Toyota Corolla 11

Toyota Corolla 11
  • Car model: Toyota
  • Producing country: Japan
  • Year of issue: 2014
  • Body Type: Sedan

And now it’s summer evening, June 6, 2013. Everyone focused on the California State of Santa Monica, where the presentation of the new Toyota Corolla 11th generation car in the new bodywork with the index 160 was held. Looking ahead, I would like to say that the car has become a little larger than its predecessor, received new engines and completely redesigned design. The car has already been able to gain respect, as it has attractiveness, modernity and originality. The whole model range is Toyota.


Paying attention to the words of a considerable number of design compositions – you understand that the appearance of the European looks much more beautiful than the American version. And the whole point is that for European countries, Japanese designers saved other headlights, which are more stylish, and the bumper got a different geometry and relief. This also affected a full-fledged other large radiator grille.

If we believe the statements of Japanese designers, the new appearance of the car has improved sports qualities, which is noticeably better in the modification, produced for European countries. Moreover, the European modification is more youthful than the North American version of the Corolla, in which there are extra brutal features of the nose part of the car and simplicity of the rear part.

Photo by Toyota Corolla

The nose part of the car has acquired a unique grille of the false radiator, which actually flows into the optical lighting system, which in turn is quite stylish. The front bumper has received beautiful shapes with lines, and the radiator grille only in the most successful way adds refinement. In front of the radiator are a pair of chrome grilles that converge at a blunt angle in the middle of the hood, on the Toyota nameplate. The way the chromium shines pleasantly pleasantly to the eye and almost instantly catches your eye.

Round foggers have found their place on the sides. All this together with the unique ribs located on the hood and the sloping front glass paints an unusual, pleasant picture. Extreme, running lights are strong lamps of LED filling. The side part of the car made in Japan, Toyota Corolla 11-generation, looks quite straightforward, but everything is directed to the functional and practical qualities of the machine.

Front view of Toyota Corolla

External mirrors of rear visibility look stylish, and their built-in repeaters, neat wheel arches, unusual wheel rims and massive comfortable doors add their zest. It is clear that designers from Japan managed to synchronize the pleasant appearance of the car and its practical properties. As wheels, the Toyota Corolla is equipped with 15-inch steel rims. Also it is possible to put 16 and 17-inch wheel rims. The car’s stern looks great. The successful optical lighting system, dimensionally optimized luggage compartment lid, solid bumper and neat lines stand out at once.

The appearance of the Toyota Corolla 11 is very difficult to complain about – the 11th family was very successful. For today we are familiar only with the Sedan’s version, however probably soon there will be a hatchback and a station wagon – everything goes to it painfully. In general, the image of the new Korolla has been constructed on orientation of two qualities – solidity and thoroughness, however the body aerodynamics has considerably improved.

Rear view of Toyota Corolla

The body has almost completely lost sharp corners, however, here, new components of optical system of light come to the rescue. Headlights now have a narrower and sharper look. The body component of Toyota looks bold and a little aggressive. Such feelings arise, following the elongated shape of the machine, which was achieved thanks to the same streamlined, rapid forms.


The way the interior of the new Toyota Corolla has been decorated is almost exactly the same as the whole interior of the Toyota Auris 2nd family car. The interior of American and European production does not differ from each other in any way. Such interior will be supplied by the car sold in the Russian Federation. The presence of a convenient steering wheel with the revised radius, telescopic adjustment of a steering column, strict and informative devices with pair of radii of a speedometer and a speed sensor of the power unit, 3.5-inch black-and-white TFT multifunctional display of the onboard computer pleasantly pleased.

There is also a competent placement of the color display, designed for 6.1 inches and has support for touch input, audio and navigation systems, as well as air conditioning unit, or climate control. The seats installed in the front have a heating function, but are quite simple in shape, without explicit lateral support. However, this does not take away their comfort and provides comfortable support for your back. The decision was made to set the seats lower, and the degree of longitudinal adjustment increased by 15 mm.

Interior of Toyota Corolla

As for the design of the front mounted torpedo and the console located in the center, it does not meet the standards of sports appearance of the car, but speaking of the quality of materials used – positive feedback, the degree of interior assembly and ergonomic component of its high quality. Inside, everything is simple, everything is functional and well organized. The second row of seats turned out to be 10 cm more on the basis of wheels.

