Why Do Thousands Of Crypto Enthusiasts Trust Mixers?

Why Do Thousands Of Crypto Enthusiasts Trust Mixers?

Because the number of cryptocurrency transactions has increased, cybercrime has also increased, forcing the owners of digital coins to be more prudent. The primary way to protect against the discovery of a transaction is a Bitcoin mixer, which builds in protection that prevents the source of coins from being discovered.

General Information

For some people, the transparency of blockchain technology is an advantage, while for others, it is a disadvantage. Many people prefer to maintain absolute confidentiality when conducting cryptocurrency transactions. Although transactions with virtual currency using blockchain technology are reliably protected, there is still a specific trace by which you can trace the digital storage and its owner.

But complete anonymity can only be achieved using a crypto mixer. They are a tool that allows you to mix the coins of several users. Thus, the path between the owner of the coins and the recipient is interrupted. Therefore, it is impossible to trace such a transaction to identify the sender and recipient’s identity and the amount transferred.

The Principle Of Mixing And Blending Transaction Traces

Mixing and obfuscating traces are the main actions in the operation of a cryptocurrency mixer. It allows you to hide the source of digital coins and their final destination. Therefore, millions of crypto enthusiasts use this mixing technology.

The first way is a temporary delay in operations. The processing of coins is suspended for a certain period. This action makes it difficult to trace the wallet from which the coins were sent because it creates a temporary gap in the transaction.

The second way is to conduct a transaction through different crypto storages. This technology involves using several digital vaults (a chain of intermediaries) to transfer coins from one vault to another. Such a multi-point path makes it very difficult to trace a cryptocurrency transaction.

The third method is the use of different denominations. Simply put, this technology consists of the number of bitcoins divided into several sects and mixed with the bitcoins of other owners of electronic coins. This method increases the level of confidentiality.

Bitcoin mixer

Explore Mixing Technology In Detail

Depending on the type of service, the mixing technology may differ slightly. But we will consider the main steps of the mixing process.

Address generation. Cryptomixer generates several unique addresses to which users will send their electronic coins. These addresses will be used to distribute and receive mixed coins.

Separation of cryptocurrencies. When crypto receivers accept all the coins, they divide them into small amounts. This technology allows you to increase the confidentiality of coins, making it impossible to track them to the source of origin.

They are mixing coins. Then they are mixed with the coins of other users. Thus, all funds are combined into a single pool for further dispersal among all mixing participants. Processed coins will be returned to customers in small batches.

Confusion of paths. A Bitcoin tumbler can use various technologies to obfuscate the traces of transactions and the source of receipt. It can delay the operation, route it through several crypto stores, or use digital coins of various denominations.

Distribution of bitcoins between participants. The processed coins will be sent back to the participants. They will receive them from the general pool of mixed funds, which no longer have a connection through which it would be possible to track the route of the transaction.

Operation confirmation. After the electronic funds are dispersed among the recipients whose coins were mixed, the transaction is recorded in the blockchain – validation occurs. And this is where the work of the crypto mixer ends.

This whole complex allows you to increase the degree of anonymity, allowing customers not to worry about tracking their transactions.

Bitcoin mixer

Benefits Of Mixing E-Coins

Using a crypto mixer provides many advantages to virtual currency holders who prefer entirely confidential and secure transactions. Let’s list the main benefits.

The high degree of confidentiality. Mixing allows the participants of transactions to remain anonymous, allowing you to hide the crypto storage’s address and its owner’s identity.

Blockchain analytics protection. Most companies use this technique to track transactions, allowing authentication of participants in the transaction. By mixing, transaction participants can protect themselves from such analyses and ensure complete anonymity.

There is availability of a high degree of protection against cybernetic hacking. Crypto mixers offer participants an extra layer of protection against vault hacks. Such protection will make it difficult for fraudsters to find out the address of the wallet and steal coins.

How To Compare Tumblers?

The choice of service requires a competent approach, which involves the analysis of the following main aspects:

  • Service reputation. Pay attention to the importance of the platform by carefully reading the comments and reviews left by users. This information will help to find out this cryptocurrency mixer’s reputation and degree of popularity.
  • Availability of security tools. Such a service must necessarily have certain functionality to increase the reliability and safety of operations. For example, to have several techniques for mixing digital coins.
  • Payment for mixing service. As a rule, the mixing service is paid, and each platform has its payment requirements. Either a fixed price or a commission from the amount of invested bitcoins for mixing.

There are many different crypto mixers, and it depends on you how competent the choice will be made. For example, one of the reliable platforms is MixBTC. This service has already earned the trust of many users.


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