Suzuki Vitara 2

Suzuki Vitara 2
  • Car model: Suzuki
  • Producing country: Japan
  • Year of issue: 2015
  • Body Type: SUV

Last year, the Japanese manufacturer Suzuki pleased us with several new products, including Jimny, Splash and, finally, the updated Grand Vitar 2015. Let’s talk at once: we are not looking at a new generation of legendary Grand Vitara, but at a completely new crossover, which opens the door to the world of compact parquet flooring for motorists. The car was first seen in Paris at the 82nd Auto Show. In the domestic market, the model should not be expected before the second half of 2015.

It will compete with a variety of cars: Japanese, European and South Korean. And it is worth noting that the “Japanese” has a chance. This car is a serial variation of the iV-4 concept car demonstrated last year in Frankfurt. The new restyled car seriously differs in many parameters from the first family – there is a presence of a new interior, exterior and various technologies. The whole model range is Suzuki.


The weighted appearance of the car and the familiar name of Suzuki Vitara are probably the main arguments on which the majority of motorists mistakenly come to the conclusion that the new compact crossover will be a successor to the popular Suzuki Grand Vitar, production of which will soon be completed. Moreover, the new Japanese crossover is even smaller than Suzuki New SX4. It should be noted that it is the CX4 that Vitar 2015-2016 took the chassis and technical component. Based on this, the new crossover entered class B.

Specialists of the concern decided to use parts made of strong and high-strength steel for bodybuilding of compact SUV. As a result, its total weight was only 1,075 kg for the modification, operating on gasoline with a front-drive configuration and 1,295 kg for the diesel version of the engine with all-wheel drive configuration. When the crossover was presented, the company’s management explained that its name means confidence, innovation and essence. This is really true.

Suzuki Vitara photo

The nose of the machine received a massive hood, a small size trapezoidal grille with stylish chrome frames, solid headlights with dipped beam LED design and blue outlines of lenses. Also of interest is the massive bumper with LED system of daytime running lights in the vertical version, on the circumference of which the chrome-coated boomerangs fit perfectly. The side of the car is also attractive. The hood dimensions correspond to the overall dimensions of the car, and the doorways made it quite comfortable.

The upper part of the body is reduced when approaching the stern of the car. The eye can also see the big arches of the wheels, on which you can find plastic protection against mechanical damage near the bumpers and door sills. If you pay attention to the side, it looks a little like the older model Suzuki Grand Vitara, which we did earlier, although both cars look like men.

Suzuki Vitara side view

The look of the Suzuki Vitara aft looks pretty standard. Here, the engineering and design staff decided to make everything quite simple, but at the same time thought-out – a considerable fifth door has a large glass, a large optical rear lighting system, a small bumper with a confident apron, which was made of plastic. It is interesting that every crossover buyer will be able to make the individual appearance of the Vitar.

To realize this opportunity, the designers managed to develop various variations in the design of the grilles of the false radiator, pseudo air ducts, which are located in front of the car, as well as overlays on the rear bumper and decoration of fog lights. However, that’s not all, the owners will be offered two already prepared sets of exterior car finishes – Rugged package (off-road style) and Urban package (details on the body will be chrome-plated).


The interior of Suzuki Vitara 2, a novelty in the Japanese automobile industry, looks rather laconic, however, and a bit boring. Uniqueness is brought only by the nozzles of the ventilation system, which have round shapes. They are located at the top of the panel installed in front, and between them perfectly fit the clock stylish look. The manufacturer offers various inserts of different colors, which can be made by a fresh salon. The list of options includes the presence of turquoise, orange and white – these colors will be inserts of the front panel of the decorative content.

To confess, the presence of plastic, which was commonly used to make a salon, most of the buyers can be a little upset because of their budget quality. The steering wheel can now be safely adjusted in terms of departure and height. The dashboard is rather informative, because it accommodates large radii of the speed sensor of the power unit and speed mode and the screen of the board computer, which performs multifunctional purposes.

