Suzuki Grand Vitara

Suzuki Grand Vitara
  • Car model: Suzuki
  • Producing country: Japan
  • Year of issue: 2012
  • Body Type: SUV

Suzuki Grand Vitara off-road car is one of the most widespread in the Russian Federation, and in the world, cars made in Japan. Today, the car Suzuki Grand Vitara is produced in two versions of the body – a three-door and five-door version. The Japanese car has undergone another improvement, which also touched on the appearance of the SUV. The whole model range is Suzuki.


The exterior of the crossover, along with the interior, was changed to present the car in a fresh modern style, although the previous generation was the basis for it. The front end of the car has been seriously changed. The changes are visible in the optical light amplification system, where the headlights have been changed. The changes also affected the new grilles, which are crowned with the presence of chrome inserts. The bumper, installed at the bottom, has an air inlet, and has also undergone changes – it is decorated with a very expressive aluminum plate at the bottom.

The air inlet itself, which was installed at the bottom, found its place below the lower bumper, thus creating a fundamentally new stylistic solution. Paying attention to the nests of foggers, you understand that they have also been slightly modified – after the update, foggers are installed not directly in the bumper, but in a pair of small platforms, which are perfectly combined with the overall design solution, which gives the all-wheel drive SUV a modern look.

Suzuki Grand Vitara five-door

Still on eyes come across lateral expander fairing mounted in front, which smoothly swim over the inflated front wing impressions. The wheel arches are quite wide in design, which allows the use of massive wheel diameters. There is a new lining of the grille of the false radiator, which is decorated with two horizontal strips with an expansion in the center for the installation of the nameplate Suzuki. The side part of the Vitara has almost the same profile as the prerestyling machine.

However, after the upgrade, there will already be a bonus offer of large and different variations of the pattern of discs made of light alloy and a variety of colors of body painting. The appearance is quite recognizable, where you can find the presence of large inflated arches of the wheels, large doors, a flat window sill and a roof.

The stern of the Suzuki Grand Vitara has already received a bumper, which has become more expressive. Reflectors have been moved to the bottom of the rear bumper. Basically, the rest is similar to the previous model, as far as the dimensions are concerned. There is also a massive luggage compartment door that opens to the side, as well as vertical lanterns.


Once you get into a Japanese-made Suzuki Grand Vitara car, you can immediately feel the familiar style of the company. The salon, as usual, is decorated in black color tones with dots of silver, which perfectly complement the standard forms of design content. The entire surface has the correct geometric rounded shape. Therefore, the formation of minor damage is minimized, which allows you to fully use the machine as a four-wheel drive jeep.

Of course, Suzuki Grand Vitara salon is not distinguished by anything bright. The front panel is made of quality and hard plastic, there are also simple fabric chairs. The basic equipment has a console, which is similar to the control panel, and the top variations are supplied even with a screen that supports touch input. Restyled versions have beige tints of finish, and seats can be made of leather and fabric. In the cabin you can note the excellent assembly of parts and quality fit, there is nothing more to say.

Suzuki Grand Vitara interior

The new three-spoke steering wheel, which now will be in two variations: in leather or polyurethane, pleasantly pleased. It can be adjusted in height. On it designers have placed the keys to control the musical system of the car. The instrument panel has a stylish design and accommodates three deep wells, where the indicators are located. Near it you can see the console installed in the center, which looks strict. The materials used have been visibly improved.

The driver of the Suzuki Grand Vitar has a good view, and the small glasses give the driver an opportunity to increase the visibility. If the three-door version of Suzuki Grand Vitara was designed for four people, the five-door version can accommodate five people. However, a spoonful of tar is still needed – there is quite a small amount of free space. Tall people may feel a little discomfort. The seats installed in front are comfortable enough and have heating and a wide range of settings.

The trunk of the Suzuki Grand Vitara

The driver’s seat and the passenger sitting next door have a heating function. The luggage compartment has 398 litres of usable space in a five-seater version. The luggage compartment can be enlarged, if necessary, with the backrests of the rear seats folded down. Then this figure will be 1,386 liters of free space. The three-door model has only 184 liters of volume, and with the seats folded 964.



