Daewoo Matiz

Daewoo Matiz
  • Car model: Daewoo
  • Producing country: South Korea
  • Year of issue: 2000
  • Body Type: Hatchback

A real old-fashioned Class A car, Daewoo Mathis, has established himself as a fast and unpretentious machine. Despite the fact that the model is known for more than fifteen years and has undergone two restylings during this time, many motorists can not get rid of the established stereotypes that a small car is an inferior car.

Though, for all this time Daewoo Matiz has collected the numerous army of supporters and admirers. Of course, this recognition did not come by itself and is not a consequence of only small size. The coordinated work of designers and designers over many years has convinced customers of the indisputable advantages of the model. The whole model range is Daewoo.

The Daewoo Mathis machine is a car that is often chosen by women as a debut machine, mostly when there are few funds available. A small and crisp car, very convenient in the city streams, and when you look at Matiz Deo, it feels like a car is a toy at all. What is surprising is that inside the vehicle is quite spacious. It will not be superfluous to add that the Korean has good reviews of reliability and low fuel consumption.

Vehicle history

In the Russian market the model is evaluated only from the good side, as it has an affordable price and good technical characteristics. The car is undemanding in operation, economical and convenient, and can maneuver well and park where it is difficult to do standard cars.

Suzuki’s future was sold to Alto’s Korean employees back in 1982. This model was the precursor for the production of Daewoo Tico. The design component of the car was so successful that Korean specialists decided to save money when assembling the new vehicle, to create a Matiz on the platform of Tico.

Daewoo Matiz 1998

The debut models of Korean origin were released back in 1998. Italian specialists from ItalDesign-Giugiaro worked on the design of a small car. The exterior was planned for the new Fiat from the very beginning, but as a result it came to Daewoo.

Four years later, the manufacturer decided to improve the car, so that the rear lights were changed along with the headlights, which, as before, had a round shape. In addition, there were now round and direction indicators.

Daewoo Matiz photo


For a long period of time the machine was equipped with a three-cylinder engine with a volume of 0.8 liters and a 5-speed manual gearbox. In 1999, they began to offer an automatic gearbox, where there was a stepless CVT. Two years later, the vehicle appeared in Uzbekistan, and a year later it was changed again – a 4-cylinder single-liter engine was installed.


It’s worth mentioning that Daewoo Mathis is a work of Italian designers. A good visibility is provided by a considerable amount of windshield. The car has excellent aerodynamic performance, which is clearly confirmed by its rounded shape. The oval-shaped headlights make Matiz a more attractive car.

In addition, the car is famous for its good lighting, which is not so often excellent in cars of this type. The front turn signals are placed slightly closer to the centre of the car and have a harmonious rounded shape.

Auto Daewoo Matiz

The design of the front grille, the lanterns at the back and the auxiliary air inlet add a stylish and modern look to the math. Since Daewoo Mathis appeared on the Russian automotive market, its design has not changed much. The car’s stern looks more modern.

The wheels of Matiz are very small, so sometimes it seems that they are “toy”. They are made without a doubt, but also do not go beyond the appearance, but complement it. It should be remembered that this car was designed for metropolitan areas and traffic in the compacted urban mode.

Front view Daewoo Matiz

The appearance of the Korean vehicle looks a little outdated. However, the car can be safely called cute even today. Italian stylistics can be easily traced in the streamlined forms of the car, proportionate proportions and different colors.

Despite some elements of a small car, which are already outdated, its appearance is preserved in a modern way with the help of roof rails, droplet headlights, folding hood line, large windshield, as well as a good general expression of “muzzle”. Numerous experts believe that the exterior of the compact hatchback is aimed at the fair sex, which in principle takes place based on consumer demand.


The interior of Matiza, unfortunately, can not boast of exquisite luxury and quality of assembly. Everything is made a little ascetic and budgetary. But there are also advantages. The instrument panel is equipped with electronic backlighting, which allows the driver to easily read the necessary information.

