Daewoo Gentra

Daewoo Gentra
  • Car model: Daewoo
  • Producing country: South Korea
  • Year of issue: 2013
  • Body Type: Sedan

Daewoo Gentra is a compact car, in a sedan body which is made in Uzbekistan since 2013. This car is sold in the Russian Federation and other CIS countries. A little earlier, under this brand in South Korea sold the car, smaller, known to others as the Chevrolet Aveo first family.

In 2013, the plant of Uzbekistan started production of sedan Daewoo Gentra. In the automotive market of Russia, the car Gentra competes not only with the domestic automotive industry, but also with some foreign brands. The whole model range is Daewoo.

Car history

For the first time talking about the car Daewoo Gentra in 2005. In total, there are two generations of machines, the first of which was produced from 2005 to 2011. However, time does not stand still, so 2013 allowed the design team in Uzbekistan to show all the 2nd family of cars.

Two feelings arise when viewing this vehicle. The debut issue completely copied Karlos Chevrolet and Chevrolet Aveo. The design team from Uzbekistan has just changed the nameplate on the grille and Luggage compartment cover. In all other matters, these machines are very difficult to distinguish, even if you stand a couple of meters from them.

Auto Daewoo Gentra 2005

For a considerable period of production since the debut of DEU Gentra, cars were sold in many countries under different names. GM Daewoo, a company from South Korea, worked on its design. The design component belongs to the Italian masters. When the question of the place of Assembly of vehicles became a question, it was decided to carry out production in those countries where it was profitable from a financial point of view.

As a result, the Assembly was carried out in countries such as Vietnam, Colombia, Russia, Ukraine and others. What was the result? After all, the car, which many knew as Chevrolet Lacetti, was registered in Uzbekistan, so now it has the name Daewoo Gentra. Since the article about the DEU Gentra is impossible without reference to the Chevrolet Lacetti, you can bring some interesting facts from the history of this machine.

there Was a time when for 4 years the car was used in the well-known program Top Gear as a cheap sedan for the races of popular personalities. In addition, the sedan became the basis for the Assembly of a racing car, which successfully performed in the world championship of tuned cars.


To be honest, the appearance of the Daewoo Gentra sedan is quite standard, as for budget cars. What you should pay attention to is the nose of the car. The developers were able to implement in front of a very unique idea, with which, the novelty of the car series DEU will be able to stand out from the classic cars of its class.

The impressive size of the bumper is decorated with headlights, in the form of drops, and below them are located well-harmonizing fog lights. Appeared new bonnet with swage line on both edges, quietly flowing in quite swamped back front of the machine.

Auto Daewoo Gentra

Although many argue that the Uzbek experts just took Lacetti and replaced the nameplate, in reality it is not so. They tried to change the appearance of the front area of the sedan. To do this, they decided to install the headlights from the hatchback, connecting them with a narrow grille, and draw a new bumper, which received a rectangular fog.

Looks pretty cute. It should be recognized that this bumper with the upper elements of the front part is in harmony as a jacket from Brioni with pants sports style Adidas. In any case, we can praise the Uzbek designers for trying to change something. Appearance of the machine – Lacetti with some changes.

The problem is not that the appearance of the Chevrolet was bad. The very moment of full repetition of various models and their “Assembly” in one car is very alarming and does not cause aesthetic satisfaction. One thing is clear – the chance that it will be the appearance of the decisive criterion for the acquisition of this sedan is very small.

front View of Daewoo Gentra

Although it is not very critical when buying a cheap vehicle. In reality, the future owner of an inexpensive car does not care about the refined original exterior, but its reliability, technical component and more or less decent appearance. But in the Russian car market there are already inexpensive cars of some car companies from Europe, for example, Renault, Citroen and others.

