Hankook tires: do they justify themselves

Hankook tires: do they justify themselves

We are not going to tell you that Hankook is a cool tire manufacturer with a leading position in the world market or how high the quality of its products is.

You can find out for yourself by reading the tire reviews “noopener noreferrer”>Hankook on social media, any car website or forum.

In this article we will look at the answers to the questions that concern many people: is sheepskin dressing worth it? Does it make sense to buy these tyres, given their considerable cost? Or still do not overpay, finding analogues cheaper?

Price or security: what’s more important to you


When choosing tires for a car, any motorist takes into account a number of criteria. Among them is the price and level of safety. Of course, there is still quality and other features, but all of them are displayed in the cost of tires. That is, the price is already possible, even without reading the description of the product, roughly understand what it is.

Let’s start with the cost. In today’s reality, the price of tires is one of the key criteria for Ukrainians. There are several reasons for this:

  1. Year-round driving requires 2 sets of rubber: summer and winter. And that’s not much, no less – 8 wheels. The price for them starts from 3 thousand, and it, at least, will turn out 24 000 hryvnias. In fact, there are more, because winter tyres are more expensive. You can ride on all-season tires, the price will be slightly lower.
  2. Tires tend to wear out. And the more you drive, the faster the process goes on. And if you put all season rubber, it may not be enough even for 1 year (of course, it depends on your activity).
  3. Wish to save money. Gasoline prices are constantly rising, inspections and repairs are expensive, and buying a car is not cheap. What can you save money on without much damage? Right, the first thing that many people will think about is tires.

If you look at it from this point of view, buying Hankook rubber does not make much sense. They say, why overpay for the brand, if you can take a cheaper option?

But there is another side to the medal, even more important than the price. It’s about your safety. Perhaps you think it’s nonsense, but even after a small accident, a person’s opinion about it changes dramatically.

See yourself:

  • roads in Ukraine leave much to be desired;
  • the climate is also constantly pleasing with surprises such as frost in November or snow in April;
  • Machines are getting bigger, and with them, the number of fools on the roads is growing.

This way, you need good quality tires that hold the grip well on wet roads, can brake quickly if necessary, and so on. Otherwise, you will at least damage your own and someone else’s car, which will affect the family budget. And if you are lucky, you will get to hospital with injuries. And here, besides expenses, there will be also health problems. As a result it will turn out, as in a saying: miserly pays twice.

Everyone therefore decides for themselves what is more important for them: the price or the level of safety. And depending on the answer, he buys the right tyres.

Tire cost comparison


For better visibility, let’s give a small example, in which we compare the cost of tires of different price categories. Let it be summer models of R16 size.

So, in an expensive segment it is possible to take any rubber of the Korean company, for example, Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 K120. Here the price of tires is 2 000-2 300 hryvnias.

In the middle price segment you can take summer tires Barum Bravuris 2. They are produced by a little-known Czech manufacturer and cost 1 700-2 300 UAH.

We will take Chinese summer tires Goodpride RP28 among cheap models. Their cost is 1 000-1 100 UAH .

What’s the end result? Chinese models are twice as cheap as their European counterparts, but their quality is likely to leave much to be desired. There is a difference between Hankook and Barum tires, but it is small. But in terms of quality Koreans have certainly done the Czechs – there can be no doubt about it.

So, are you ready to pay extra 400-500 hryvnias to get reliable Hankook tires? Or do you want to keep this amount by buying rubber from Barum and sacrificing security? Decide for yourself what’s more important to you.

Source: online tire shop shinoman.ua

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator


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