Iconic Formula One drivers: The careers of the world’s most influential and successful drivers

Iconic Formula One drivers: The careers of the world’s most influential and successful drivers

Formula One is perhaps the most famous and popular racing competition in the world. The tracks where the races are held are located in different parts of the world, so it makes sense that the most dedicated fans and lovers of real-time racing travel across the globe to watch their favorite races in person. But this is also possible thanks to the idols that F1 racing itself has given to the world.

Formula 1 icons

Michael Schumacher

Iconic Formula One drivers

One of the legends of racing is German driver Michael Schumacher. This driver’s golden years are associated with the Ferrari team and his later move to Mercedes significantly affected his career statistics – there was only one podium finish at Valencia in several years! Michael is also known as a master of driving on slippery tracks. One of his most remarkable performances was during the rain race of the 1996 Spanish Grand Prix. He has won the world championship 7 times.

Lewis Hamilton

The current Formula One driver is a living legend of this form of motorsport. The British roadmaster started his career at McLaren very brilliantly by winning his first race! And Lewis won his first title in his second season – it was 2008. Since 2013 he has been part of the Mercedes AMG team and has 7 championship titles to his name.

Juan Manuel Fangio

Schumacher and Hamilton are the all-time record holders for the number of world titles won. After them comes Argentine driver Juan Manuel Fangio, who won his last, fifth trophy in 1957. He came from a family of Italian immigrants and was nicknamed the “Maestro.” His biggest rival on the circuit, by the way, was Italian Alberto Ascari.

Alain Prost

The French racing driver is a four-time world champion. He has driven for several teams: McLaren-Ford, Renault F1 and others. His last victory was in 1993 for the Williams-Relault team, after which he took a well-deserved rest and refused to defend the title (which, by the way, will be won for the first time by Michael Schumacher in 1994).

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Formula 1 today

Iconic Formula One drivers

Formula 1 today is no worse for wear. There are strong new drivers competing against each other in their race cars, both individually and as a team. And the opportunity has arisen for the next generation to stand alongside the greatest road racers, the brightest of whom are representatives:

– Max Verstappen

– Charles Leclaire

– Sergio Perez

– George Russell

– Carlos Sainz Jr.


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