Toyota RAV4

Toyota RAV4
  • Car model: Toyota
  • Producing country: Japan
  • Year of issue: 2015
  • Body Type: SUV

The new Toyota RAV 4 2016-2017 is an updated version of the Toyota RAV4 crossover of the fourth generation, which is produced since 2012. The updated version of the car from the very beginning was shown in the spring of 2015 at the New York City Motor Show. The presentation in Europe took place a little later, in autumn, at the Frankfurt exhibition.

The crossover was visibly improved externally and received previously inaccessible equipment, improved quality of finishing materials and modern security complexes. The bodywork component of the fourth generation was made of a special lightweight grade of hardened steel. As a result, it allowed to significantly reduce the weight of the machine, increasing its aerodynamic properties. The whole model range is Toyota.


Restyling machine Toyota RAV4 acquired an improved body with a slightly modified style of the nose part, which has LED headlights. The car also received a new rear bumper and luggage compartment door with LED-lights. A large number of cars have silver protective plates on the front and rear bumpers.

The shortened antenna was replaced by a shark fin antenna. The design staff decided not to limit themselves to small modifications, and made quite significant innovations in the exterior of the parquet flooring. As a result, it made it quite easy to distinguish the standard RAV4 from the hybrid version.

Toyota RAV4

The nose part of the machine has a narrow false radiator grille, original design around the nameplate of the manufacturer. Very attractive looks head optics, which turned out to be compact. The front bumper has pronounced ribs on the edges. The design of the front bumper, which has a two-level architecture, looks very original.

The lower part also has an impressive bumper, high tilted “lip” and quite classic round fog lights, which are installed in separate sections almost at the end of the front arches of the wheels. The air intake is trapezoidal and the upper segment is a narrow slot in the form of a similar trapezoidal, compressed in height.

Side view Toyota RAV4

The side of the car from Japan, looks cheerful and fried. The wheel arches are a little bloated. Also here you can see the presence of the original thresholds, large glazing doors, neat railing on the roof. It will not be superfluous to mention the blown bodies of rear-view mirrors, which have LED strips of light, which allows you to repeat the turn signal.

The Toyota company, especially for the hybrid parquet flooring Toyota RAV4 2016-2017 year, provided for the original alloy wheels 17-inch, with a unique design. The car has now become more manly. The first, second and third generation cars were mostly women’s cars.

The restyled version was the first car that men began to buy. The stern of the crossover from Japan also received updates. Therefore, the car received a retouched bumper and modified lanterns. Shark fin, which was replaced with a small antenna, gives the car even more sport and brutality.

Front view Toyota RAV4

It is easy to understand that the design department has worked for fame on the appearance of its new updated car, making a list of useful and interesting changes. The luggage compartment rear door design was also redesigned in accordance with the requests of consumers.

Previously, there was a rear wheel on the back door of the Toyota RAV4, but later, the designers decided that it was not for the city crossover, and as a result, the spare wheel disappeared from the back door. But experts from Japan, did not know how to deal with the now empty surface, so left it as it is.

rear view Toyota RAV4

This decision caused a lot of complaints among customers, as the rear part with a rectangular piece simply did not fit into the overall exterior of the car. After the last restyling, the door has changed a little and there is some relief on it, which looks much more interesting than it used to be.

Simply put, they were able to do what they wanted and got them to do. The whole list of comments, which was sent to the company, following the release of the fourth generation of the famous crossover, was taken into account when finalizing the hybrid version. Similar modifications will be applied to the machine with standard power units.


It looks like the interior of the upgraded RAV4 from Toyota may seem a little innovative, but it is not. Among the upgrades, we can note the presence of better quality materials and a new combination of instruments, along with a TFT color display of the on-board computer, the size of which is 4.2-inch.

Its display can display information about the mode of operation of four-wheel drive systems, the level of longitudinal and transverse acceleration, fuel consumption, prompts of navigation system and other list of necessary information that will facilitate the life of the driver and passengers. However, this is only what can be seen when you quickly view the cabin.