The rivalry in the niche of inexpensive cars is getting stronger and stronger every year. The question is not whether the DEU company will come up with its own original exterior sedan or not, the question is when it will happen. After all, the company’s management does not want to lose its customers, whom Gentra has won over the years.

rear View Daewoo Gentra

Looking at it from the side – you can not say something special, the car looks like a simple, standard, inexpensive sedan, which is devoid of any luxury. Only slightly change the position of the moldings, which are installed on the car doors. Although the appearance looks very simple, nothing bad can be said about it. The roof of the sedan looks semicircular, and goes into a relatively small Luggage compartment.

The side part has thick moldings on the doors, painted in body color, muscular wheel arches and a large windscreen. DEU Gentra 2013 also has rear-view mirrors larger than those of Lacetti. The doors are closed in a different way.

side View Daewoo Gentra

If previous models when closing the doors were tinny sound, here he is a little deaf, and consequently much more pleasant. It will not be superfluous to note that due to the installation of thick door seals, it is necessary to close the door with a pretty effort.

As for the stern Daewoo Gentra sedan, it was copied completely all from its predecessor Lacetti and it is difficult to find any refinement. There are all the same rear brake lights that we all used to see on the Chevrolet Lacetti. The car Daewoo of Gentra clearance is a fairly modest 140 millimeters.


After getting into the salon Daewoo Gentra sedan, immediately noticeable that everything is also done without luxury, but it is at the appropriate level. All keys and controls are installed conveniently and do not require additional effort, so that they can be used. Quality finishes and other materials was good, and even pleasant.

Confuse unless, frankly speaking, cheap control keys. In expensive modifications of the sedan, different inserts significantly make the interior more interesting. The driver’s seat at first glance seems small, but this mistake covers more variety of its settings.

Daewoo Gentra salon

The driver is presented with a four-spoke steering wheel, the rim of which looks thin, so it is not very convenient to hold in your hands. The dashboard is also not different innovations, and has a simple and pleasant design – all information is read without much difficulty, which will not get lost in it.

The speedometer has a maximum value of 220 km/h, and is installed in the middle of the dashboard. On the left, in a round frame is the tachometer, and on the right in the circle — the rest of the sensors. Buttons to control the power Windows were conveniently installed in the armrest on the side of the driver’s door.

The back sofa is not so huge, however, gives passengers enough free space that will allow you to move without much difficulty on long trips to Gentra. Because of the low-mounted rear sofa, the legs have enough space and they do not rest against the back of the front seats, and tall people will also be able to feel comfortable.

Photo of rear couch Daewoo GentraDaewoo Gentra rear sofaarmrest Daewoo Gentra

Back row Daewoo Gentra

The Luggage compartment has a 405 liters of free space, which can be increased if necessary, if you fold the rear seats – get 1225 liters. In General, if you look at the photo salon new Gentry, it is slightly superior to its competitors.

Speaking about the Chevrolet Lacetti, change is not much, but it pleases the Vedas salon Lacetti was good. Thanks to the inserts of mahogany in the top versions, the salon looks expensive and stylish. Pleasantly was able to surprise the panel installed in front, which has a soft plastic covering. There was no such thing in any class C budget model.

The negative is the presence of plastic buttons and switches. The same steering wheel turned out to be very thin and has no thickening in the places of capture. These shortcomings slightly smooths “Board” of the instrument, the resulting simple yet elegant. In General, the changes in the cabin is not so much and they affect mainly the center console. The fabric used in the interior upholstery was chosen with good quality.

Daewoo Gentra interior

Based on the Daewoo Gentra reviews, the model was the first budget car in recent years, which is easy and quickly turned out to find a comfortable fit. Some trumps can not be found here, but the designers have provided not only the longitudinal adjustment of the driver’s seat, but also its height adjustment.

Moreover, the design team has established a two-level setting that allows you to adjust the front and rear side of the pillow. Do not forget to set the lumbar support adjustment. Even in the basic version, the steering wheel can be adjusted in height, and in the top version even on departure.

However, do not console yourself, because even if You achieve a comfortable landing, at the same time a good visibility is unlikely to be. This is partly due to the too wide front struts and side exterior mirrors, which have serious “blind” zones.