The dashboard has a pretty convenient location. Interestingly, the standard version of Matiz Best is equipped with features such as:

  • Electric windows on front and rear doors;
  • Option to open the luggage compartment and gasoline tank lid from the inside;
  • mp3 player with speaker system;
  • Luggage compartment lighting;
  • Electronic clock;
  • Central lock;
  • Electrical adjustment of the right side mirror and other useful options.

Daewoo Matiz interior

It is clear that the material from which the interior was made does not possess the highest quality, but it is not the worst plastic among his “classmates”. Taking into account the size of the car, one should not demand from it spaciousness and ideal comfort. A big man will not get stuck, of course, but he will not be able to settle down in comfortable conditions.

The free space is not enough for both front and rear passengers. It is necessary to consider that the car, basically, is calculated on buyers – women, and they, as usual, without problems and with comfort are placed in similar cars. If to speak about a luggage compartment, in it not so much space – 155 litres of useful space.

Interior photo of Daewoo Matiz


But again, don’t demand more from him than he can give, because it’s a small, compact city transport. The good news is that it is possible to fold the rear seats and increase the free space up to 480 litres, which is already a lot. Only a couple of passengers can fit on the rear “sofa”, but the third one will be extremely uncomfortable. This may surprise you a little bit, but even a driver who is 185 cm tall won’t be able to rest his head against the ceiling and won’t feel the discomfort of being in contact with the handlebars and knees.

However, the driver and the passenger sitting next to each other can touch each other’s shoulders, and there is even less room for the driver or passenger on the rear sofa. It is also unusual that in the most stuffed version of the electric adjustment is provided only for the mirror, which is on the right, when as the closest to the driver (left) is adjusted mechanically.

Salon property

The feeling of free space is created by the pushed forward windscreen. Standard versions of the car are equipped with a simple radio with a pair of speakers, but for an additional fee you can order a radio with 4 speakers. Front power windows and central locking can also be ordered for a fee. Speaking of visibility, it is worth saying that it has exceeded all expectations. The glazing line is not too high and the glass installed at the back has a heating function.

If you take a car with an automatic transmission, there is an Over Drive button near the lever, which does not allow you to switch to the highest speed when climbing the mountain on a loaded car. The 2015 models feature an improved dashboard design with 4 circular deflector windows. The glove compartment looks very spacious and comfortable. A lot of work has also been done on noise insulation in the cabin.

Daewoo Matiz rear sofa

In the Russian market you can find the Chinese clone Matiza, which has an electric drive. The electric car is called E-Car GD04B. It was able to successfully pass the tests required to be launched for sale and was certified. This vehicle is the most affordable electric vehicle on the market.

Its batteries are located under the rear sofa, under the hood and in the luggage compartment, and the electric motor is located on the rear axle. It turns out that the Chinese has a rear-wheel drive layout. Fully charged batteries are enough for 150 kilometers, and the maximum speed is set at 60 kilometers per hour.

Daewoo Matiz trunk

The interior looks concise and pleasant. If you sit on the driver’s seat, you feel quite comfortable: the steering wheel is well in hand, and the chair has a high seat and can change in several positions. Thanks to the blue illumination it is possible to remove fatigue from the eyes. The rear window has a wiper and electric heater. Taking into account the use of sound insulation, the inside of the car is quite quiet during movement.

Speaking in general, the presence of simple design and cheap interior materials Daewoo Matiz automatic machine is explained by its cost, which is aimed at increasing demand for the car. Despite this, many of the switch handles, which are small enough, conveniently located, suitable for use and do not distract from driving.


Mower unit

Daewoo Mathis used a 3-cylinder gasoline-powered engine with a 0.8-litre combustion chamber volume and distributed fuel injection system. Just with the help of the latter, the machine is characterized by a strong engine and low gasoline consumption.

It has 51 horsepower and reaches the first hundred in 17 seconds, and the maximum speed is 144 km/h. There is exhaust gas recirculation, which allows you to emit low levels of nitric oxide. The engine is not prone to problems, it is reliable, and with good operation can last for many years.