Suzuki Vitara Interior

The central console has a 7.0 inch screen that supports touch input and serves as a multimedia system and climate control module. The front seats have received little lateral support and impressive adjustment options. A person who is about 185 cm tall can sit down with comfort in front, and he will not feel any problems. But if you take the back row, the three adult passengers of this height will be a little crowded.

There will be an acute lack of free space on top of the head, at the feet and in the shoulders. This partly explains the width of the wheelbase, which is only 2,500 mm. However, even the external dimensions of the crossover from Japan do not differ records, because we are talking about a compact SUV. The rear sofa has no armrest.

Suzuki Vitara showroom photo

The car also has a good modern technical stuffing, among which is the presence of a convenient multimedia system with support for touch screen display, where there is a telephone connection, audio player, synchronization with mobile gadgets and navigation system, as well as adaptive cruise control, seven airbags, start of the engine with the help of the key and keyless access to the car. The car also received services that can prevent frontal collision and can automatically activate the brakes.

One of the differences of the Japanese compact SUV Suzuki Vitara is the presence of a panoramic roof with two sliding panels, the total length of which is equal to 560/1000 mm in open and closed position. If the volume of the luggage compartment is 375 liters, then if necessary, it can be folded in the proportion of 60:40, which will result in 1,120 liters of useful free space. And the cargo section of the crossover is equipped with a double floor.



The Suzuki Vitara crossover will be equipped with a four-cylinder M16A engine with 16 valves of gas distribution mechanism with distributed fuel injection. Its volume is 1.6 liters. 120 horses are synchronized with the 5-speed manual gearbox, or 6-range “automatic”, which standardly transmit the entire thrust to the front wheels. As an option, the AllGrip all-wheel drive system can be installed with an electromagnetic clutch in the rear wheel drive. Four operating modes are also available – Auto, Snow, Sport and Lock (limit values can send about 50% of the torque).

Suzuki Vitara engine

The first hundred kilometers crossover from Japan reaches 11 seconds, and the automatic box increases this figure to 12.5 seconds. No matter how the modification is installed, the maximum speed will be 180 km/h. Mixed driving mode will consume about 5.8 – 6.3 lire per 100 km. Suzuki Vitara used high-strength steel in its bodywork. If to speak for the steering wheel control system, it is represented here by an electric amplifier. Front disc brakes have cooling function.


On the outside, the SUV looks pretty solid, despite the fact that its size is not so large. It is 4,175 mm long, 1,775 mm wide and 1,610 mm high. Wheelbase is at the level of 2 500 mm. With the use of wheels designed for 17 inches, the car has a fairly good height of ground clearance – 185 mm. This is really not a bad indicator, which will allow us to drive on our roads, taking into account their quality. It is also worth mentioning the small overhangs of the car.


Excellent safety is probably one of the main characteristics of this car. Also, parts used in the aviation industry were involved, which could not but affect its relatively low weight. There is a system of dynamic stabilization, which greatly reduces the chance of uncontrolled skidding or lateral sliding crossover. It’s nice to know that 7 AirBags are already standard equipment.

With the help of a large number of high-performance active and passive safety components, which were used in Suzuki Vitara, the car was able to get the highest rating from Euro NCAP. The new generation of the car has allowed to realize the most modern electronic services of the driver’s help, which provide traffic safety. Separately, the RBS system, which prevents the car from hitting other vehicles, is worth mentioning.

Suzuki Vitara rear view

The service will issue a warning signal right from the start, and if the driver does not respond, the system will automatically activate the braking system. Operating in conjunction with the cruise control system, RBS is able to keep a distance to other vehicles automatically. In addition, the Japanese crossover Suzuki Vitara is equipped with an anti-lock braking system, EBD, ESP, which makes it possible to transfer braking forces to the wheels and help the driver in difficult situations.

The car body rests on a rigid frame and has a deformation zone, which can absorb the collision force. The doors of the machine have been provided with impact resistant beams, with the help of which the machine will be able to remain almost undamaged in case of impact. Specialized service is able to keep the car on the rise and fall, not allowing the car to move down unexpectedly, which not only provides safety, but also increases the cross-country ability of the car off-road.