Daewoo Gentra car is a good option in terms of price/quality. The model stands out quite fresh appearance, good equipment and reasonable price.

Unfortunately, we can not say that the free space in the back row too much. In that case, when sitting in front of tall passengers in the back row of free space is not so much, but for the vast number of passengers, it should be enough. In more expensive configurations for owners Daewoo Gentra 2017 provided a convenient Central armrest, fixed horizontally and which does not fall on the pillow, as often happens.

Daewoo Gentra rear seats

Most drivers will appreciate the presence of any niches, pockets and other things. The largest capacity is a glove box, which turned out to be really roomy. He received a removable partition, lighting and cooling. As mentioned above, the top version has an armrest, under which there is also a small compartment.

On the left side of the steering wheel, you can also find a small box. Under the console, installed in the center, you can put your smartphone without fear that it will be scratched, as the bottom is made of fabric. For those sitting in front and behind provided for two Cup holders.

Among other things, there is a compartment at the end of the passenger seat, as well as pockets on the backs of the front seats and door cards. It’s nice that even the rear doors got an extra pocket.

I want to say that already in full performance, the new Gentra got a good snap. Instrument panel, looks ascetic so far and has not received the on-Board computer. However, there are no problems with reading information, and the air conditioner performs all its functions, cooling and warming up the cabin when necessary.

Among the new in Centre can be distinguished audio system with 6 speakers, 2 available in the top versions. Music system sound quality at the secondary level and supports CDs and MP3 CDs, AUX-input, however, did not receive a USB port. The top equipment boasts buttons on the steering wheel to control the music system.

In the comfort of the interior of the car Daewoo Gentra include the following:

  • Air conditioning;
  • Electric drive side mirror settings;
  • Side mirror heating function;
  • adjust the driver’s seat height;
  • the Climate system delivers air to the rear passengers;
  • the Presence of a hook for nets in the Luggage compartment and a light bulb to illuminate the trunk;
  • Rear window heating function with timer;
  • Ability to remotely open the fuel tank hatch from the car;
  • Ability to remotely open the Luggage compartment cover from the car;
  • Windshield heating function;
  • Single key ignition locks and doors.


Power unit

Speaking of the technical component of Daewoo Gentra sedan, there was installed an engine with a volume of 1.5 liters and 16 valves, which is capable of developing 107 horsepower and 141 Nm of rotating force. Such a power unit is equipped with a timing chain drive.

The advantages of the engine, a volume of 1.5 liters, include good traction at low and medium speed. Thanks to this, it is possible to move quite conveniently in the city, safely overtake and rebuild. There are times when you can not go to a lowering speed, which in itself is not bad, because the checkpoint here is not the best.

Daewoo Gentra engine

When the car leaves the track, the power unit is not easy, as there is no sixth gear in the gearbox. As a result, while driving at a speed of 100 km/h, the crankshaft rotates at a speed of 3000 rpm, and if you accelerate to 120, the value increases to 4 000.

In addition, because of this increases the consumption of gasoline and increases the noise inside the car. This may include a strange decision not to use sound insulation for wheel arches, as well as the wind whistling when driving at high speed, so the ride is not something pleasant.


Synchronized operation of the motor with the base five-speed manual transmission or six-band automatic transmission. On the mechanics, the sedan reaches the first hundred in 11.9 seconds, and the speed limit is 180 km/h. the Machine does not lose much in the struggle to achieve the first hundred kilometers, but loses at maximum speed – 163 km/h.

Interestingly, this manual transmission was previously mounted on Chevrolet Cobalt. Based on this, it is clear that the spare parts for the gearbox can be purchased from Chevrolet, which greatly simplifies the problem. Among the advantages of the box can be distinguished by its simple and reliable design.

transmission Daewoo Gentra

However, judging by the reviews, the gearbox on the “mechanics” has a big minus – fuzzy switching speeds. Competitors Gentry should worry, because it has a choice of just 2 boxes. For example, on the DEU Gentra automatic, the car functions quite well, if you pay attention to the reviews of the owners.