During the upgrades, the technical component of the SUV from Japan, Suzuki Grand Vitara, was not particularly affected by the company’s engineering staff. The truck has a full-fledged independent front suspension with McPherson racks and rear axle, which has a multilever system (5 levers). The all-wheel drive system works together with a lockable axle differential, as well as a reduction gear, which is very good. It is necessary to notice that for the majority of crossovers-competitors such apportionment is not accessible.

Even in some off-road vehicles there is no such situation. Speaking for the power units, their list starts with the initial 1.6-liter gasoline engine, which produces 107 horses and is synchronized with the 5-speed manual gearbox. It is placed only on a model with three doors. The engine clearly lacks power, and it allows you to reach the first hundred in just 14.4 seconds, and its maximum speed is 160 km / h. This engine consumes about 8.2-8.5 liters of gasoline per 100 km in middle mode.

Suzuki Grand Vitara engine

Next comes a more powerful 2.0-liter, 140 horsepower and 5-speed manual gearbox or automatic 4-speed gearbox. This engine comes with a five-door engine and allows you to reach a mark of 100 km / h for 10.6 (11.2), and a maximum speed of 175 km / h. At 100 km, the engine eats about 8.4 (8.9 with automatic) liters. If you drive it in the city, this figure will be increased slightly more than 11 liters. The strongest gasoline engine with a capacity of 2.4 litres, which produces 169 horses, completes this bar. This engine comes with a “short” Grand Vitara FL and a 4-speed automatic transmission.

All this makes it possible to accelerate to 100 km/h in 11.5 seconds and the speed limit will be 170 km/h. On the track, the engine eats about 8 liters, in the city 12. A long FL with a 5-speed mechanical or 4-stage gearbox is accelerated to the first hundred in 11.7 (12), and the maximum speed is 185 (175). Requires this engine for a larger 7.6 litre vehicle on the road and 11.4 (12.5) in urban areas. If to speak for real conditions, the engine requires about 10-12 liters per 100 km.


If we talk about the three-door Suzuki Grand Vitara, it is 4060 mm long, 1810 mm wide and 1695 mm high. The wheelbase is 2440 mm and the ground clearance height is 200 mm. The curb weight, depending on which engine will be installed, is 1407, or 1461 kg. Three-door model can boast excellent performance in terms of geometric cross-country ability of the body, the angle of entry is 29 degrees, the angle of exit is 36 degrees, and the longitudinal cross-country ability is 20 degrees.

Suzuki Grand Vitara three-door

The five-door door has a wheelbase of 2640 mm, a length of 4500 mm, a width of 1810 mm and a height of 1695 mm. The height of the ground clearance is exactly the same as that of the younger brother – 200 mm. This is very pleasing given the quality of our roads. With such a height, it can be called a full-fledged SUV. The curb weight of a car from Japan with five doors will vary from 1533 to 1584 kg.

The five-door model has a little worse in terms of body geometry – the angle of entry such as the 3-door version – 29 degrees, but the angle of longitudinal passability is less – 19 degrees, and the angle of exit is much less – 27 degrees. Wheel rims can be mounted from a diameter of 16 inches to 18 inches, and 17 and 18-inch wheel rims will be made of light alloy only.

Vehicle tests

All the tests, which were conducted together with Suzuki Grand Vitara, along with the owners’ feedback and an independent test drive, provide an opportunity to conclude about the stability of the all-wheel drive vehicle on the asphalt and on light off-road terrain. The vehicle has a rigid suspension and responsive steering, but after reaching the mark of 120 km/h, the driving stability is reduced. Light off-road for Suzuki, as a toy, and if there are heavy road sections, there is a lockable differential together with a permanent all-wheel drive. However, do not forget that much depends on the head and skilled hands.


As a safety feature, many extras are available for the Japanese car. Security systems:

  • Rear door locking (childproofing);
  • Door lock face with increased resistance to burglary;
  • Availability of immobilizer;

Passive safety:

  • Availability of front airbags;
  • Side airbags built into the front seats;
  • Security shutter;
  • ISOFIX child seat mountings (3 pieces);
  • Security bars in doors;
  • 3-point front seat belts with inertia coil, pretensioner, force limiter and height settings
  • Injury safe pedal node.

