The history of Scion

The history of Scion

The first Scion, xA hatchback and xB station wagon were launched in California in 2003 and later added to the tC sports coupe. The entire Sion range.

Scion logo


In 1999, Toyota began to take a number of measures to attract young people to Toyota’s products in the United States. This project aims to create a “brand in the brand” in sales and advertising strategy for compact and coupe models sold by Toyota. Toyota decided to start a separate brand, this project was named Project Exodus. Later this project became known as Stsion.

Scion xB

It was presented as a youth brand in March 2002 at the New York Motor Show. Two concept vehicles, bbX (available as xB) and ccX (available as tC), were shown. xA and Scion xb were introduced a year later in Los Angeles. The vehicles were first sold exclusively in 105 Toyota offices in California.

Scion tC

Next year, the brand gradually expanded to the South, Southeast and East Coast. In 2005, tC. Two years later, the company presented the next generation of xB based on the t2B concept and the new xD, the successor to xA.

Scion xA

The Canadian division of Toyota began selling the Szion brand in the second half of 2010 to 45 selected dealers in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver and other cities. TC, xD and xB models were available. Toyota IQ, sold in Canada as one of the Scion models.

Scion xD

Toyota also duplicated their efforts to achieve the same goal in their national market in Japan by renaming their dealer channels Toyota Vista Store as the Netz Store in 2004, with all of the vehicles under the brand name Netz, designed for the domestic market. According to Toyota’s management, the acronym “Netz” means “N etwork E nergetic T eams for Z enith”.

Modern sales

The Stsion brand currently includes five models: the second generation tC, a 3-door hatchback based on the European Avensis sedan; the second generation xB, a 5-door compact van known for its rectangular shapes, sold as the Toyota Corolla Rumion on the Japanese market; IQ, an ultra-compact city car; and xD, a five-door small car.

Scion IQ

Sold in Japan as the second generation of Toyota ist, which is based on the Yaris platform with the tenth generation Corolla engine and the FR-S rear-wheel drive sports car. The company currently focuses its sales mainly on the IQ passenger car, FR-S sports coupe and second generation tC. Since April 2013, both the Canadian and American Scion websites have continued to sell xB and xD in various configurations.

Scion FR-S

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