Toyota Camry XV50

Toyota Camry XV50
  • Car model: Toyota
  • Producing country: Japan
  • Year of issue: 2015
  • Body Type: Sedan

Toyota Camry is a passenger car made by Toyota, which is made in the body of a sedan. The car itself has a long history and has been produced since 1982. As of this year, 2015, the 7th generation of this business class sedan is produced. It is interesting that until 2004 there was not much demand for Toyota Camry in European countries.

However, construction of the plant in the Russian Federation began in 2005. In the winter of 2007 the debut car was produced. The latest restyled version of the Toyota Camry 7 sedan of the 2015 model year was presented at the end of summer 2014. The whole model range is Toyota.


In general, the stylistics of the renovated Camry remained unchanged – it still stands out for its rigor, but at the same time elegance. The company has decided to completely change the novelty and therefore it has almost nothing in common with its former kin except the roof. The restyled sedan is the same, but with a more refined look and interior. A completely new body was developed. In short, it is a stylish pragmatist. From updates it is possible to allocate the changed design of headlights and optics of the car. The posts at the back received a plug, which is made in the style of a small window.

Toyota Camry photo

The front mounted bumper is equipped with vertical divisions of LED lights and large sections of air intakes, which add to the appearance of the Toyota Camry 7 sedan 2015 a little aggression and sportiness. The air intakes themselves come in two variations – either a fine mesh or with ribs installed horizontally. This is undoubtedly a plus, as it allows you to adjust the design of the car to suit your needs.

The front optics of Toyota Camry 2015 also received some kind of restyling. The main headlamps have changed in their design and received a unique style. In addition to the description of a slightly aggressive look, because of the sections on the front bumper skilfully complements the neat grille grille, the appearance of which brings some dynamism and rigor. I am pleased with the chrome hood trim.


Earlier Toyota Camry’s interior was always famous for its spaciousness, but in Toyota Camry 7 sedan 2015 it wasn’t taken away, but rather added, which is undoubtedly pleasing. This can be explained by the fact that this time, all the actions of designers were based on the use of modern advanced new technologies and quality performance of materials.

Getting inside the sedan, a 3-spoke steering wheel and a very interesting design solution for the dashboard is immediately striking. Now, between the speedometer and tachometer sensor, which have Optitron illumination, will be located a color display of information character, the size of which is equal to 4.2 inches.

Toyota Camry interior


The driver will be able to operate it using special buttons located on the steering wheel. Thanks to it, the driver will be able to get all the necessary information about the car in time, starting with navigation and ending with the data of telephone systems. The central console is also not intact – there is a 6 or 7-inch multimedia screen and a pleasant climate control system. It will also be a good idea to charge your mobile phone wirelessly.

Toyota Camry salon photo

Speaking in general, the interior decoration is quite surprising, as it is made with the use of soft materials. The function of heating the windshield or windshield wiper brushes was a pleasure. Complementing all the harmony of aged blue illumination, as in addition adds a pleasant stay in the cabin Toyota, allows you to feel comfortable, stylish and at the same time protected. The luggage compartment has 506 litres of free space.

From the comfort inside the car answer:

  • Electric power steering;
  • Switch column adjustment by departure and inclination;
  • Headwheel leather trim;
  • Polyurethane steering wheel;
  • Multifunctional steering wheel;
  • Soundproofing windscreen;
  • Push Start (button start);
  • Washing fluid indicator;
  • Rearview heated and electrically driven side mirrors to be folded in;
  • Forward and rear electric windows with “Auto” function;
  • Mechanical adjustment of the driver’s seat and front passenger seat;
  • Central lock with DU.



During production at Toyota Camry, the company’s engineers decided to install a new engine instead of the usual one hundred and forty-eight horsepower. It was an atmospheric engine with a volume of two liters and a new gas distribution mechanism. Maximum power is 150 horsepower, and the torque is 199 Nm at 4600 rpm.

Acceleration to a hundred of just 10.4 seconds with fuel consumption of 7.2 liters in a mixed cycle. The maximum speed of a car with such an engine is limited to 202 km/h. Included with this engine is a six-stage automatic transmission. The second engine to be installed on the stones is a four-cylinder engine with a volume of two and a half liters.

Toyota Camry engine

Maximum power 181 horsepower at 6000 rpm. The same six-band automatic is used as the gearbox. Accelerates up to a hundred cars in this configuration in nine seconds. Average fuel consumption does not exceed 7.8 liters. The most interesting variant is the engine in the top complete set of Toyota camry – volume of 3.5 liters, developed gas distribution system, fuel injection.

Maximum power is 249 horsepower at 6200 rpm. It is equipped with such an engine together with an automatic box, accelerates up to a hundred sedans in 7.1 seconds. Speaking of fuel consumption, it is worth noting that it is small for such a power and is only 9.3 liters in a mixed use cycle.


Toyota is known worldwide as one of the most reliable car manufacturers. So even in the simplest complete set of Toyota Camry the buyer receives ABS + EBD, system of course stability, 8 airbags. After the presentation of the car was conducted a lot of safety research. So the American engineers have estimated stones on the maximum mark – 5 stars.

The body of the car is a fortress, which will save the driver and passengers in case of collision. It also has special programmed zones, headrests and curtains. You can be sure that you will feel comfortable and protected in the cabin of such a car!

Toyota Camry car

Passive safety:

  • Frontal airbags;
  • Lateral airbags;
  • Security shutters;
  • ISOFIX child seat system
  • Forward and rear head restraints;
  • Front seat design to reduce the likelihood of neck injury (WIL technology);
  • 3 point front seat belts with pretensioners and tensioning devices.

Active safety and suspension:

  • Anti-brake locking system (ABS);
  • Course Stability System (VSC with VSC off function);
  • Emergency Braking Assist (BAS);
  • Anti-tracking system (TRC);
  • Rear and front parking sensors;
  • Braking force distribution system (EBD).

Complections and prices

Toyota Camry 7th sedan 2015 was launched at the St. Petersburg plant in the winter of 2014. From the very beginning, the car has gone up in price a little, from about $250,88 to $454,72, but since this year, due to the depreciation of the ruble, the price has risen by as much as 20%. Hence, the standard version of the car is estimated at $21387,52.

The top version of the car will cost consumers – $30732,80. The kit includes heating of the windshield, memory for the positions of seats, mirrors and steering wheel, heating of rear seats, tracking system for “blind” zones and automatic switching of light from the far to the near and the ability to wirelessly charge the mobile device.

Toyota Camry car picture

Pluses and minuses


A gorgeous appearance, strikingly striking. Spacious and comfortable interior, in which even in the back seat three people feel comfortable. High-quality assembly. Noise insulation at a decent level. Low fuel consumption. A spacious trunk.


The quality of the plastic inserts is a little disappointing. Illumination of the radio in the dark cuts the eyes, as it is too bright. Costly maintenance and high cost of spare parts.

We sum up

It is safe to say that so many people worked on the Toyota Camry 7 sedan 2015 for a reason. The car turned out really better than the previous model. There is a new 2-liter engine, we managed to reduce fuel consumption without losing power. The appearance has become more aggressive and sporty, the optics makes the car even more beautiful.

The interior of the cabin simply attracts. The presence of the display on the dashboard and on the central console, as well as the option of heating the windshield and wireless charging of the smartphone pleased. There is plenty of room for head and driver and all passengers. For fans of more dynamic riding, stronger power units are provided.

Front view of Toyota Camry

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