And back and front are equipped with independent, spring suspension. McPherson racks are used, and a multi-link system is behind. Based on the reviews of the car Daewoo Gentra, all talk about the suspension as a “devouring”, which easily “swallows” almost all the bumps on the road. “Penetrate” its very hard.

Of course, it looks a little tough, but only when the vehicle is empty. If there are already at least two passengers in the back, everything changes in the other direction. However, do not forget about one point that with increasing weight significantly reduces the performance of the brake system, which is not the best here.

Using successfully adjusted the suspension, Centre confident on the road. During turns, the car rolls within acceptable limits, but a good estimate crosses out too little rotation and slow response to the steering wheel.

Steering and brake system

The Uzbek car received a hydraulic power steering wheel, which when driving more than 120 km/h causes uncertainty control. The front wheels have ventilated disc brakes and the rear wheels have standard drum brakes.


In order to ensure safe driving of the DEU Gentra car, a pair of airbags for the driver and the passenger sitting next to them are provided even in the basic modification, however, in the top version they are not put more than 2 for unknown reasons, and the side ones are not provided at all.

But the machine has a reliable 3-point seat belts for all people with height settings. There is also an electronic sensor that the belts are not fastened. Also, the function of locking the rear doors was introduced to prevent unknown situations, for example, if a child decides to open the door when driving a car.

With this option, the driver can not be distracted and not worry that any of its passengers (children) may fall when driving. The design and quality of the body metal was inherited from Lacetti. The power elements of the body have a thickness of 0.8 mm, and all other – 0.6.

Daewoo Gentra’s safety list includes:

  • Front airbags;
  • anti-Glare rear view salon mirror;
  • Central locking;
  • front seat belt Tensioners;
  • High set signal-stop;
  • Immobilizer;
  • Settings of the seat belts front seat height;
  • Indicator of not fastened seat belts;
  • ISOFIX child seat Anchorages;
  • Lock the rear doors from being opened by children when the vehicle is moving;
  • head Restraints for rear passengers;
  • 3-point inertia seat belts.

Crash test

With the release of the new model, it became clear how the new security systems work. The whole point is that the Uzbek sedan received additional airbags and ABS. It turns out that the car interior has become more protected even in serious accidents. Since the Uzbek model did not pass its own crash tests, the safety data can be noted only taking into account the study of “close relative” – Daewoo Lacetti.

Korean-made vehicles (Lacetti) were tested using the KNCAP method – 56 kilometers per hour with 100% overlap. During tests used machines with one airbag. As a result, during the impact of the front of the concrete, the driver’s side was well protected, and the front passenger area received medium protection.

When conducted side crash tests, Chevrolet Lacetti earned 2 points out of 5. The body began to deform too much, pressure was exerted on the chest, and the thighs of the mannequins showed exceeding safety thresholds. Strength tests were carried out in the United States of America, where the name was changed to the local market – Suzuki Forenza.

Based on the data of the Institute of road safety, during the displaced frontal strikes at a speed of 64 kilometers per hour, the Korean was able to withstand the load on the confident four, however, the heads of the “models” punched airbags and beat on the steering wheel.

If we talk about side impacts, the model sold in the us market, fully failed these tests. And this despite the fact that there were side cushions. It is likely that the driver and the rear passenger will receive serious damage to the head and legs due to increased deformation of the body elements.

Picking and prices

The price of Daewoo Gentra sedan 2015 starts at 419 000 rubles for the basic version, which includes fog lights, power steering, power Windows and Central locking. Modification with a pair of airbags and air conditioning is estimated at 459 000 rubles.

the Most expensive top version of the sedan costs 599 000 rubles. it includes – ABS, inserts on the Central console “under the tree”, an audio system with 6 speakers, a hatch installed in the roof and alloy wheels. By the end of 2015, the car will be sold on the Russian market as Ravon Gentra.

