Mini Cooper 3

Mini Cooper 3
  • Car model: Mini
  • Producing country: United Kingdom
  • Year of issue: 2015
  • Body Type: Hatchback

Despite the fact that the appearance of Mini Cooper was lit up in the summer, but only at the end of 2013, the car company officially showed everyone its third generation. Why is it taking so long? The answer is simple – the company wanted to coincide with the release of the last Mini family for the birthday of the founder of the first generation – Alexander Arnold Konstantin Issigonis, who was born in 1908. A little later he became the author of Cooper’s idea and design. The whole model range is Mini.


On the outside, the new Mini Cooper has acquired another front end with a modified radiator grille, other bumper and hood and a new head optics of the light-amplifying system, which already includes LED sections. On the stern of the English car the lanterns and the rear bumper were changed. This is just a short introduction to the appearance of the 3rd generation Mini Cooper. Further we will consider in more detail its design and a bodywork.

To rush on search of distinctive changes in appearance of new generation of the premium English car Mini Cooper 3, simply does not make sense. The design staff managed to save as much as possible, as it is possible, already known lines and proportions of the past models, one at all it to make more vital silhouette of the sports compact car which is solid and courageous.

Front view Mini Cooper 3

On the nose of the car, the appearance of a solid false radiator grille, the shape of which resembles a hexagon with a massive frame of chrome, small dimensions of the front bumper with massive fog lamps, bloated wheel arches and a new head optics is noticeable. The basic version of the Mini Cooper 3rd family features headlamps with standard lamps, which are complemented by an LED daytime running lamp system.

Optionally, however, it is possible to purchase completely LED headlamps with rings, where most of the ring is equipped with daytime running lights and a small segment with indicators at the bottom. The new British hatchback has become the debut compact car, which used a fully-featured Full Led technology for the use of daytime running lights, dipped beam and high beam, direction indicators and fog lights. Rear position headlamps received a new design and also LED filling.

Side View Mini Cooper 3

The side part of the last Mini family shows already known and remarkably smooth roof line, on which there are stylish black columns powerful, as if crossover protection of the edges of the arch of the wheels and body sills made of plastic, which is not painted, the line of side glazing, which turned out to be quite high and complete body assembly.

Wheels are installed from modest 16-inch to impressive, taking into account the size of the car body, 18-inch. The back part of the English hatchback has got bigger lamps of overall illumination with unique frames from chrome. Also, changes in the shape of the luggage door and rear bumper have been made. Cooper’s new version now looks more solid, imposing and expensive.

Back view Mini Cooper 3

The color selection for painting has been increased by 5 new shades, but the contrasting white or black roof will be saved in the model list. And yet, the question of whether this is actually a new car seems quite relevant, because in terms of stylistics, the new car almost completely copies the releases of previous generations.

It can be referred to the optical light-amplifying system behind and in front, the form of a radiator grille, side mirrors of rear visibility, body panels. However, in reality it’s not quite like that – the British man is now a little more, so the body proportions have changed.


The interior of the new Mini Cooper also has recognizable features and unique solutions for the stylistics of previous versions, but it has become better in terms of ergonomics and convenience. The correct dashboard with a considerable dial of the speed sensor was installed, which is complemented by a color display of the board computer, as well as a crescent moon of the engine speed sensor.

As an additional option, you can buy a projection screen, which will appear right in front of the driver’s eyes from the panel installed in front. The steering wheel is equipped with a number of buttons, which are responsible for setting up a wide variety of systems. On earlier models, the powertrain was started by means of a trivial key, but now there is a special checkbox for this purpose.

Interior Mini Cooper 3

The fact that in the middle of the centre console, engineers and designers installed an 8.8 inch display that supports the touch screen input (but it is only available as an option) is very pleasing. In the basic version, there is a simple TF screen on the 4-line. You will love the changing illumination of the rim of the world-famous “saucer”.

