Nissan Silvia S14

Nissan Silvia S14
  • Car model: Nissan
  • Producing country: Japan
  • Year of issue: 1995 – 2000
  • Body Type: Coupe

Nissan Silvia is a passenger car manufactured in Japan, an international company Nissan. During its history, the trucks were equipped with different 4-cylinder units with a kind of gas distribution DOHC. The sixth generation of Nissan S14 trucks was presented in 1995 and was presented to Japanese motorists.

Its fame and fame the car has only increased, participating in the shooting of the world film “Forsazh-1”. Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez), Dominic Toretto’s girlfriend (Win Diesel), used it in the film. The whole model range is Nissan.


If to compare it to the last model named as S13, the updated coupe became lower and a little more spacious. The redesigned rounded design gave the illusion that the car had grown in size, but in reality the difference in size with the previous model of Sylvia was small.

The wheelbase has been added, which has improved the handling of the vehicle. A year later, the Nissan company announced the release of a restyled version of the car, and it acquired a new appearance, which became more sporty.

Nissan Silvia S14 front view

The upgrade affected the front headlamps, rear lights, hood, wings, radiator grille and both bumpers. The design of the car’s appearance respects the important elements of the style of the sports car, but they are implemented very sustainably.


The Nissan Silvia C14 driver’s seat line, not to mention its origin, is distinguished by a torpedo that is extended along the edge of the seat, which joins the thickened door upholstery. Almost an oval comes out. A large console located in the center divides the interior into two parts. On it it is possible to find adjustment of electric drive of mirrors and heating of seats. On the torpedo itself you can see only a narrow strip of buttons on the air conditioning system and fans.

The round dials, together with the speedometer, tachometer, fuel level and temperature on the dashboard, are concealed by a large extended visor. Very well Japanese engineers have calculated the ratio of the interior and the location of other controls.

Nissan Silvia S14 cabin photo

The steering wheel is not criticized at all, and the gearshift handle itself seems to fit into the hand. However, the finish is not so perfect, it seems faceless. Everything seems to be in place, and the leather on the seats, steering column and gearshift handle, and even standard soft quality plastic made in Japan. But still, everything seems too monotonous and a little bit scanty.

Frankly speaking, there is a lack of trifles: some details made of chrome, the dial of devices made of colored material or several inserts “under the tree”. There are no seats for passengers on the rear seats at all. The only exception is the transportation of children or small pets. Although the rear backrest can be easily folded up and bought a good luggage compartment.


Nissan S14 comes with a 4-cylinder gasoline unit of 2.0 liters volume and synchronized with a manual 5-speed gearbox. In front of the vehicle is an independent spring suspension type McPherson. At the rear is an independent multilever spring suspension.

Photo of Nissan Silvia S14

The original Nissan system, the variable NVCS timing system, is designed to provide torque stability at maximum motor speeds. If you add direct ignition and electronic engine control service, it is possible to find a very flexible and sensitive engine with a strong and constant thrust.

Nissan Silvia S14 sports car photo

Suspension is very good on the road, because of the high rigidity and therefore very comfortable. Actually, in firm have thought up very unique way of fastening of a suspension to a body – through specialised plugs which are filled with a drawing structure. By filtering out the effects of various irregularities, it helps to improve rudder sensitivity, especially at high speed.

Price and equipment

Buy Nissan Silvia S14 is available from 3978$ to 13527$. The price of the car will differ from the year of production, the degree of equipment of the car and its general condition. In the second-hand car market you can find cars already tuned and ready for racing or drifting.

Nissan Silvia S14 of 2000

We’ll summarize

Thanks to its simple design and rear drive wheels, Nissan Silvia S14 occupies a confident niche among popular cars for racing and drifting. Fans of this kind of driving will like a car made in Japan because of the easy adjustment of the engine and chassis.

Nissan Silvia S14 2002

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Nissan Silvia S14 photo

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