Rent a Car in Europe or Travel by Own Car

Rent a Car in Europe or Travel by Own Car

Europeans have long been accustomed to the Fly and Drive system and actively use it when traveling in Europe itself or on trips to other continents. Its essence consists in renting a car after arrival in other country (Fly) and continuing travel already behind the wheel (Drive). The number of our compatriots who like to drive in Europe by rented cars increases every year, but there are just as many supporters of traveling by their own car, as they say from door to door. And if you still have doubts about whether to go to Europe by your car or buy a plane ticket and car rental in Warsaw, read our material. We tried to compare for you the main parameters of both options, and the final choice is up to you.

Driving experience

Fly and Drive: From one year for budget cars and more (sometimes up to 5 years) for rent-a-cars; sometimes related to age: in some countries the driving experience requirement increases to three years instead of one for drivers under 25.

Personal car: Does not matter.

Rent a Car in Europe or Travel by Own Car

Driver’s License.

Fly and Drive: An international driving license issued not more than one year in advance is required.

Private Car: A Russian license will do, as long as it’s stamped “Permis de conduire” and the driver’s first and last name are duplicated in Latin letters.

It is easier and faster to pass customs at the airport than when crossing the border by car.


Fly and Drive: must be taken out at the car rental company, usually includes insurance against theft, against civil liability, and against damage to the car itself. Incomplete insurance reduces rental costs, but increases the costs should an insured event occur.

Private car: The list of documents for a Schengen visa includes only standard insurance (Green Card), the rest of the insurance the tourist is free to do or not to do.

Car Model

Fly and Drive: Rent a car in Europe – a great opportunity to be behind the wheel of a dream car, you can test-drive a powerful jeep, agile sports car, convertible, rare model, or even a limousine. In addition, you can pick up more suitable for the chosen route and season type of car – for example, Jeep for off-road, small-sized model for travel through the narrow streets of old cities and easy parking there, or car with good air conditioning for a trip in the hot summer in southern Europe.

Personal Car: No comment.

Rent a Car in Europe or Travel by Own Car

Freedom of movement

Fly and Drive: large companies allow you to take a car and return it in different cities or even countries in Europe.

Own car: You can not get rid of it during the whole trip – the farther into Europe you go, the longer it takes to get home.

And if weighing the pros and cons and act rationally is not in your rules, just decide what is more important to you – for the shortest possible time to see as many places, landing at one edge of Europe and flying away from the other, or enjoy the long hauls, including in Russia, and after returning to boast about the odometer readings and capabilities of his old lady. Have you made up your mind? Then – forward, to conquer the European roads! Have a good trip!


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