Daewoo Gentra photo auto

The very cost of Daewoo Gentra is one of the most important advantages of the vehicle. The company provides a choice of some complete sets with one power unit and 2 versions of the gearbox. It is clear that a car with an automatic box is worth more. There are 5 complete sets: Comfort, Comfort Plus, Optimum, Optimum Plus and Elegant.

Among other things, the standard version of Comfort, received a pair of airbags (for the driver and front passenger), air conditioning and electric mirrors. The Luggage compartment has a full-size 15-inch spare wheel. The steering wheel can be adjusted according to the angle of inclination.

New Daewoo Gentra

Elegant top-end equipment will have an additional feature of heated seats installed in the front of interior trim under the tree. The driver’s seat can be adjusted in height and in the lumbar region, and the steering wheel can be adjusted not only on the angle of inclination, but also on the flight.

Despite all the equipment, the bumper model, along with mirrors and door handles painted in body color. In any configuration differences between cars on the “mechanics” and “automatic”, are about 40 000 rubles.

It is worth noting that this is quite an honest policy of the company, as most other companies sell their own cars with automatic transmission only in the most sophisticated configuration. It turns out that they cheat buyers useless features and inflate the cost, but with Daewoo Gentra is not so.


Uzbek sedan relates to the unit affordable, comfortable and reliable machines which are created for exploitation on the local roads. Despite the fact that the exterior of the car is almost identical to the Chevrolet Lacetti, the engineering staff tried to make some changes in the level of comfort, engine and technical capabilities of the car. But they are lacking, and the real possibilities of the sedan are revealed only with the help of high-quality chip tuning.

Body and interior tuning

Some drivers prefer to update the exterior and upgrade the interior, making tuning Gentry. Fortunately, the exterior of the sedan can dramatically improve the appearance with the help of aerodynamic body kits, improved sports “rinks”, tinted glass and airbrushing of the body. Aerodynamic body kit has a front skirt, spoiler, sills, deflectors, improved bumper and other things.

Also to improve the front part of the vehicle, install xenon lighting or alter the basic lighting using the led system, tinting and so on. Looks good varied improvement of the grille, which is made with their own hands. For example, you can set the grid and paint it in body paint.

Tuning Daewoo Gentra

Saloon sedan turned out quite high quality, but according to some owners, there is an increased level of noise inside the car. In addition, the Uzbek model suffers from insufficient “forethought” columns of the basic “music system”. Often, tuning salon DEU, improving or changing the color of the backlight “devices”, installing additional lighting inside the feet of the owner and passengers.

Technical tuning

The drivers are crucial to alter from a simple sedan sport version of the car, take a deep technical tuning, which includes the replacement of intake and exhaust system, applying a new air filter, turbine, and so on. But such improvements are hard to call the budget, so many motorists they can not afford.

To make a qualitative improvement of the power unit of the sedan, it is necessary to install a different distribution mechanism and increased valves, waste cylinders and install larger diameter pistons, improve the intake manifold of the engine, install a zero-resistance air filter, manufacture or purchase a direct-flow muffler, as well as replace the brake system, clutches and so on.

Much easier and simpler in the financial area to make a full or partial chip-tuning motor for Daewoo Gentra. The result of this improvement will depend on a large number of points, the most important of which – the quality and configuration options of the new program. Company which pereproshivka of cars Daewoo, promise a power increase of 13-15%.

In numbers, it looks like – if earlier it was 107 horsepower, the increase can reach up to 120. To achieve this possible with the help of recalibration of various settings, remove valve EGR and recalibration of fuel maps of the ECU.

If you apply a good chip tuning, it will turn off the oxygen sensors, remove the errors that appear because of this, remove the catalytic Converter, the EGR valve and the particulate filter at the software level. In addition to all this, you can set the fuel supply settings and correctly adjust the ignition advance angle for the newly-made computer information.

