Bridgestone Summer Tires – Overview 2019

Bridgestone Summer Tires – Overview 2019

One of the leaders of tire manufacturers – the Bridgestone concern offers car owners to choose the suitable summer tires for any type of car, climatic conditions and financial possibilities. Don’t you believe it? See Bridgestone summer tires – 2019 Overview

Tourist Series Turanza

Many people associate summer season with long journeys and travels, that’s why Bridgestone has created a separate premium series Turanza and year after year adds new products to it. The main requirements for the tour series – tire durability, maneuverability on a wet track, comfortable driving.

At the peak of sales – a new generation summer tire Bridgestone Turanza T005. In it, the manufacturer used all the latest inventions of engineers, chemists and designers. It is not for nothing that this tire was included in the basic equipment of BMW, Lexus, Audi, Toyota. See for yourself:

  • High-strengthened multi-layer tire frame includes components such as aramid fiber, rigid metal wire, nylon yarns. By strengthening the inner frame, the tire’s service life is noticeably longer and it is better able to cope with loads, unevenness and other unfavorable factors. The shielding layer provided reliable protection against punctures and protrusions on the road.
  • The composition of the Nano Pro-Tech rubber compound has also been reinforced with silicon molecules, which has increased the strength characteristics of the tyre and significantly reduced rolling resistance.
  • The complete drainage system is made up of 4 wide ring channels and associated micro-routes, which remove excess water and dirt from the contact spot while driving in the rain.

In addition to the Turanza T005 model, car owners can choose other Turanza models: T001, ER 300, ER 33, ER 42, ER 30.


Ecopia Ecology Series

The manufacturer has taken care of car owners with a small budget and has created a unique inexpensive series, which allows you to save a lot of money on fuel due to its environmentally friendly composition. The cost of the tyres themselves is also low and affordable for any consumer. The latest models of this series are the passenger car tire Ecopia EP 300 and the tire for crossovers and SUVs Ecopia EP 850.

Let’s consider one of novelties Ecopia EP 300. It differs asymmetric design of a protector, the rounded edges of stiffeners and the beveled blocks which provide a stable stain of a contact and a short brake way even on a wet line.


The manufacturer has been working on it for 4 years and after the successful launch compared to the previous EP 200 series. The rolling resistance was reduced by 10% compared to the previous model, the braking distance on the wet road was reduced by 1 meter at 80 km/h and the speed increased from 80 to 100 km/h in the driving test.

Improved compounding by adding polymers and silicone and deeper tread pattern in the shoulder areas has increased the service life of the tire Ecopia EP 300.

Potenza sports series

The sports and road tires of the Potenza series are world famous for their participation and victories in Formula 1 races. They are distinguished by their extraordinary handling at a set of huge speeds on dry and wet road surface, excellent grip during braking, quick response to the steering wheel. The latest model of this series is the Bridgestone Potenza S007 tire, which is included in the basic equipment of Ferrari, Audi, BMW, Aston Martin cars.

They are characterized by a more advanced composition of rubber mixture NANO PRO Tech, which has increased the wear resistance of the tire and improved adhesion. A central rib with an even profile and increased stiffness is responsible for an instant response to the steering wheel. M-shaped lamellas increase the stiffness of the tire, which prevents deformation and has a positive effect on its service life.

Series for Dueler SUVs

The premium summer series Dueler for all-wheel drive SUVs can be used not only on flat city roads, but also outside the city on dirt, sand and stone surfaces. The tires of this series are characterized by improved grip, powerful shoulder blocks that prevent aquaplaning and give maneuverability in corners, safety and comfort.


The latest addition to this series is the Bridgestone Dueler A/T001. Its brutal and aggressive tread pattern cannot be confused with any other tyre. Large blocks of different heights and tilt angles of the central stiffening ribs are responsible for the iron grip and wear resistance of the tire. An unusual water drainage system with two deep longitudinal channels and a network of shallow ones has proven to be an instantaneous drainage system that breaks the water film and prevents the aquaplaning effect.


So far, the first and only representative of the Alenza series is the premium tire for ALENZA 001 SUVs. Its distinctive features are the 3D M-shaped blades on the center ribs of the stiffness, providing improved grip on the road in dry and wet weather. 4 deep water drains quickly remove dirt and water from the contact spot, preventing the aquaplaning effect.


The updated compound reduces rolling resistance, making it easier to operate and reducing fuel consumption. In general, it is ideal for premium SUVs in the Bridgestone range. From this list, every motorist will be able to choose the Bridgestone summer tires that meet certain conditions. Bridgestone uses all known technical innovations and inventions to produce masterpieces of the tire industry and meet the highest demands of consumers.

It is she who owns the discovery of Run Flat technology, which allows the car on a punctured and fully flat tire to reach the nearest service. Do you still expect a member of the top three? Future discoveries and novelties are not far off.


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