still with a subtext for the class of the car. The majority of internal elements are connected qualitatively, and the profile of armchairs has rigidity.

The steering wheel has comfortable tides under the grip of the hands. On the dashboard you can see the main instruments, which are located in a couple of wells, are quite clear, but still have a minus – the glare from the sun can sometimes prevent you from reading information from them.

Haima M3 interior

The management of the various functions is very convenient, and all management bodies are in place. Separately, it is worth noting the good work of climate control. The interior is rich in hard plastic and traditional for cars from China, poisonous blue illumination of screens. Moreover, the details of the front panel, made of plastic, but painted under the chrome, lack of adjustments of the steering column on the departure and a small lateral support of the seats located in front are upsetting.

Haima M3

Makes the given minus quite good luggage compartment in volume of 450 litres with not bad internal furnish to lower a little. There is a spare wheel hidden there. If necessary, it is possible to fold the backrests, thereby increasing the useful space. The pleasant thing is that the boot lid can be opened either with a key or a lever that is near the driver.


Speaking of the power qualities of the M3 sedan, there is a gasoline engine with a volume of 1.5 liters, capable of producing 112 horsepower. The torque is transmitted to the front wheels by means of a 5-speed manual gearbox or by means of a variator. The speed limit is 170 km/h and the fuel consumption per 100 km is about 6.5 litres. The company is still silent about dynamic characteristics. For example, Haima 7 gives out 149 horses and eats 8.1 liters.

Haima M3 Engine


The M3 machine is chosen by those who respect their time and like comfort, without forgetting to ensure an adequate level of safety. The machine test showed the best safety in this segment. The safety of the Haima M3 includes availability:

  • Bosch anti-lock braking system applications – and this guarantees smooth, stable operation of the braking system and a denser pulsating frequency;
  • Seat head restraints, the front passenger and driver are provided with 2 airbags, and the Elite model even has a side airbag;
  • Three-point child seat mountings;
  • Rational luminous efficacy of headlights.

Haima M3 picture of the car

Passive safety features of the machine include the use of three-dimensional technologies in the bodywork, which are made of high-strength material. The middle pillar is made of sheet metal, which thickness is 1.8 mm, and the doors come with shockproof beams.  Longerons, along with internal panels, rear beams made of strong steel sheets, were produced with the introduction of laser welding technology. All such solutions were made to ensure the necessary level of safety of the machine.

A special beam was installed in the engine bay, which had high rigidity to reflect the impact and preserve the integrity of the powertrain department. Due to the design of the rear beams, in the event of a collision, can effectively provide protection against deformation of the luggage compartment and passengers of the vehicle. Moreover, it will help prevent the fuel tank from igniting in the event of a possible accident.

Security systems include:

  • Central Castle;
  • Automatic closing of the door locks, after the car starts moving;
  • Immobilizer.

Passive safety refers to the presence:

  • Safety cushions for the driver;
  • Airbags for the front passenger;
  • Rear door locks (childproofing);
  • Plastic enclosure for powertrain protection;
  • Belt tensioners on the front seats;
  • Three-point seat belts for people in the back row;
  • Injury-free steering column;
  • Chauffeur’s unbuckled seatbelt signal.

Active safety and hangers can be activated by the presence of a hanger:

  • Anti-block brake system;
  • Systems that can distribute braking forces;
  • Systems that can distribute braking forces
  • Rear drum brakes;
  • Disc brakes ahead;
  • Manual brake off warning signal;
  • Manual brake off signal
  • A warning light for open doors.

Passive safety

The passive safety of the Haima M3 consists of a three-dimensional body structure. Sheets of high-strength steel were used to manufacture the body, which allowed to achieve a 19% increase in strength when compared to the machines in this segment. The middle stand was made of 1.8 mm thick steel sheet and the doors were fitted with shock absorbers. As for the front longitudinal spars and inner door panels, they were laser welded.

Haima M3 photo 2011

To passive body safety it is possible to carry small weight and good durability that serves as a considerable plus for a body component of the car. For this purpose, in order to reduce the weight of the body, for a considerable number of parts used steel ultra-high strength and laser processing. The percentage of high strength steel in the bodywork is 50%. Haima M3 has active safety as well. This may surprise, but it is the brand of Haima M3 that is the leader in the use of the latest 9th ABS family from BOSCH. Advanced by these advantages, you can highlight the presence:

  1. More dense system of the newest generation;
  2. Because the braking process is smoother;
  3. Better stable linear deceleration.

Complections and prices

Haima M3 sedan is available in the following configurations and pricing policies. Only one engine with 1.5-liter volume and 112 horses is used as the engine. Model 1.5 Standart MT comes with 5-stage mechanics and is estimated at $8742,76. For the model 1.5 Comfort MT with the same equipment will have to pay $9368,36. Haima M3 Sedan 1.5 Elite CVT with a variator will have to pay $8429,96. The most expensive equipment is 1.5 Deluxe CVT.

The initial equipment of the car Haima M3 Standart has a mechanical box, headlights with daytime running lights and the option of delay of switching off, electric drive of rear view mirrors with repeaters, steel 15-inch disks, ABS and EBD, electronic gas pedal, front airbags, central locking with remote control, fabric upholstery, power windows on all side windows, air conditioning, two-plane adjustable steering column and 4-speaker audio system supporting radio, CD, MP3, USB.

Haima M3 sedan

Next comes the Comfort package. It comes with a mechanical box, but there is a presence of rear parktronic, on-board computer, light-alloy 15-inch wheel rims, fog lights, heating of exterior mirrors, climate control, music control on the steering wheel, central armrests in front and rear, heated front seats, acoustic system for 6 speakers.

Elite comes with a CVT variator and almost exactly replicates the equipment of the Standart, but there are front fog lights, rear parktronic and multifunctional steering wheel. Improved equipment Deluxe comes also with a variator and has the same functions as are present in the modification Comfort, only added rubber 195/55, a diagonal of 15 inches, ESP and an electric drive to open the lid of the luggage compartment.

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Not bad appearance of the car;
  • Good front lighting;
  • Good coefficient of aerodynamic drag;
  • The bodywork component was made of high-strength steel and its ratio there is 50%;
  • Salon has a nice interior finish;
  • Admissible luggage compartment;
  • Pretty powerful power units;
  • Good equipment even in the basic version;
  • Secure security level;
  • There are various driver assistance systems;
  • Not bad fuel consumption.

Cons of a car

  • Feed part looks a bit boring;
  • Some parts of the interior are not as well executed as we would like them to be;
  • Central panel looks poor;
  • With the dashboard it can be difficult to read information in the sun;
  • The cheap plastic used to create the front panel;
  • Slight side support for seats that are located in front.

We sum up

The Jaime M3 car is more or less balanced. It is clear that the Chinese car is still far from such world-famous brands as BMW, Mercedes-Benz and so on, but judging by the latest cars, it is improving very quickly. It is also nice that the car company does not put too much price tags on such cars, which allows you to stay in such an insidious car market.

Even if the interior is not exquisite and the materials are not premium, but for a similar price tag, the car can be forgiven a lot, especially since it is not so bad. There is enough space for the rear passengers, and the knees do not rest on the front seat backrests. Everything is simple and intuitive. I am glad that there is an abundant basic equipment, as well as the fact that the Chinese have taken the issue of ensuring an adequate level of safety very seriously. It’s a pity that there is only one non-alternative powertrain.

Haima M3

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Haima M3 photo

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