Active safety and suspension:

  • Absence of ABS with EBD option;
  • BOS, a service that prevents accidental activation of the accelerator pedal during emergency braking
  • Brake Assist;
  • Reminder of the key in the ignition;
  • Un-extinguished headlamp alarm.

The company has paid special attention to the safety of the crossover, especially for use in the Russian Federation. For this purpose, they have created a robust bodywork made of galvanized sheet steel. Moreover, the metal is covered with anticorrosive coatings.

Complete sets and prices

Standard equipment available on all Suzuki Grand Vitara equipment includes front power windows, central locking, climate control, front seat heating, front and side cushions, safety shutters, ABS and EBD systems, emergency braking system, immobilizer, exterior mirrors with electric drive and heating function, hydraulic power steering, trip computer, and 16 inch steel discs. In addition, the XJ-A provides the machine with an audio system with steering wheel control buttons, front fog lights, 16-inch steel wheels.

Side view Suzuki Grand Vitara

The cheapest three-door model with 5-speed manual transmission and 1.6-liter 107 hp engine will cost from $17702,72. A 5-door version with 2.0-liter engine, 140 horsepower and 5-speed manual gearbox will cost from $20054,72. The top five-door variant costs from $25385,92 with a 2.4-liter 169 hp engine and 4-speed automatic. The most expensive three-door equipment Suzuki Grand Vitara will be estimated from $23190,72. It comes with the same 2.4-liter 169 hp engine and automatic 4-speed gearbox.

Back view of Suzuki Grand Vitara

The list of additional equipment includes power windows on the rear doors, keyless start system, top-level audio system, leather upholstery, cruise control, xenon headlights with washers, roof hatch, 17-inch alloy wheels and electronic stabilization system. Maximum equipment provides a combination of upholstery chairs made of leather, color touch screen (6.1 inches), navigation system Garmin, audio systems with voice control (CD, MP3, USB, AUX, iPhone, iPod and Bluetooth), cruise control, stylish alloy wheels.

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Comfortable salon;
  • Pretty interesting design;
  • Good cross-country ability;
  • Rich choice of modifications;
  • Petrol engines with special expensive boxes;
  • Petrol engines
  • Small size;
  • Good manageability;
  • Fixed four-wheel drive and reduced gear;
  • Machine reliability;
  • Average price of spare parts;
  • Li>Little fuel consumption;
  • Good capacity;
  • Personal oven operation;
  • Rigid suspension, no swinging;
  • Good lighting quality;
  • All two bridges are disabled during towing;
  • Improved quality of materials used in the cabin;
  • Along security level;
  • Touchscreen display.

Cons of a car

  • Not perfect noise isolation;
  • Somewhere there is little equipment;
  • It’s hard to drive on a rigid suspension, but on an emergency road, it’s not that easy anymore;
  • Not the best quality plastic used;
  • Not the best quality plastic used
  • The junction box is very low;
  • Incomfortable location of the spare wheel;
  • Spare wheel cover does not have adequate protection;
  • Older automatic transmission;
  • Little space available, especially in the back row and for tall people;
  • Small volume of luggage compartment;
  • In some configurations there are weak power units;
  • Higher value.

We sum up

Another update of the Japanese crossover with a permanent all-wheel drive Suzuki Grand Vitara was useful. Even though restyling is not so noticeable in appearance or inside the car, but it still happened. The design of the front end was particularly affected and thanks to the update, the car looks more modern and youthful, and sometimes even sporty. The quality of materials used in the interior has improved significantly.

The front dashboard has three deep wells that are already familiar. The central console is quite simple, but at the same time quite informative and intuitive. More expensive equipment even includes a screen that supports touch input. The seats installed in front are comfortable enough and have an average side support. Passengers sitting behind are quite comfortable, but taller people will feel a slight discomfort over their heads.

Suzuki Grand Vitara car

The luggage compartment is not famous for its volume, but it can be enlarged if necessary, while adding backrests of rear seats. It’s nice to have all sorts of modifications and options that can be installed. There is a choice of engines with gearboxes. Some engines obviously lack power, but they still cope with the tasks set for them.

The company has also not forgotten about ensuring proper safety for the driver and passengers sitting next to each other. With the help of permanent four-wheel drive and reduced gear, you can fully appreciate the advantages of crossovers. It’s nice that Suzuki company does not stop there, but is constantly improving.

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