The engineering and design staff installed in Toyota Corolla 11 in front of the seat with thin backrests, which made it possible for passengers sitting behind to feel more comfortable, especially in the foot space. In addition, the designers were able to lower the height of the floor tunnel. Three adults can sit comfortably in the back. The backrests of the rear seats can be folded in the ratio of 40:60, which significantly increases the possible volume of cargo capacity of the luggage compartment, which has 452 liters of usable space.

Toyota Corolla salon

As a representative of the automobile company Toyota assures, the sound and noise insulation inside the car and the department, where the power unit is located, has been significantly changed for the better. In addition, there is a thicker windshield, carpet, which has become thicker and denser. Better sound-absorbing protection of the arches of wheels, bottom, hood and front body panel was applied.

As auxiliary equipment for the new generation of Sedan’s version Toyota Corolla 11 is present in the optional order of keyless access Smart Key with the start button of the power unit, the presence of dual-zone climate control, touch screen, advanced audio system with support for voice control and Bluetooth, navigation system, rear visibility cameras, parking assistant and other “lotions” that will be useful for the driver and passengers sitting next door.



Under the hood there are 1.3 / 1.6 and 1.8 liter atmospheric engines, which produce 99, 122 and 140 hp, respectively. And the Multidrive CVTi-S stepless variator is responsible for their connection with the wheels, which, according to engineers, has a sporting mode of operation and is able to simulate the work of a standard “machine”. If desired, you can also choose a manual transmission with six gears. A worthy variator tries to keep up the pace. The engine will eat about 8-9 liters and amuse with smooth ride.

The known racks McPherson on a forward suspension and not less classical back torsion beam behind are established. Japanese mechanics spent a lot of time and labor to reconfigure and improve its performance and comfort. The suspension is not bad with potholes and lying policemen. The steering system has been upgraded. Brakes have been strengthened for safety. As a result, 279-millimeter ventilated discs are in front of the vehicle, and standard drums are in the back.

Although two of the three engines were borrowed from Toyota Auris, all two were recycled and their power was changed. For those who appreciate the top-of-the-range equipment, Japanese engineers will be able to offer a more advanced engine with Valvematic phase control function. Such a power unit was made of aluminum, and its 4-cylinder have a working volume, which allows you to develop up to 140 horsepower.

It will be difficult to call this Japanese car of the 11th generation dynamic, because even with the strongest engine, it will reach the first hundred in just 10.2 seconds, and the maximum speed at the level of 195 km/h. The weakest engine will accelerate up to the first hundred in 12.6 seconds, and the maximum speed will be at 180 km/h. However, the car will be extremely economical – a hundred takes only 5.6 liters in combined mode, and the top version in a similar cycle consumes about 6.4 liters.

Toyota’s latest powertrains come with the Dual VVT-i function, which represents a further development of the idea of adjusting camshafts, inlet and outlet valves to each other. However, for this purpose, the driver will need to switch to mechanical control (separate CVT mode of operation) and try to move the arrow of the engine speed sensor to the maximum value. Among the technical characteristics of the Toyota Corolla modification, in addition to the standard ones, there are the slippage control system (TRAC), an arsenal of tools and programs to assist during emergency braking, automated distribution of braking forces and, of course, ABS.


If we talk about the dimensions of the Japanese new 11th generation sedan, the car became larger than its predecessor. The length of the European body is 4 620 mm, and the American – 4 639 mm, width is 1 775 mm, height – 1 455 mm. The wheelbase is the same for both variants – this value is equal to 2,700 mm, which is 100 mm more and gives the opportunity to significantly increase the amount of useful space inside the car, which will make it more comfortable.


The new Toyota Corolla 11 family was designed to meet the highest safety standards and provide a high level of protection not only for passengers, but also for pedestrians. When passing the Euro NCAP crash-tests, the car was able to get a maximum score of 5 points. The basis of safety is the bodywork made of high-strength materials, which provides ultimate softness of frontal, rear and side collisions.

The use of energy-absorbing parts in the body promises minimal pedestrian injury. The car interior is equipped with seats with special headrests, AirBag and child seats. Ventilated front brake discs with a diameter of 277 mm and 270-mm behind are used in active safety. Moreover, improved brake pads have been installed at the front, which create a minimum of noise and vibration during operation.