Toyota RAV4 cabin

In reality, the quality of sound and noise insulation of the interior has increased (55 percent increased the area of noise insulation coatings), and the list of options has been expanded. In general, the salon of the 4th generation reminds the cabin of a spacecraft, everything is in futuristic style, everything is intuitively clear and can be easily reached.

The armrest already has a soft upholstery that is very good, around the handle of KP switch, you will not find plastic “a la carbon”, now it is established in a reality much cheaper, but it looks better than all as represents matte plastic of black colour. Door cards have plastic inserts, and door handles are covered not with slippery, but sticky plastic, which is very pleasing.

Among the pleasant little things, we can highlight the presence of a queue, which is in the roof. Updated Toyota RAV4 has among the auxiliary equipment a system of panoramic visibility with four cameras, which provide 360 degrees of visibility (on the display of multimedia system).

You can place one of the 8 provided images, the winter package, which includes the function of heating the front and rear seats, heating the rudder rim, heating the front window and washer nozzles.

There is also a modern complex of safety systems Toyota Safety Sense, which includes the presence of adaptive cruise control, a system that knows how to warn about the threat of frontal impact with the option of automatic braking, a system that can monitor the unauthorized crossing of the marking line and signs on the road and the system of control of headlights.

In general, the salon of the restyled model looks modern and attractive, and in its design you can feel the premium quality from the company Lexus. The driver is presented with a three-spoke multifunctional steering wheel, a beautiful “toolkit” with a stylish front panel, on which there is a two-storey architecture. The company managed to make the salon so that it corresponds to the trends of modern fashion.

Toyota RAV4 photo salon

At the very top of the console, installed in the center, is a 6.1-inch monitor multimedia system, on the tide is located microclimate unit. On the sides of the display, there were installed rectangular deflectors and a large number of buttons to control different systems of the machine. The interior is very decorated with decorative overlays for aluminum, which are located on the dashboard, doors and gearbox panels.

The interior of the restyling machine accommodates the driver and four adult passengers. Comfortable seats with good side support on the sides and the optimal length of the pillow are installed in front. They also have a large number of settings, which will provide excellent visibility, which is very good for our roads.

Toyota RAV4 trunk

The rear row of the seat has a wide sofa, where you can adjust the angle of the backrest, as well as more free space in all directions. The luggage compartment volume is 506 litres, taking into account the not full-size spare wheel and a pair of niches for small items in the “cellar”.

However, if necessary, it is possible to fold backrests of back seats that as a result will give almost equal floor with pair of asymmetric parts and 1 705 litres of useful volume. In addition, all modifications of the car are equipped with a mesh “hammock” to carry especially valuable goods.



The fourth generation of the Toyota RAV4 in 2016 includes three power units, three transmission variations and two types of drive. The basic engine is a gasoline four-cylinder atmospheric 2.0-liter engine, which has a distributed injection, chain drive gas distribution mechanism and Dual VVT-i system. As a result, all this allows the engine to develop 146 horses at 6200 rpm.

As an addition to it there is a 6-speed manual gearbox or stepless variator CVT. Both front and all-wheel drive are available. Whatever the modification, the Japanese restyled crossover will reach the first mark of 100 km/h in 10.-11.3 seconds. Its consumption will be at the level of 7.4-7.8 liters of gasoline per 100 km in a combined cycle. The maximum speed will be 180 km/h.

Toyota RAV4 engine

Next comes a stronger gasoline four-cylinder engine, which has a volume of 2.5 liters, 16-valve gas distribution mechanism type DOHC and chain drive, as well as technology DUAL VVT-i. This volume allows the 2.5-liter engine to produce 180 horsepower.

The only thing that goes with this engine is a 6-range “automatic” and all-wheel drive system. To reach the first hundred, the crossover will need 9.4 km/h, and the maximum speed will be at the level of 180 km/h. The engine consumes no more than 8.6 litres in mixed mode.