Owner reviews

Many car owners note among the advantages of the machine excellent quality/price ratio, massive mirrors and low fuel consumption. The car can hardly be called a hound, as it is possible to move comfortably at a speed of no more than 110 kilometers per hour.

If you accelerate more than this speed, then control the car with a little cotton wheel, it is extremely unpleasant, as there is a feeling that the sedan can at any time rush in any direction. Complicating the situation rut, bad weather and crosswind. Dynamic capabilities mediocre, as eloquently says the old, but reliable gearbox and not the most frisky power unit.

But there is also a plus – a small fuel consumption. Some motorists say that with a full load of the cabin and Luggage compartment and moving in strong traffic jams, the consumption did not pass the line of 10.5 liters of 95 gasoline per 100 kilometers. Ergonomics of the interior was thought out very well. Of course, she might be a little outdated, but overall everything fit well, are highlighted.

The disadvantages of the drivers include sound insulation, not the fastest acceleration, low ground clearance, the inconvenient button of opening of the fuel tank. Also, not all owners have cars without problems, like low-quality Assembly and so on. In addition, there is no alternative in choosing a power unit.

In total, good reviews on the Internet about Daewoo Gentra much more, so we can conclude: for such a cost to find a new car with similar characteristics and equipment in the market of cars is simply impossible. It should be borne in mind that the car now comes with two airbags already in the basic configuration, which significantly increases the level of security.

Pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Aceptable, affordable and attractive pricing policy;
  • Not a bad standard modification;
  • Comfortable dashboard;
  • Driver’s seat adjustment available;
  • Side mirrors can be folded
  • Good manageability;
  • Pleasant appearance;
  • We have many options;
  • Mechanical and automatic transmission available;
  • Standard suspension performance;
  • Not bad engine efficiency;
  • Approved ergonomics;
  • He has an air conditioner and hydraulic power steering;
  • The luggage compartment has a full spare wheel installed;
  • It’s an opportunity for tuning;
  • Good reviews.

Cons of a car

  • Staffy salon;
  • Slight clearance;
  • Lack of noise insulation;
  • Uncomfortable chair heating function;
  • It is not possible to adjust the dashboard illumination level;
  • Lack of car dynamics;
  • Little luggage compartment;
  • Indefinitely unclear sedan design (to which vehicle the Gentra belongs);
  • The build quality still suffers;
  • Slightly outdated appearance;
  • Lacetti problems migrated to Gentra.

Summing up

Summing up the car Daewoo Gentra sedan, we can not say that it turned out to be new, as much has migrated from its predecessor Lacetti. Slightly changed the front part, and the rest remained intact. The same thing happened to the salon. Despite the meager external and internal design, the car can not be called defective.

This is a standard budget car. If we take into account its market value, many things fall into place. Daewoo Gentra sedan is well suited for driving in urban conditions, because it meets the environmental standards of EURO 5. There are 2 gearboxes to choose from: manual and automatic.

Photo of Daewoo Gentra Car

Of course, the DEU Gentra has only one power unit, which does not allow briskly cut through the city roads. Even having left on the high-speed route, You will not be able to feel confident when overtaking or moving downhill. But from the Uzbek sedan that no one expects, given again, its cost. It’s a quiet city car.

The Luggage compartment is not the largest, but it fits everything you need. The nice thing is that there is a full-size spare wheel. Given our roads, I would like to slightly increase the height of the ground clearance, as the loaded vehicle loses good permeability.

car Daewoo Gentra

Above the build level, the number of different functions worked. Also, workers did not forget to improve the safety of the car, equipping it with two airbags, ABS and other systems. This indicates the desire of Daewoo to fight in the market for customers. It is worth saying that the chances are all there, as, basically, the main competitors Daewoo Gentra evaluated significantly more expensive. In a whole quite good and inexpensive sedan.

We advise you to read the article: history of Daewoo Motors

Daewoo Gentra photo

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