Chevrolet Cobalt 2

Chevrolet Cobalt 2
  • Car model: Chevrolet
  • Producing country: USA
  • Year of issue: 2012
  • Body Type: Sedan

Chevrolet Cobalt is a simple compact C-class car from the American manufacturer Chevrolet. Represents the segment B. New Chevrolet Cobalt II was fully developed in Brazil. That’s where they started to sell these cars. In the Russian Federation the sedan was presented in Moscow in 2012. The whole model range is Chevrolet.


If you pay attention to the exterior of the Chevrolet Cobalt 2, it attracts the attention of the false radiator grille, which consists of two sections, as well as the size of a lot of headlights with a modestly looking on their background, the front bumper. Headlights have almond-shaped shape. In the bumper you can find integrated fog lamps. The hood of the car has a streamlined design with ribbed auxiliary ribs.

The radiator grille is very large and is separated by a body band of the car emblem, which is quite wide. The optical light-amplifying system has a lamp structure and is stretched by its own sharp corners on the side wings. The view of the side of the car is not particularly impressive – the side body parts are flat, have no hint of any curves.

Photo of Chevrolet Cobalt

The sides of the machine have a high waist line, small glasses, an almost flat roof, powerful rear posts, round wheel arches and a fried luggage compartment. All of this looks pretty much the same, without any interesting moments. The presence of a punched-in on the bottom of the door is a little pleasing, but its structure clearly asks to protect it with a plastic overlay.

The profile part has large door openings with an extremely high side glazing line. The front half of the side of the machine looks slightly pressed and the rear half looks raised. Speaking about the surface of the machine, it is quite streamlined, barely recognizable angular edges. The aft part has a large roof, which is made in a stylistic version of Chevrolet Corsa sedan.

The luggage compartment lid is also large and occupies almost the entire surface area. Rear lights have a static vertical design and rise along the edges of the wings. The rear bumper, just like his brother, has no large shapes. Such dimensions facilitate the convenient loading of luggage into the luggage compartment.

Chevrolet Cobalt photo auto

Simply put, the appearance of a budget car will not be able to stand out or be remembered.  Probably, this explains rather hard advancement in the Russian market, especially if to take into account that on the exterior, the most part of rivals win much over Cobalt, the same Volkswagen Polo in the version of a sedan or Nissan Almera of 2014 year.

The situation is slightly complicated by the fact that for the past few years, a large number of Sedanovsky versions of the budget modifications have been made. But Chevrolet Cobalt also has its own advantages, with the help of which he can expect to get a reasonable part of consumers among the budget segment.


The interior of the Chevrolet Cobalt is at an adequate level. We have found the use of modern practical finishing materials and chrome elements, which fit together quite well. A large number of different options make it possible to enjoy even a long trip. The salon has a two-color finish and is well suited to the texture of high quality materials and assembly of a quality sample.

While some details are light grey, others are dark grey. Three-spoke steering wheel with metal insert, together with armchairs and central console, as well as dashboard is covered with leather. Other appliances were finished with a matt chrome finish. Despite the fact that the Cobalt sedan is a budget car, it is able to surprise customers with the presence of effective design devices.

Interior of Chevrolet Cobalt

The engine speed sensor looks standard, but the speedometer has an electronic display. This combination is quite stylish. To control the microclimate, there are three handles, which together with the block of audio system look quite modern. Cobalt has another advantage – it is very convenient to use all the devices and sensors. It is also interesting that the steering column can be adjusted in four directions.

The central console has an attractive and ergonomic configuration, as well as a multimedia system (the basic version will surely have only a plastic plug), as well as convenient setting knobs heating system and air conditioning. The sedan seats have been inherited from Chevrolet Aveo and have a pronounced side support and anatomical shape on the front seats. But the American sedan Chevrolet Cobalt 2 is comfortable not only for the driver, but also for people who sit in the back seat.

They are not deprived of comfort and feel comfortable even if they are sitting there for 3 people. This has been achieved thanks to the rear posts, which do not lean too far. There is plenty of space in the legs. The rear sofa is made for two passengers, and headrests are also only a couple, so the third one will not be so comfortable to be there. As for tall people – they will not be uncomfortable, there is enough space in the head.

Chevrolet Cobalt back sofa

Speaking of the American salon, it is simply impossible not to tell for the luggage compartment, which is represented here by 545 liters of useful space, which is just fine, especially for Russian buyers. If necessary, you can fold the back row of seats in a ratio of 60:40, thereby increasing the useful volume and getting the opportunity to transport the overall cargo. You can safely go on vacation or to the country house, without wasting time on what to take with you and what will not fit.

Here engineers managed to make a confident step forward to the buyers. Under the luggage compartment floor there is a full-size spare wheel and a set of tools. To make such a spacious trunk, engineers have cut the volume of fuel tank a little bit, now it is only 46 liters, which is a little, but not the minimum tank in its class.

Chevrolet Cobalt trunk

The basic equipment includes air conditioning, central locking, electric power steering. Maximum equipment has fog lights, windows for all doors, electric mirrors with heating function, on-board computer, 2 DIN radio with CD and MP3 support, as well as USB and AUX inputs, 15-inch alloy wheels, rear parktronic, steering wheel music control, a pair of front airbags, ABS and EBD.



Chevrolet Cobalt will be supplied with only one engine for the Russian market. But the gearboxes will be a pair of 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic gearboxes. Maximum speed is 170 km/h. Speaking of fuel economy, the mechanical box is a winner, 6.5 liters against 7.6 liters in a combined cycle of 100 km/h.