And they didn’t forget about the diesel engines. They are represented by a 2.2 litre engine, which has a 16-valve timing valve, turbocharger with variable nozzle geometry and Common Rail injection system. The diesel generates 150 horsepower at 3600 rpm.

It is also synchronized with the non-alternative automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. To reach the mark of 100 km/h, the city parquet will need about 10 seconds, and the maximum speed is 185 km/h. For 100 kilometers, the car requires 6.7 liters in combined mode.


The upgraded Toyota RAV4 4th generation features a plug-in all-wheel drive system with a multi-disc clutch in the rear wheel drive. In a basic driving situation, the entire traction goes to the front wheels, but if necessary, up to 50 percent of the torque can be transferred to the rear wheels.

Moreover, the multi-disc clutch has the ability to force-lock (at speeds up to 40 km/h), with the help of which the potential is permanently divided between the axles in equal proportions. This crossover is based on the Toyota MC base, where there is a load-bearing body structure and a transversely placed powertrain.

Carriage and steering

The car’s walkway comes with a full-fledged independent suspension, McPherson-type racks are in front of it, and a multilever system is behind it. The steering system in the vehicle is of rack and pinion type and is complemented as standard by an electric power steering with changing characteristics. All wheels work with disc brakes and the front wheels have a ventilation function. ABS, EBD and BAS systems are supported.


Significant improvement of the front and rear parts of the city parquet flooring did not affect the change of profile and body proportions. The length of the crossover has been slightly increased, now it is 4,605 mm, the width of the machine is 1,845 mm and the height is 1,670 mm.

The distance between the axles is 2,660 mm, and the height of the road clearance at the level of 197 mm, which is very good, given the quality and scope of the car. In addition to the presence of new rims, there are three newest ranges of colors, including silver (Silver Sky Metallic), black (Black Currant Metallic) and blue (Electric Storm Blue).

One of the novelties was the use of exclusive blue coloring. The point is that the Japanese decided to fight not only for adult clients, but also for young ones. The colors of black, white and silver were suitable for older people, but for the younger ones something brighter was not a secret.


The immobilizer is a security system. Passive safety may include:

  • Safety cushions for the driver’s knees;
  • Pair of front airbags;
  • Pair of side airbags;
  • Availability of safety shutters for all seat rows;
  • Brake lanterns with emergency stop signalling.

Active safety and suspension includes:

  • Anti-blocking braking system (ABS);
  • Emergency Braking Assist (BAS);
  • Anti-tracking system (TRC);
  • Electronic brake force distribution system (EBD);
  • Electronic imitation of interwheel differential lock;
  • Hillside assistance systems (HAC);
  • Trailer stabilisation systems (TSC);
  • Wheel pressure monitoring systems (TPMS).

The Japanese-made machine has all the electronics required. By the way, 4th generation RAV4 is the first car to be equipped with Bird’s Eye View service and transmits the image from above to facilitate the parking process. In the 2016 RAV4, there are 4 cameras at the front, back and sides, right on the rear view mirrors, which provide 360-degree circular visibility.

Toyota Safery Sense has made its debut at RAB4 and will have various options that provide the required level of security, including a pre-emergency security system. There is also an auxiliary package with frontal impact warning, road markup warning, automatic switching of high beam lighting, pedestrian recognition and dynamic cruise control.

The 2016 Toyota RAV4 has also improved its safety performance, with high ratings from IIHS and NHTSA. Past models have not been very well rated, especially in the latest tests since 2012.

I’m glad, however, that all changed for the new SUV. The car has eight airbags, which includes protection for the knee area. In addition, there is a communication service Bluetooth to manage audio systems and smartphones, which allows you not to throw the steering wheel while driving, without increasing the risk of accidents.

