Kee-cars: Who needs it and why?

Kee-cars: Who needs it and why?

Have you heard anything about carts? It turns out that this is almost the funniest vehicle in Japanese car culture. Only at a time when the people of the Land of the Rising Sun are fans of kei-cars, the world is spinning at the temple. So, what are kei-cars, what is their peculiarity? Such a phenomenon as kei-cars is really typical only for Japanese people.

After the war such means tried to attract to Europe because of the compactness and cheapness. But the “trifle-belly” did not become a cult. But in Japan, kei-cars are at the height. Probably, the tax breaks for such cars and Japanese culture are to blame for everything. In the end, these people are used to do only the most necessary things, to be fans of minimalism, to be modest in everything, etc.

Suzuki Hustler

What’s the benefit? The length of these vehicles is 3.4 m and the engine volume is up to 660 cm/cubic. For comparison, our “Eyes” fits miraculously into this segment, while Daew Matiz, the characteristics can be found by clicking here, already too big. If the restrictions are a whip, what is a gingerbread? It’s not just about the simplified parking. First of all, you save on the content of such cars.

Toyota Pixis

Purchase of a carat is greatly simplified, because there is no need to show a piece of paper about the availability of parking spaces. Excise tax on such cars is slightly less – 5% instead of 3%. Insurance saves at least 15%, while road and other taxes save another 20-30%. All these advantages make kei-cars ideal for students, people living not so prosperous. Would you buy a kei-car for yourself or your friends? We are waiting for your comments on this!

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