Daewoo Matiz engine

Besides, Mathis was able to prove that driving was easier. This car quickly reaches the mark of 80 km/h, and the braking system makes it possible to quickly stop the car in case of emergency braking. The fuel consumption of Daewoo Matiz is about 6.2 liters per 100 km.

Also under the hood is installed a 4-cylinder engine Daewoo Matiz with a volume of 1 liter, which is able to produce 63 horsepower. The maximum speed is 145 km/h, and the first hundred kilometers per hour the car reaches in 15.2 seconds. The fuel consumption is not much higher than the consumption of a three-cylinder engine – 6.4 liters per 100 km.

Suzuki” power unit installed on the new Mathieza decided to upgrade. The English company Tickford was directly involved in this work. Thanks to the replacement of the carburetor power supply with the injector one, the power of the 0.8-liter engine was increased to 52 hp. The gasoline tank volume is 35 litres. Although the technical equipment is not excellent, but thanks to the front drive configuration the car feels quite confident.


The Daewoo power pack is synchronized with a pair of automatic and manual gearboxes. Sometimes a mechanical 5-speed gearbox can take a long time to “think” or make small jerks, but as usual, the characteristics of Matiz do not cause discontent among car owners. Quite often drivers are not satisfied with the work of the transmission. The problem can be solved by changing the oil in it. It will be best if you choose synthetic oil, then the change of speeds will be easier.


The suspension is rigid, and the ground clearance is not very big, which does not contribute to a comfortable ride on bad road sections of our country. If you drive carefully on a bad road walking will require minimal attention. Installed in front of the suspension is an independent type of McPherson.

At the back is a torsion beam (semi-independent suspension). The driving properties of the system are such that the vehicle is quite capable of digesting cracks and small holes, but massive obstacles can cause difficulties. Despite the strong enough suspension, it is necessary to be more attentive to the pits, in which the wheel of a small car can get completely.

Roll steering

The turning circle is 9 meters in diameter. Basic models do not have a hydraulic power steering, so to install it, you must pay extra. However, operating the machine is not so difficult without the power steering. Type of steering: rail gear.

Brake system

The front wheels are equipped with disc brakes and the rear wheels with drums.


The length of the car is actually small – 3,497 mm. Body overhangs are minimal, which makes it possible to easily and comfortably carry out maneuvers on the roads of cities. The width of the Daewoo Matiz is 1,495 mm, with a wheelbase of 2,340 mm.

It is also interesting that the track of wheels installed in front is 2.5 cm wider than the track of rear wheels. The vehicle weighs 770 kg, and the gross weight does not exceed 1,210 kg.


The body was designed to achieve minimum collision impact zones. This is achieved through roof reinforcement and door-mounted power rails, which prevent the door from jamming and provide passengers with improved side impact protection.

If the car overturns, the fuel tank developed by a special technology will prevent fuel leakage and further fuel ignition. Vacuum braking amplifiers with 7 inches, 4-channel ABS system and a pair of airbags are responsible for active safety in the car.

Quite simple design and low cost could not but affect the safety of the compact hatchback. Based on the results of EuroNCAP crash-tests in 2000, the small car has only 3 out of 5 stars. Midst the weak points of this car’s safety – the absence of rear headrests and limited functionality of child seats installation. It is very unpleasant, but those Matizes which are realized on the territory of the Russian Federation, do not have airbags.

Crash test


Daewoo Matiz supplied to Russia is being assembled in Uzbekistan. The peculiarity of the cars assembled at the enterprise in this country is the absence of airbags, which undoubtedly affects the safety of this car. In addition, since 2008, Matiz has not been selling automatic transmissions in Russia.

Interesting facts and awards

In 2000, the model was awarded the title of “Best Aftermarket Compact Car” by Auto Express. Based on the version of the famous Top Gear magazine, the compact hatchback is the ideal car in terms of price/quality ratio, and the BBC2 Top Gear Auto Show has decided to call Daewoo Matiz the best compact vehicle.