Crash test

Completion and prices

It would be logical to conclude that the updated version of the Japanese urban SUV Toyota RAV4 4th generation has become more expensive. Start applications began to work in October, and today, for the model of 2016 in the standard configuration asked from $20368,32 Modification with a variator will cost from $23551,36. The all-wheel drive version with 146 hp power pack will cost from 1,601,000 rubles. The 180-strong motor will be estimated from $29008,00. The diesel engine will be rated at $28678,72, and the top version is estimated at $33994,24.

The standard equipment of the car after restyling has a 2.0-liter engine, 6-speed manual gearbox and front-drive configuration. This equipment includes LED daytime running lights and rear position lamps with LED filling, fog lights and headlight washer in front, adjustable for the departure and height of the steering column, air conditioner and additional heater of the cabin, heated front seats, electric drive of external side mirrors with heating, color 4.2-inch board computer screen, electric windows on all doors, central locking with remote control, 9 airbags, multifunction steering wheel, electric power steering, ABS, EBD, BAS, TRC, EBS, VSC-EPS, TSC and HAC.

With the increasing cost of equipment, the car will already have, among other things, fully LED headlights and leather interior decoration. There will also be a two-zone climate control, multimedia system Toyota Touch 2 with color display, which size is 6.1 inch, electric driver’s seat drive in eight directions, Smart Entry with Push Start, parking sensors and a rear view camera, electric luggage door drive, rain and light sensors, BSM, Reverse Parking Assist (RCTA), Downhill Assist (DAC) and Integrated Active Control System (IDDS).

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • The appearance of the machine has become more fresh;
  • Milk aggregates have been slightly updated;
  • Quality of atmospheric engines, which are less whimsical to fuel than turbine-powered engines;
  • Diesel engine version available;
  • Nice suspension that fits the car perfectly;
  • Easy and comfortable salon;
  • Good crossover agility;
  • Perfect visibility;
  • Representative appearance of the new product;
  • Resilience of the car and its stability on the road;
  • Good ground clearance height;
  • Wheel drive system;
  • Good luggage compartment;
  • Improved security;
  • Wide range of options available, even in basic configuration;
  • Many assistants;
  • Pretty acceptable fuel consumption.

Cons of a car

  • Same spot restyling;
  • Despite the update of the multimedia system, the company has not installed a new one, probably because of the desire to hold it for a new generation of SUVs;
  • Some people believe that there is still a problem with noise isolation in the car;
  • Design for amateur;
  • The interior architecture itself has not been changed;
  • Higher price of the machine.

We sum up

As a result, Toyota RAV4 of the 4th generation, after receiving its restyling has become much better, which is already noticeable, after the first glance at the car. It became more youthful, sportier, but also stylish. Big arches of wheels contain not less massive rims. The front optics looks very attractive.

The stern part turned out to be a bit chopped off, but still stylish. Inside the car it may seem that nothing has been changed, but it is not so. Although most of the updates mainly touched on the technical plan and various systems, there are differences in the materials themselves, which are also qualitative.

Toyota RAV4 crossover

The assembly level is as high as usual. The manufacturer claims that they have successfully worked to improve the sound and noise insulation of the interior. The instrument panel is very convenient and informative. The central console is equipped with a display that helps to control the different services of the machine and can display images from all-sky cameras.

The seats are comfortable and have good side support, as well as various adjustments for the steering wheel. The rear row will be able to accommodate three adult passengers and they will feel quite comfortable. The luggage compartment has a good volume, which can be enlarged if necessary, while adding backrests of the rear seats.

Power units do their job perfectly, and do not consume so much fuel that the good news is. The suspension is well tuned and fits the vehicle. I was pleased with the abundance of options, which are already available even in the basic equipment.

Toyota RAV4

There are all sorts of systems and assistants available to help the driver control the crossover on the road. The Japanese have not forgotten and have improved safety. The all-wheel drive system, together with a good ground clearance height, will allow you to drive where ordinary cars will not pass. We hope that the company from Japan, Toyota, will continue to update the existing models, and will produce new ones, winning the hearts of car enthusiasts.

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Toyota RAV4 2016 photos

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