The front panel has been changed to a more modern design. The improved quality of the front panel is a pleasure. If earlier designers used cheap plastic, now the interior of Mini Cooper looks like a luxury car. Also new door cards and front seats were installed.

Mini Cooper 3 photo salon

The driver’s seat and the front passenger sitting next to each other have clearly marked side spine and thigh rollers, as well as an excellent backrest profile, which has been increased by 23 mm in cushion length and a considerable margin of longitudinal adjustment. Two people sitting on the back sofa simply have nothing to please, the free space, if increased there, is not felt.

The backrest of the rear seat can change the angle of inclination and is coordinated in the ratio of 40:60, which increases the free space of the luggage compartment from 211 liters to the acceptable 730 liters. If we compare it with the previous generation, there was a luggage compartment of 160-180 liters, so the growth came out, albeit unsaturated, but tangible.

As an additional option you can choose the variations of upholstery armchairs with fabric or leather, as well as choose different strips of decorative character for interior decoration. There is a variety of Colour Line interior finishes.



The technical component of the new Mini Cooper family includes the use of the latest technology in walking, the reduction of the total weight of the vehicle while increasing the torsional stiffness of the body, the use of new powertrains, improved gearboxes and a wide range of electronic safety services. The front suspension is single-joint with McPherson shock-absorbing columns, aluminium swivel supports, support beams and high-strength steel transverse arms.

Mini Cooper 3

At the rear, the suspension is multilever. As standard, the company installs Servotronic, ABS, EBD, Cornering Brake Control and DSC with EDLC. British-made cars use a service that can distribute torque – Performance Control. Also the debut option for the new Mini – Dynamic Damper Control – the service responsible for adjustment of shock absorbers rigidity was applied.

The third generation of Mini from the start of implementation will be supplied with 3 power units, which operate on the basis of Mini TwinPower Turbo technology with the start/stop function. They will be synchronized with three types of transmission: 6-speed manual transmission, 6-speed automatic transmission and sports version of automatic transmission.

  • 1.5-liter diesel engine with 116 horses provides maximum speed up to 205 km/h, and fuel consumption will be about 3.5-3.6 liters per 100 kilometers with a mechanical box and 3.7-3.8 liters with automatic.
  • 1.5-liter petrol engine with 136 horsepower provides a maximum speed of 210 km/h. The appetite in the mixed cycle is the same for the manual transmission – 4.5-4.6 liters and 4.7-4.8 with automatic transmission.
  • 2.0-liter, already four-cylinder gasoline engine has 192 horsepower. It reaches the first hundred in 6.8 seconds, and with an automatic transmission in 6.7 seconds. The maximum speed is set at 235 km/h. With a mechanical box, the Mini Cooper S consumes 5.7-5.8 litres per 100 km, while with an automatic transmission it consumes 5.2-5.4 litres per 100 km.


As security, the new generation of Mini is equipped with a lot of conceivable security technologies that are available today – from active services to passive security services. The new Cooper is equipped with a range of chauffeur support services that will come to the rescue of drivers before they know what they need. The service, which is designed to warn about collisions when driving in urban areas, will help to avoid collisions at a speed of 60 km/h.

It works by monitoring the situation on the roadside with an integrated camera and providing a warning sound and attracting the braking system if the moment gets out of hand. If the speed is higher than 60 km/h, the frontal collision alert service is activated. It is able to bring the braking system to full readiness, which will significantly reduce the braking distance. Furthermore, the service monitors the signs installed on the road section and is able to inform the driver when he or she exceeds the speed limit.

Mini Cooper 3 picture

As a parking assistant, Cooper also has his own assistant. The system is able to evaluate the size of the parking space itself, and if there is enough parking space, the car will be parked without the participation of the driver. The only thing you need from the driver is to press the brake when Mini parks himself. However, safety systems are not only responsible for the driver and the passengers sitting next to him.

The active pedestrian safety service is able to lift the hood and move it back a little if a hatchback accidentally hits someone. This significantly reduces the collision force. Fiber sensors in the bumper will detect the impact, and after a complex system of different bonnet drives, they will take the required actions in a fraction of a second.