It turns out that even a driver who has little experience, can easily cope with a steep descent or ascent. Moreover, the service knows how to dose the braking forces on the wheels, which prevents the car to tip over and reduces to a minimum the chances that the car will carry over. In addition to the presence of airbags (which are 7 jokes), the presence of reliable fastening of seat belts is used. In general, people’s safety – that’s what the designers and engineers decided to pay more attention to when designing the car body.

Crash test

Price and equipment

The Russian Federation market will have 3 options available. The initial one will be called GL and it is estimated from $16761,92. This version comes with a manual 5-speed gearbox, front driving wheels. Although as a separate option, you can buy the machine for about $1254,40. However, here, already in the database, there are many options, which in some crossovers and other machines are available only for a fee.

So, the basic equipment has a cushion and side curtains, along with cushions to protect the knees of the driver, air conditioning, power steering, on-board computer, and the column of the steering wheel will be adjusted in height and departure. The interior will be covered with fabric, and the steering wheel will get the functions of control of the radio and communication. The armchairs installed at the front will have a heating function, while the front side mirrors will be equipped with power windows. There will also be a 3rd headrest on the rear sofa and an AUX, CD, USB and Bluetooth car stereo.

Suzuki Vitara car

Next comes the GL+ package. It will offer a box of automatic machines with the possibility of installation as a separate option of all-wheel drive, ABS, ESP, a system of assistance at the start of the mountain, climate control, rear view camera, cruise control, tinted glass, fog lights and mirrors with electric drive and the option of heating. To improve comfort in the cabin, the steering wheel is covered with leather, a 7-inch touchscreen display, additional chrome parts, and below will install the steering paddles to change gears.

Rear electric windows, cast 16-inch wheel rims will also find their places. And all this is asked from $20681,92. The last complete set of GLX is estimated from $24758,72. It offers an automatic gearbox, four-wheel drive, rear and front parktronic, headlights with LED filling and automatic adjustment, 17-inch wheel rims, combined interior decoration, roof hatch and decorative moldings. The Bosch navigation system, rain and light sensors and keyless access system will also be installed.

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Bright crossover appearance;
  • The interior was made of improved materials;
  • There are all the necessary modern options for a comfortable driving experience;
  • There are all the necessary modern options for a pleasant driving experience;
  • Economical power unit;
  • Space in the car interior;
  • Good ground clearance height;
  • Full drive;
  • Reciable atmospheric power units;
  • Sporty qualities of the car;
  • Good safety;
  • Retrofitting;
  • Touchscreen display available;
  • Admissible luggage compartment;
  • Diverse driver assistance systems.

Cons of a car

  • Small line of power units;
  • Lack of space in the luggage compartment;
  • The quality of the material, though at the proper level, but still far from the ideal;
  • Sometimes there is a lack of engine power;
  • Back sofas can be crowded with taller passengers;
  • Spain front panel with something missing;
  • Company pricing policy.

We sum up

Suzuki Vitara’s new Japanese crossover is still a success. Yes, it’s not as big as his older brothers, but it’s a compact crossover. Among its advantages are its small size, which will allow you to feel more confident in urban conditions. Vitara’s appearance is refreshing and offers to fit into its world, stylishness and practicality. The presence of LED lighting system indicates that the company does not stand still, but continues to improve.

The new front end, body lines and wheels – above all praise. However, the interior is a little bit upset, or rather a torpedo, which looks like a desert – it clearly lacks something. This partly smoothes out the installation of a 7-inch display that supports touch screen input. The steering column is now adjustable, also improved options for setting the seats, which can not but please.

Five-door Suzuki Vitara

In the middle, between a pair of deflectors of the ventilation system, they found their place in an interesting watch, which is very original. Three people will be able to sit in the back, but it will not be comfortable for tall people to be there. It’s nice that the Japanese are worried about ensuring the proper level of safety not only for the driver, but also for the passengers sitting next to him.

Even the basic equipment shows off many pleasant functions. It is a pity that the engine power can sometimes be not enough, especially for all-wheel drive version of the crossover, which will be very useful on our roads. Good clearance only will allow to feel more confident on impassability. Compact crossover Suzuki Vitara turned out to be good in terms of price/quality ratio.

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