Among the hijackers, a small car is not a priority. For example, in 2012 in Moscow only 31 owners lost their cars in this way. With the help of a competitive low cost our guest is able to lead the year after year in sales in the small car class in the Russian Federation.

Photo of Daewoo Matiz

Complete sets and prices

So, how much is Mathis worth? There are two variants on the automotive market of the Russian Federation – a version of Standart with a three-cylinder engine designed for 51 horsepower and Best, which already comes with a four-cylinder engine with 63 horsepower.

Boardquote>Standart is considered to be the simplest and more affordable – it is estimated from $4688 in 2015. At the same time 3 modifications are available – “Lite”, “Basic” and “Luxe”.

The Best option (it has only one suite) comes with a wider range of options: fog lights, hydraulic power steering, central locking with remote control, audio system with CD support. Additionally it is possible to establish rails, the conditioner, parktronic, cast disks and other things. The car with such a set will have to pay from $7840.

Daewoo Matiz vehicle

Daewoo Matiz is one of the most affordable cars in many countries. The basic equipment includes rear window heating, Clarion auto sound (CD/MP3), inertial seat belts, headlight corrector, adjustable driver’s headrest.

Improved equipment has air conditioning, remote opening of the luggage compartment, a single ignition key and doors, heat-absorbing glass, full-size “spare”, rear wiper, front power windows, hydraulic power steering, electronic clock on the dashboard and decorative caps.

Driver Reviews

Among the owners of the car there are a considerable number of women and novice drivers, which basically corresponds to the direction of GM company. Many drivers note a good handling, small size of the vehicle, which contributes to trouble-free parking in urban areas. There is good visibility, modest, but pleasant interior, acceptable pricing, economy and low cost of service.

In the case of men, they lack the power of the engine, especially when loading, climbing and overtaking. There are many people who speak of a significant reduction in power when the air conditioner is running. Following the low mileage (more than 50,000 km), the disadvantages of wheel rims, hub bearings and paintwork are beginning to appear.

Moreover, the engine reacts very sharply to poor quality fuel. Among the widespread “diseases” of a small car there are breakage of the generator, weak towing bracket, bad noise isolation and creaking of windshield wipers.

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Small dimensions;
  • Good reliability;
  • Practicality of the model;
  • Something spacious enough for such a car;
  • Not a bad arsenal of machine equipment;
  • Good visibility;
  • Comfortable seats with acceptable side support;
  • Drainage machine;
  • Good noise insulation;
  • Little fuel consumption;
  • Relatively inexpensive maintenance
  • Approved price;
  • Modern appearance;
  • Good dynamism;
  • Perfect maneuverability;
  • Comfortable and practical on urban roads and megacities.

Cons of a car

  • Little clearance;
  • Small baggage compartment;
  • Tissue sheathing fails quickly;
  • Inadequate automatic machine;
  • Sometimes a manual gearbox is “conceived”;
  • Driving carelessly may bend the discs;
  • Lamps will burn out quickly;
  • Rear passengers are still crowded;
  • Not suitable for long journeys and travel.

We sum up

This compact car can bribe modest size, toy appearance, humane pricing and inexpensive service. However, it should be taken into account when choosing a used car that it has a weak metal, and the resource of the most important units is not more than 300,000 kilometers.

Hatchback is not an example of reliability, but ease of maintenance is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a hatchback. The model is as fast, maneuverable as possible, which is perfect for urban driving, where a small car feels like a fish in the water.

Updated Daewoo Matiz

Of course, it is not so comfortable inside, but for a small family the car will be the best. The abundance of options in the improved complete sets, and also the modest expense of fuel will please an abundance of options. And, though, it is considered, that Daewoo Matiz is more suitable for women, it is possible to meet often and men who operate the given car for personal purposes or use in work.

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Daewoo Matiz photo

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