Disks on Chevrolet Niva: Defining parameters for selecting

Disks on Chevrolet Niva: Defining parameters for selecting

Offroader “Niva Chevrolet” combines repairability of domestic transport and elegance, reliability of foreign models. Due to this, the car is in high demand among the drivers of our country. But how well Chevrolet Niva performs in operation on domestic highways depends to a large extent on its equipment. One of the most important aspects is the choice of wheels.

What are the criteria for choosing discs on Chevrolet Niva

The defining parameter when replacing discs is the purpose of the vehicle. Some drivers spend the lion’s share of time driving in off-road conditions. Others prefer a calm driving style only on city streets. The choice of models in these two cases differs radically.

Luxury versions of Chevrolet Niva are equipped with cast discs. The products have a spectacular, noticeable design, but are not suitable for use in off-road conditions. Any potholes or stone can cause the products to crack on impact. Steel disks on the Niva Chevrolet in simple configurations put in the factory.

Chevrolet Niva discs

They have a standard design, but demonstrate good serviceability. One nuance: The factory stamping is highly susceptible to deformation due to poor steel quality. Therefore, drivers also rarely leave these products, preferring to replace them with more reliable and durable alternatives.

Cast or steel discs: where to choose

Cast discs on Chevrolet Niva are an acceptable solution if the driver is not going to leave the city streets. Careful driving, attention to stones and potholes while driving, will significantly extend the life of these products.

If the SUV is to be used for its intended purpose, the factory disks are to be replaced. Optimal choice for operation in difficult conditions – qualitative stamping. The ORW brand offers good options in this line. The products of this brand are characterized:

  • an excellent quality of steel;
  • high reliability;
  • with larger diameters of holes.

Photo of Chevrolet Niva

The latter indicator ensures that ORW steel discs are cleaned of dirt much faster. The enlarged openings in the products allow unhindered air access to the brakes. The Niva Chevrolet standard is equipped with R15 discs, with slight upward or downward variations in size.


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