By the way, the Brazilian variant of the Chevrolet Cobalt car goes together with power units of EconoFlex division, which volume makes 1.4 liters. Such an engine produces about 87 horses, operating on gasoline and 102 horsepower, operating on ethanol. In Brazil, it is very common to use biofuels.

The engine operation with 5-speed manual gearbox is synchronized. The car reaches the first hundred in 11.9 seconds, and the maximum speed is 170 km/h.

Chevrolet Cobalt engine

Chevrolet Cobalt Sedan 2 was designed on the standard suspension for low cost cars – in front of it is an independent suspension McPherson, and behind it is semi-independent with a torsion beam. The built-in spatial power bodywork provides a quick response to the chauffeur’s actions, as well as the good dynamics and controllability that characterizes the higher class cars. The bodywork feast was made of high-strength steel, which provided an increased level of safety in traffic.


If we talk about the dimensions of the American car, it takes about 4,479 mm in length, 1,753 mm in width and 1,514 mm in height. The wheelbase is at the level of 2,620 mm, and the height of the ground clearance is 160 mm, which is not so bad in general, given the quality of our roads. It depends on the equipment, the car can be supplied with iron or light alloy wheels, designed for 15 inches.


A couple of front airbags are present, but there is no desire to check them in operation for some reason. ABS and EBD have been pleased with their unobtrusive operation. There are also ISOFIX child seat clips available. It is a pity that the American sedan car did not have a full-size spare wheel, which is now painted in place of the finish line. Thanks to the strong suspension and wide wheelbase, the car is very well stable on the road at various turns.

Thanks to the fact that the headrests of the front seats can be adjusted in height, it allows you to take the most comfortable position while driving. To make traveling more comfortable, there is an option to install a trunk on the roof of the car, bicycle carriers and other accessories.

Chevrolet Cobalt side view

Crash tests, Chevrolet Cobalt 2 has not been tested in either European countries or the United States. The roundabout ways can be used to evaluate the body strength of the single-platform Aveo, which managed to become an excellent EuroNCAP racer. To confess, in that case the car was broken, which had six airbags, and this sedan has only a pair, and then in the maximum case.

There is a height adjustment of the front seat belts, but the seat belt pretensioners are only available in the LTZ version. Moreover, no equipment has a third rear headrest, and the central belt on the sofa is generally 2-point, which means that it passes through the human belt. The Cobalt 2 has a rear door lock for children. And the airbag on the right can be deactivated.

Complete sets and prices

The new Chevrolet Cobalt 2015 2nd generation is valued at 8833$. This is a standard LT car with a manual 5-speed gearbox. If desired, an automatic transmission for $1021 can be supplied as an option. At installation of the conditioner, it will be necessary to pay about $402.

The basic equipment has a full adjustment of the driver’s seat, the possibility to adjust the steering column on the angle of inclination, electric windows on the front doors, front airbag, central lock and air conditioner, which can be ordered as a separate option.

Chevrolet Cobalt rear view

A complete set of LT 1.5 AT with a 6-stage automatic machine will cost $ 9854. And the complete set of LTZ 1.5 AT is estimated from 10333 $. It includes an automatic transmission and ABS, airbags for the front passenger, fog lights, audio system with CD + USB support, rear power windows, and 15-inch alloy wheels.

The pros and cons

Pluses cars

  • Affordable value;
  • Modern appearance;
  • Spacious salon;
  • Pendants, which is able to provide good movement even on a poor road;
  • Acceptable height of road clearance;
  • The big luggage branch;
  • Full-size reserve;
  • Informative mirrors;
  • Economical power units;
  • Most different niches for road trifles;
  • Interesting dashboard.

Cons of a car

  • Not a very strong power pack;
  • Poorly efficient braking system;
  • There is no “sport” and “kickdown” mode on the automatic box;
  • The armchairs have no lumbar support and the backrest is pushed through;
  • Wide forward racks cover visibility at turns;
  • Poorly informative steering wheel;
  • Strongly rigid suspension;
  • Tight knot of adjustment of pillow lifting on height;
  • Quality of an interior;
  • Level of safety;
  • Low configuration.

Summing up

It is clear that it is not so easy to evaluate this car, because it is not characterized by super quality, powerful engines and so on. However, do not forget about its price tag, which is not so big. Nevertheless, the car company was able to improve the appearance of the car, transforming it, adding new notes, making it fresh. The car does not differ from other cars by its expressiveness, however, it is not lost in the flow.

It is nice that Chevrolet Cobalt 2 has an acceptable level of antenatal clearance and a good spacious luggage compartment, which will allow you to drive the car to the country house or even travel. In the cabin are not premium materials, but not the worst. There is an interesting original dashboard, nice handles control the climatic system of the cabin.

Photo of new Chevrolet Cobalt

Although three passengers will not be able to sit comfortably on the back sofa, they will still fit there, but two will be much better. In terms of motor, it is not the most powerful, but it can handle its direct responsibilities. In addition, it stands out for its economic properties.

The level of safety clearly suffers, but again, do not forget about the cost of this car. The degree of equipment also leaves much to be desired. I hope that this Chevrolet Cobalt sedan will be improved by the company and cope with all the defects. It will allow to increase the number of buyers.

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Chevrolet Cobalt photo

Test drive

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