Volkswagen Jetta

Volkswagen Jetta
  • Car model: Volkswagen
  • Producing country: Germany
  • Year of issue: 2015
  • Body Type: Sedan

The sixth generation of the famous C-class sedan, the Volkswagen Jetta, began its existence in 2011, and the renewal of the car in 2015, was able to give freshness to the car, and remove the likely drop in demand from consumers.

For the automotive market of the Russian Federation, the Jetta modification of 2015 is marked by the presence of a specialized “winter” package and the usual lack of power units operating on diesel fuel. The whole model range is Volkswagen.


If we take the appearance of a folk car, there is no significant change in the appearance of the Jetta. The 2015 vehicles were equipped with an updated front bumper, an updated radiator grille and an optional head-end adaptive optical lighting system. The headlamps are now supplied with the AFS adaptive lighting system.  The LED lighting system is already responsible for the lighting, which has 16 LEDs in each headlamp. As an aerodynamic conversion of the machine, the German specialists were able to adjust the shape of the front glass posts slightly.

Cover most of the bottom with plastic covers and adjust the shape of the bumper mounted on the back of the car. They claim that they have managed to increase the aerodynamic performance by 10 percent, which must have a good impact on fuel consumption. They have also expanded the list of wheel rims, which are available as a separate option. Thanks to this, consumers will now be able to choose between 16-inch and 17-inch light alloy wheel variants.

Front view of Volkswagen Jetta 6

In general, the car was able to preserve the standard and a little bit strict body lines and quite attractive appearance, which with the help of point changes, became more modern. The headlights installed in front of the truck, of course, did not undergo any radical innovations, but they acquired xenon filling. Now they look more beautiful and modern. On top of that, the grille has been redesigned, which has increased in volume. Now, the grille has chrome lines. Any of the lines is at the level of the lamps and is completely consistent with all the outlines of the optical system of lighting in the front.

But the shape of the bumper remains the same, but at the moment it is equipped with horizontal folded lines, which implement the option of air intake. The new car has a longer nose section, which flows under the slope. Due to the smooth transition, elegance is created and become. The Volkswagen hood does not promise any changes, its shape has been copied from the older model. Located at the bottom, the part of the car on the front bumper has a black, unpainted edging, which will allow you to avoid scratches during accidental contact with the curb or other road potholes.

Photo of Volkswagen Jetta

In general, when it comes to restyling, each firm has its own perspective on the subject. In this case, it can be argued that the German concern had little desire to change its appearance every year. The side of the car Volkswagen Jetta fully repeats the appearance of the model of 2013 year of production. Almost immediately notice the already recognizable body lines, wheel arches with the wheels themselves. The aft part of the sedan, though a little, but still changed. Initially, it is possible to highlight the rear headlights, which have acquired a smaller size.

If before they got out even up to the number plate, today they are about 40% on the luggage door. The rear bumper itself, along with the additional lighting, was not touched at all. By the way, the luggage door can be opened at a very comfortable level for the driver. To make this manipulation, it is necessary, keeping the hand down, to press the key, after which, the luggage door will start to open. As is customary, the luggage compartment can also be opened with a special button on the special remote control. Similarly, the luggage compartment door can also close.

Rear view of Volkswagen Jetta 6


Paying attention to the interior of the restyled Volkswagen Jetta, then from the functional perception, it seems immediately, nothing has been changed. All pens, buttons and other controls are located in their familiar places. However, the colour palette of the materials inside the car has increased its already existing variations, which look quite elegant. Light shades are perfectly able to combine with various interior details, which have a quality black plastic.

A considerable advantage is the successfully fitted shades, which not only do not make the saloon sedan boring, but do not get bored with time. At the moment, the company-manufacturer offers an improved in terms of quantity and a very interesting color palette for interior decoration. With the help of the latest trends in terms of interior design restyled Jetta, inside the car looks good enough, and sometimes even is the best among the analogues of its own class. Speaking for the quality of the interior – it is at a high level.

Interior of Volkswagen Jetta

All the details that have been used in the interior decoration have not only soft and pleasant to the touch qualities, but also have environmental quality certificates. With the eye, it seems that inside the car has increased its spaciousness, if you compare the previous model. At once, you pay your attention to the comfortable, beautiful multifunctional steering wheel, modernized air ducts and the presence of abundance of chrome parts in the interior.

Similar innovations were made for the title of “sports car”. Although, to be honest, Volkswagen Jetta is originally a car for a comfortable ride. Changes also touched the dashboard. After the changes, all the instruments used for measuring purposes were arranged in “wells”. According to the developers, this arrangement will allow the driver to easily read all the instrument values, while not distracting from the control of the machine.

Volkswagen Jetta 6 photo salon

Speaking of the central display located on the dashboard, I would like to say at once that it has improved its informativeness and became more convenient for displaying the necessary information. Functions of heating and cooling of a temperature mode inside the car, began to function more effectively. Its elements are arranged in such a way that it is possible without any problems to change the position of the temperature mode very quickly, reaching the most comfortable position for the driver and passengers sitting next to him.

It is worth mentioning the useful space of the German sedan Volkswagen Jetta of the 6th generation. It has not been changed – the car still has about 510 liters of free space. After another update, the car Volkswagen Jetta was able to become more technologically advanced. Together with the latest solutions for modernization and design, the car has acquired improved safety services, which relate not only to improved braking, but also to active safety systems.

Volkswagen Jetta 6 trunk

It was nice to have new panoramic mirrors on the sides with an extended list of adjustments. Also thanks to the update, the Volkswagen Jetta salon has a two-zone climate control with LED illumination of interior details.

There is a multifunctional multimedia system of the car, which was produced at a higher level. It contains a touch screen LCD and connectors for SD, USB and iPod. Interestingly, this list is available even in the standard version.