Mini Cooper 3

In a collision, 3rd generation Mini Cooper can instantly turn into a soft security capsule. The British-made car is equipped with 6 airbags. Also used is high and ultra-high strength multiphase steel, which aims to provide maximum safety in the event of an accident. And the new system of adaptive dynamic cruise control will allow the driver to relax and simply enjoy the ride.

The camera is able to recognize cars that are moving in front of the driver at a distance of up to 120 m. It also recognises fixed objects and pedestrians. The service can easily automatically adapt the speed of your car to the speed of the cars in front of you, and if you need to take control, just press the brake or gas.

Crash test

Complections and prices

Implementation of the British car in the Russian Federation started in the early spring of 2014, but the acceptance of applications has already begun in the winter of 2013. The cost of the new Mini Cooper 3rd generation starts at a mark of $16720,99 for a complete set with a 3-cylinder 136-horsepower engine, volume 1.5 liters.

Mini Cooper S with a 2.0-liter engine and 192 horsepower will be estimated at $20966,31. The top-package John Cooper Works with a 231 horsepower engine costs from $22007,53. Among the accessories Mini Cooper has a long list.

Mini Cooper 3 photo 2014

Among it is the Head-Up Display, Driving Assistant system, which consists of active cruise control, a warning system for possible collision or collision with a pedestrian with the option of self-locking, adaptive long-range lighting and a system designed to recognize signs on the road, rear view camera with parktronic, parking assistant, rain sensor, Park Distance Control, keyless access to the interior and the start of engine operation with the help of a button.

The modification also has a panoramic roof with electric drive, external mirrors with electric drive, the option of folding and heating, heated seats installed in front, 2-zone climate control, Harman Kardon speaker system and navigation system. For the 3rd generation Mini, there is a wide range of available colours for roof and car mirrors. Moreover, it is possible to paint the hood in strips.

Pluses and minuses

Pluses cars

  • Beautiful appearance of the machine;
  • Good manageability;
  • Economy;
  • Sports chairs;
  • Regulated steering column;
  • Improved quality of interior decoration;
  • Solid ergonomics;
  • Vehicle dynamics;
  • Small dimensions;
  • Maneuverability;
  • Good equipment level;
  • Different electronic auxiliary systems;
  • High security level.

Cons of a car

  • Automobile expensive in cost and service;
  • Small baggage department;
  • Not the safest suspension;
  • Resistance to corrosion;
  • Sitting in the back row is pretty tight, even for two passengers;
  • Not very comfortable rear-view mirrors;
  • Little ground clearance.

We sum up

The third edition of the famous English hatchback family Mini Cooper opened the world in a different way. Although it is not so easy to find obvious and expressive differences in the appearance of the car, as well as in the interior, they are still present. Of course, the car has been excellent in handling, ergonomics and fuel economy before, but after the update Cooper will be able to win the respect of even more motorists. Mini’s appearance attracts attention.

Many will love the changes that can be found in Cooper’s nose, the application of LED lighting system, both in front and behind. The interior decoration of the Englishman has managed to retain its already inherently attractive quality, including grace, restraint, and somewhere even a sporty style. All controls are in place, everything is intuitively clear.

Front view Mini Cooper

I was pleased to see the steering wheel settings and the use of an 8.8 inch touchscreen. The front seats not only look great, but also sit comfortably on them, especially when cornering, for which there is a strong lateral support. The extensive equipment list is already in its basic configuration and is impressive. It’s also nice that manufacturers have paid special attention to the safety of not only the driver and passengers sitting next to each other, but also other road users and even pedestrians.

I am pleased with the dynamism of this car, even if not the most powerful, but the power units allow you to feel confident in overtaking and driving in the hill. In general, the car turned out to be excellent. I would like to believe that the engineering and design staff will continue to work on the improvement of such a world-famous machine as the Mini Cooper.

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Mini Cooper 3 photo

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