Is GAZelle suitable for cargo transportation

Is GAZelle suitable for cargo transportation

Are you moving in and thinking about hiring a truck?
That’s a great idea, if you don’t have your own transport. What kind of car should I pick up? Most people with experience in moving will say what is best for GAZelle’s cargo transportation. This model will fit both personal belongings and oversized furniture. Most of them are perfect, you don’t have to spend money on a big truck.

Why this brand of car is popular for cargo transportation

GAZelle is perfect for traveling to a big, lively city. Its advantages are that:

  • Has a good payload. It will fit from 1500 to 1700 kg (depending on the type of model and equipment). The car can drive without problems in those areas where capacity is limited, for example, 3500 kg. “GAZelle” will be allowed to pass there, where a large truck cannot be driven.
  • Fast and maneuverable. In urban conditions, this is a big plus. Nobody wants to stand in traffic jams for hours. A small “gazelle” can deliver things as quickly as possible. For it are not a hindrance narrow streets and alleys. It will pass almost everywhere.
  • Economical. Fuel consumption of this vehicle is small. This is about 17 liters per 1000 kilometers. If you calculate, several GAZelle walks will cost no more than one trip in a truck.
  • It is undemanding to the quality of fuel. It will ride on any gasoline.
  • Reliable. Despite its size, the car with good “endurance”. It can be used even for long-distance trips.

All these moments are beneficial not only for the carrier, but also for the customer. The latter receives the highest quality service and does not overpay.

GAZelle for freight

What principles to follow when choosing a service

Of course, it is important that transport is always in good technical condition. This is usually the case with large companies. With an amateur carrier, you will rarely find a car that can drive without any problems, as it requires a lot of money to be invested. A large company has it and is willing to spend it, because its reputation is important. In addition, by contacting a shipping organization, you get a guarantee that the cargo will be delivered safely.

If something is damaged, you will be compensated in accordance with the rules set out in the contract. You will not be able to claim damages if you contact an ordinary person you know or if you have a car that is not being transported illegally. Of course, there is nothing to stop you from making claims, but whether they will be met is a big question. Don’t forget about the right packaging.

The better this is done, the more likely it is that the shipment will be successful. If you doubt that you can do it well, contact a specialist. When choosing a particular company, read the entire list of services it provides and the terms and conditions. Be sure to sign the contract. It will be proof of the relationship between the client and the company. It usually contains all the nuances that may arise during the execution of the order.


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