The basic equipment of the manufacturer gives the possibility to choose an atmospheric agent with the volume of 2.0 liters, functioning on gasoline. In addition, it is possible to choose other gasoline engines with a working volume of 1.2 and 1.4 liters and a capacity of 122 hp.

There are more volumetric 1.6-liter power units with the power of 105 horsepower, going as a 16-valve DOHC, as well as 1.8 and 2.0 liter engines. All these engines are turbocharged.

The standard 2.0-liter TDI EA 288 engine has 150 horses and a torque of about 320 Nm. For the European market, a TDI Clean Diesel engine and hybrid powertrain have also been planned.

Volkswagen Jetta 6 engine

For car fans of the Russian Federation, restyled Volkswagen Jetta will be presented in four variations of power units. The basic equipment includes a 1.6-liter, gasoline engine, which develops the maximum power of 85 horsepower at 5200 rpm.

The engine has a 16-valve gas distribution mechanism with a distributed fuel injection system. It allows to reach the first hundred in 11.5 seconds, the maximum speed is set at 180 km/h. It is synchronized with the work of 5-speed manual gearbox, and in a more top version is a reinforced engine, with 105 horses. The last engine is powered not only by a mechanical gearbox, but also by a 6-speed automatic gearbox.

The top-of-the-range equipment has a seven-stage robotic DSG box. The 85-horsepower motor with automatic transmission accelerates up to 100 km/h in 12.5 seconds, and its maximum speed is 177 km/h.

Speaking of dynamic capabilities, according to Jett’s developer, the car with the engine, which has 122 horsepower, can reach the mark of 100 km/h in 9.8 seconds, and no matter what gearbox is installed. The car can reach a maximum mark of 202 km/h. Fuel consumption will be minimal with a seven-band “robot”, which eats about 6.0 liters per hundred kilometers in a combined mode against 6.2 liters per 100 km in a car with mechanics.


If we talk about the overall component of the German car Volkswagen Jetta, the length of it is 4,659 mm, its wheelbase is 2,651 mm, the width of the car takes 1,778 mm and the height is not ahead of the value of 1,482 mm.

There is nothing to say about the ground clearance – its height is 160 mm. The 6th generation of Volkswagen Jetta sedan has the following mass: from 1,325 – 1,364 kg, everything depends on what equipment will be installed.

Complete sets and prices

Since the beginning of 2015, the Russian Federation has announced price tags for the 6th generation of Volkswagen Jetta. These vehicles are collected at the GAZ Group’s Nizhny Novgorod facility. The model with a basic 1.6-liter MPI engine (90 hp) and 5-speed manual transmission Conceptline will be estimated at $ 13708.

A similar model, however, with an engine of 110 horsepower, will cost from $ 15250, and for the 6-speed automatic will have to pay additional $771. For the new Volkswagen Jetta 2016, which is equipped with a turbocharged engine, the volume of 1.4 liters of TSI, a capacity of 125 horsepower, the company asks from $ 17193. It will be equipped with a 6-speed mechanical box, and the equipment will be used by Allstar.

Jetta 6

If you want to install a 7-range DSG robot, the price will start at $18,118. There will also be on sale a top version of the Sedan version, which has a 150 hp engine under the hood, available only with a robotic gearbox.

Depends on the performance, such a car will be estimated from 19490 $ (Highline). By the way, even in the ultimate modification, some services and systems will have to be paid for optionally. In general, there are four options for the car: “Conceptline”, “Trendline”, “Comfortline”, and “Highline”.

The basic equipment includes 15-inch wheel rims, heating of mirrors and windshield washer (nozzles), two front airbags, air-conditioned climate control system, fabric upholstery and central locking. As an option, a blind spot tracking system, fatigue monitoring and a back-up assistant can be ordered.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Possibility of a considerable choice of updatings which are allocated from the main complete sets;
  • The level of comfort of the interior;
  • Interesting, fresh appearance of the car;
  • The presence of LED lighting system;
  • Improved aerodynamic characteristics;
  • Improved interior;
  • Quality of details of the interior;
  • The amount of free space;
  • Acceptable luggage compartment;
  • Level of equipment;
  • High degree of safety;
  • Economical power units;
  • Pretty acceptable price policy of the company.

Cons of a car

  • Insufficient soundproofing of the rear arches;
  • Weak power units;
  • Sometimes the motor runs noisily enough;
  • Weak paintwork;
  • In cold weather, the speakers begin to wheeze or turn off at all;
  • Horizontal space throws a lot of dirt;
  • Sometimes crickets appear in different places;
  • Small height of road clearance.

We sum up

In the end, looking ahead a little bit, I would like to say confidently that the sixth generation of Volkswagen Jetta turned out to be successful. It all started with a pleasant and improved appearance, which helped to improve the aerodynamic performance of the car. The emergence of new lighting systems, including LED lamps – will not leave anyone indifferent.

Getting into the cabin, it is noticeable that it, though not completely, but pleasantly changed. Everything is in place and intuitively clear. The controls are very comfortable. The whole salon was carried out very qualitatively that does not cause any complaints. The presence of good equipment, even in the basic equipment, is very nice. Also, most of the free space on the first and second rows of seats is pleasant.

Side view of Volkswagen Jetta 6

A high level of security will allow you to feel confident in the 6th generation of Volkswagen Jetta. However, it seems that it was possible to establish not so weak power units, which plus, it is possible to name the minimum expense of fuel.

For the urban moderate driving regime, at the very time, but leaving the city, there is a lack of power. It is felt especially on the weakest engines. It is clear that, in general, the Germans have worked for fame! We will wait for the next generation of Volkswagen Jetta.

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Volkswagen Jetta 6 photo

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