The brake pedal has been reduced to make the drive more sensitive. Passive safety includes the use of high-strength steel for the bodywork. As a result, the vehicle has become noticeably lighter, but has not lost weight, but has improved in rigidity on the contrary. The front of the car was carefully designed to intelligently distribute the impact energy and reduce possible injuries.

Complete sets and prices

Generally speaking, the 11th generation Toyota Corolla car will remain in the past with its price schedule and at the same level of availability and reliability. Among the basic modifications you can find the most required elements, but when it comes to the safety of the driver and the passengers sitting next to him, it does not affect – there are 7 AirBags in the car. An electronic stability control system will help the driver when driving. The wheels are made of steel and there is no air conditioning in the cabin, but the presence of cruise control is a pleasure.

Also included is an electric package for rear view mirrors, LED system, full-size “spare parts”, steering wheel tilt and offset adjustment, road lighting system “Follow me home”, mechanical adjustment of the seats in 6 directions for the chauffeur and 4 directions for the front passenger, armrest, front seat heating, air conditioning, front power windows, steering wheel audio controls and 4 speakers, as well as an excellent arsenal of “assistants” – ABS, EBD, BAS. This basic equipment is estimated at $15099,84.

Toyota Corolla 11 car

If you pay a little extra, you can buy diode daylight, chrome on the grille, HID headlights, folding side mirrors, powertrain start and keyless entry services, climate control and gearshift using the lever on the steering wheel. The option of heating the front seats is also activated. The cost of such modification will be in the range from $14582,40. 1.6-liter engine is installed only in the “Classic” modification. The most expensive equipment of Toyota Corolla – “Prestige” and “Prestige Plus” – will cost from $17248,00.

There will be lamps with xenon filling, possibility of keyless entrance to the salon, high-grade climate control, light alloy wheels on the car rinks (17 inch), and also availability of rails installed on the roof. There is a presence of external design of the car with chrome, a spoiler, a badge, a combined upholstery of armchairs, heating of a zone of windshield wipers of front glass, a back armrest, a leather multi-rudder of the forward and back parktronic, system of the help at parking, gauges of illumination and a rain, the camera of back visibility with a marking, intellectual system Smart Entry & Push Start which knows how to supervise access to the car and a page of work of the engine. Various systems are responsible for safety: VSC, TRC, HAC.

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Excellent crash test results with 40% overlap;
  • Smooth operation of the newest automatic transmission, especially in normal, even driving;
  • Good maneuverability, good slewing stability;
  • Rapid performance of warranty obligations of the official service;
  • Good reliability/quality ratio;
  • Like low fuel consumption;
  • Improved cabin noise insulation;
  • Beautiful appearance;
  • Intuitive and quality interior;
  • Large security level;
  • Good tooling, even in basic equipment;
  • Spacious salon;
  • Moderate prices.

Cons of a car

  • weak paintwork;
  • Failures on IIHS frontal collision crash tests with 25% overlap;
  • there is no soundproofing of the arches of the wheels;
  • automatic gearbox “jerks” at acceleration;
  • weak power units;
  • not ideal side support for seats.

We sum up

Summing up the results of the Japanese sedan of the new 11th generation Toyota Corolla, there are only positive impressions. They began to appear immediately after the first glance at the appearance of the car, which was certainly a success! Its gracefulness of lines became smoother, and only headlights became responsible for sharpness. The car has a modern, businesslike and restrained style, but at the same time it has sports manners and youthful qualities.

Getting into the interior of the car, you don’t notice anything super exquisite, but everything is intuitively clear. The material from which the interior of the sedan was made is of high quality and does not cause complaints. The presence of adjustments of the steering column and front seats is pleasant. By the way, there will be a big screen, which supports touch input and serves as a wonderful assistant for the driver.

Toyota Corolla 11

It’s a good thing that Japanese engineers are worried about the safety of not only the driver and passengers sitting next to each other, but also the safety of pedestrians. The abundance of such a saturated even basic equipment will not leave anyone indifferent. Power units are quite economical, they are certainly not chased, but this car is not a racing car, it has completely different goals – it is a city car.

A small luggage compartment can be enlarged, if necessary, while adding up the backrests of the seats. In general, the Japanese managed to make a nice car, with an acceptable pricing policy. It seems that the 11th generation of Toyota Corolla will not be the last. Is it so? We will find out in the future.

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